Volume 10, issue 3 (2006)

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On canonical triangulations of once-punctured torus bundles and two-bridge link complements

François Guéritaud

Appendix: David Futer

Refined Kirby calculus for integral homology spheres

Kazuo Habiro

Classification of continuously transitive circle groups

James Giblin and Vladimir Markovic

A dilogarithmic formula for the Cheeger–Chern–Simons class

Johan L Dupont and Christian K Zickert

Dense embeddings of surface groups

Emmanuel Breuillard, Tsachik Gelander, Juan Souto and Peter Storm

On the chain-level intersection pairing for PL manifolds

J E McClure

Stabilization in the braid groups II: Transversal simplicity of knots

Joan S Birman and William W Menasco

Obstructions to special Lagrangian desingularizations and the Lagrangian prescribed boundary problem

Mark Haskins and Tommaso Pacini

Asymptotic geometry of the mapping class group and Teichmüller space

Jason A Behrstock

Rational maps and string topology

Sadok Kallel and Paolo Salvatore

Connectivity properties of moment maps on based loop groups

Megumi Harada, Tara S Holm, Lisa C Jeffrey and Augustin-Liviu Mare

Geometry of contact transformations and domains: orderability versus squeezing

Yakov Eliashberg, Sang Seon Kim and Leonid Polterovich

Four-dimensional symplectic cobordisms containing three-handles

David T Gay

Blanchfield and Seifert algebra in high-dimensional boundary link theory I: Algebraic $K$–theory

Andrew Ranicki and Desmond Sheiham

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