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(For in­di­vidu­al sub­scrip­tions, please con­tact us dir­ectly.)

To or­der an in­sti­tu­tion­al sub­scrip­tion to one or more of our journ­als, please do the fol­low­ing:

  1. Fill out our or­der form (be­low), then click “Make Print­able Form.”
  2. Print the res­ult­ing page.
  3. Send your prin­ted form to MSP, along with your pay­ment and signed Elec­tron­ic-Journ­al Li­cense Agree­ments (make sure to sign the cor­rect agree­ment for the journ­als you want to re­ceive).
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Price Tiers  

Start­ing with 2022, mind­ful of the hard­ships still faced by many in­sti­tu­tions, MSP has im­ple­men­ted tiered pri­cing for its journ­al sub­scrip­tions. In­sti­tu­tions who are not in Carne­gie group R1 (in­sti­tu­tions of very high re­search activ­ity) or who have a Shang­hai rank be­low 500 will be offered a lower price. See here for a com­plete de­scrip­tion and an ex­plan­a­tion.

Please make checks pay­able to “Math­em­at­ic­al Sci­ences Pub­lish­ers.” If you wish to pay by wire pay­ments or ACH trans­fers, in­struc­tions will be sent to you by email after we re­ceive your form and signed Li­cense Agree­ments. Un­for­tu­nately, we can­not cur­rently pro­cess cred­it-card pay­ments.

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The Fine Print

Elec­tron­ic ac­cess to all past is­sues of a journ­al is in­cluded with every sub­scrip­tion to that journ­al, as long as a sub­scrip­tion is main­tained. Past sub­scribers also main­tain elec­tron­ic ac­cess to all is­sues from the year when they had a paid sub­scrip­tion (per­petu­al ac­cess; avail­able both from our site and through the Glob­al LOCKSS Net­work).

Sub­scribers are asked to sign MSP’s Elec­tron­ic Journ­al Li­cense Agree­ment upon ini­ti­at­ing their sub­scrip­tion. After it is ini­tially signed, the EJLA will re­main in ef­fect as long as sub­scrip­tion fees are paid for at least one journ­al, un­less ter­min­ated in the man­ner provided in the EJLA. In oth­er words, a sub­scriber may need to sign the EJLA only once, as long as a sub­scrip­tion is main­tained from year to year.

Al­tern­at­ively, sub­scribers may opt to use the Shared Elec­tron­ic Re­source Un­der­stand­ing state­ment in lieu of a site li­cense. To re­quest the use of SERU, please email con­

We do not of­fer print-only sub­scrip­tions, only elec­tron­ic and elec­tron­ic+print. Sub­scrip­tions are offered for the cal­en­dar year only. Elec­tron­ic ac­cess al­lowed based on sub­mit­ted IP-ad­dress range. Sep­ar­ate cam­puses of an in­sti­tu­tion that are not with­in the same city or geo­graph­ic­ally close must be covered by sep­ar­ate sub­scrip­tions, or might be eli­gible for con­sor­ti­um pri­cing, at MSP’s dis­cre­tion.

All art­icles pub­lished by MSP be­come free to ac­cess and read after six years past pub­lic­a­tion (mean­ing on the sixth Janu­ary 1st after the pub­lic­a­tion date). The Journ­al of Soft­ware for Al­gebra and Geo­metry is im­me­di­ately free to read. None of our journ­als charge any au­thor fees.