Volume 9, issue 4 (2005)

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Squeezing in Floer theory and refined Hofer–Zehnder capacities of sets near symplectic submanifolds

Ely Kerman

The Grushko decomposition of a finite graph of finite rank free groups: an algorithm

Guo-An Diao and Mark Feighn

Toward a general theory of linking invariants

Vladimir V Chernov and Yuli B Rudyak

Representations of polygons of finite groups

Michael Kapovich

On finite subgroups of groups of type VF

Ian J Leary

Yau–Zaslow formula on K3 surfaces for non-primitive classes

Junho Lee and Naichung Conan Leung

Contact homology and one parameter families of Legendrian knots

Tamas Kalman

Rohlin's invariant and gauge theory III. Homology 4–tori

Daniel Ruberman and Nikolai Saveliev

New topologically slice knots

Stefan Friedl and Peter Teichner

Homology and derived series of groups

Tim D Cochran and Shelly L Harvey

Constructions controlees de champs de Reeb et applications

Vincent Colin and Ko Honda

Heegaard gradient and virtual fibers

Joseph Maher

A splitting formula for the spectral flow of the odd signature operator on 3–manifolds coupled to a path of $SU(2)$ connections

Benjamin Himpel

Universal manifold pairings and positivity

Michael H Freedman, Alexei Kitaev, Chetan Nayak, Johannes K Slingerland, Kevin Walker and Zhenghan Wang

Limit groups for relatively hyperbolic groups, II: Makanin-Razborov diagrams

Daniel Groves

On the dynamics of isometries

Anders Karlsson

Correction to: Construction of 2–local finite groups of a type studied by Solomon and Benson

Ran Levi and Bob Oliver

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