Volume 10, issue 1 (2006)

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Quadrisecants give new lower bounds for the ropelength of a knot

Elizabeth Denne, Yuanan Diao and John M Sullivan

Modifying surfaces in 4–manifolds by twist spinning

Hee Jung Kim

Tightness and efficiency of irreducible automorphisms of handlebodies

Leonardo Navarro Carvalho

On the stable equivalence of open books in three-manifolds

Emmanuel Giroux and Noah Goodman

The local Gromov–Witten invariants of configurations of rational curves

Dagan Karp, Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu and Marcos Mariño

Rounding corners of polygons and the embedded contact homology of $T^3$

Michael Hutchings and Michael G Sullivan

Distortion in transformation groups

Danny Calegari and Michael H Freedman

Appendix: Yves de Cornulier

Automorphic forms and rational homology 3–spheres

Frank Calegari and Nathan M Dunfield

Pro–$p$ groups and towers of rational homology spheres

Nigel Boston and Jordan S Ellenberg

Infinitely many universally tight contact manifolds with trivial Ozsváth–Szabó contact invariants

Paolo Ghiggini

Singular fibers of stable maps and signatures of 4–manifolds

Osamu Saeki and Takahiro Yamamoto

Generic uniqueness of least area planes in hyperbolic space

Baris Coskunuzer

Stabilization in the braid groups I: MTWS

Joan S Birman and William W Menasco

Manifolds with non-stable fundamental groups at infinity, III

Craig R Guilbault and Frederick C Tinsley

Surface subgroups and handlebody attachment

Vivien R Easson

Alternate Heegaard genus bounds distance

Martin Scharlemann and Maggy Tomova