Volume 16 (2009)

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Participants of the BIRS workshop New Topological Contexts for Galois Theory and Algebraic Geometry

Ando, Matthew

University of Illinois

Angeltveit, Vigleik

University of Chicago

Ausoni, Christian

University of Bonn

Baker, Andrew

University of Glasgow/University of Oslo

Barwick, Clark

Institute for Advanced Study

Basterra, Maria

University of New Hampshire, Durham

Bauer, Kristine

University of Calgary

Blumberg, Andrew

Stanford University

Brun, Morten

University of Bergen

Bruner, Robert

Wayne State University

Chebolu, Sunil

University of Western Ontario

Devinatz, Ethan

University of Washington

Dundas, Bjoern

University of Bergen

Dwyer, William

Notre Dame University

Elmendorf, Tony

Purdue University, Calumet

Gepner, David

University of Sheffield

Goerss, Paul

Northwestern University

Greenlees, John

University of Sheffield

Hess, Kathryn

Ecole Poly Fédérale de Lausanne

Hill, Mike

University of Virginia

Hovey, Mark

Wesleyan University

Hu, Po

Wayne State University

Jardine, Rick

University of Western Ontario

Laures, Gerd

Bochum University

Lawson, Tyler

University of Minnesota

Lunoe-Nielsen, Sverre

University of Oslo

Mandell, Michael A.

Indiana University

May, Peter

University of Chicago

McCarthy, Randy

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Montgomery, Susan

University of Southern California

Morava, Jack

Johns Hopkins University

Reinhard, Philipp

University of Glasgow

Richter, Birgit

University of Hamburg

Rognes, John

University of Oslo

Roitzheim, Constanze

University of Sheffield

Roth, Fridolin

University of Hamburg

Sagave, Steffen

University of Oslo

Schlichtkrull, Christian

University of Bergen

Shipley, Brooke

University of Illinois, Chicago

Strickland, Neil

University of Sheffield

Whitehouse, Sarah

University of Sheffield