Volume 22, issue 5 (2018)

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On the unstable intersection conjecture

Michael Levin

Finsler bordifications of symmetric and certain locally symmetric spaces

Michael Kapovich and Bernhard Leeb

Alexander and Thurston norms, and the Bieri–Neumann–Strebel invariants for free-by-cyclic groups

Florian Funke and Dawid Kielak

Real line arrangements with the Hirzebruch property

Dmitri Panov

Tori detect invertibility of topological field theories

Christopher J Schommer-Pries

Rigidity for convex-cocompact actions on rank-one symmetric spaces

Guy C David and Kyle Kinneberg

Exotic open $4$–manifolds which are nonleaves

Carlos Meniño Cotón and Paul A Schweitzer

Floer homology and covering spaces

Tye Lidman and Ciprian Manolescu

The number of convex tilings of the sphere by triangles, squares, or hexagons

Philip Engel and Peter Smillie

A splitting theorem for the Seiberg-Witten invariant of a homology $S^1 \times S^3$

Jianfeng Lin, Daniel Ruberman and Nikolai Saveliev

Categorified Young symmetrizers and stable homology of torus links

Matthew Hogancamp

Additive invariants of orbifolds

Gonçalo Tabuada and Michel Van den Bergh

Quasi-isometric embeddings of symmetric spaces

David Fisher and Kevin Whyte

Moduli stacks of semistable sheaves and representations of Ext–quivers

Yukinobu Toda

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