Volume 15, issue 5 (2015)

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Moving basepoints and the induced automorphisms of link Floer homology

Sucharit Sarkar

Khovanov homology is a skew Howe $2$–representation of categorified quantum $\mathfrak{sl}_m$

Aaron D Lauda, Hoel Queffelec and David E V Rose

Duality and small functors

Georg Biedermann and Boris Chorny

An exceptional collection for Khovanov homology

Benjamin Cooper and Matt Hogancamp

Pontryagin classes of locally symmetric manifolds

Bena Tshishiku

Reidemeister torsion, peripheral complex and Alexander polynomials of hypersurface complements

Yongqiang Liu and Laurenţiu Maxim

On the notions of suborbifold and orbifold embedding

Joseph E Borzellino and Victor Brunsden

Fiber surfaces from alternating states

Darlan Girão, João Nogueira and António Salgueiro

Torus knots obtained by twisting torus knots

Sangyop Lee

Convex cocompactness and stability in mapping class groups

Matthew Gentry Durham and Samuel J Taylor

Concordance group and stable commutator length in braid groups

Michael Brandenbursky and Jarek Kędra

Estimating the number of Reeb chords using a linear representation of the characteristic algebra

Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell and Roman Golovko

On the transfer reducibility of certain Farrell–Hsiang groups

Christoph Winges

Even triangulations of $n$–dimensional pseudo-manifolds

J Hyam Rubinstein and Stephan Tillmann

The LS category of the product of lens spaces

Alexander N Dranishnikov

Constructing thin subgroups commensurable with the figure-eight knot group

Samuel Ballas and Darren D Long

Restriction to finite-index subgroups as étale extensions in topology, KK–theory and geometry

Paul Balmer, Ivo Dell’Ambrogio and Beren Sanders

The Morava $K$–theory of $BO(q)$ and $MO(q)$

Nitu Kitchloo and W Stephen Wilson

Fiberwise homogeneous geodesic foliations of hyperbolic and Euclidean $3$–spaces

Haggai Nuchi

The asymptotic cone of Teichmüller space and thickness

Harold Sultan

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