Volume 16 (2009)

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ISSN (electronic): 1464-8997
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Talks at the BIRS workshop New Topological Contexts for Galois Theory and Algebraic Geometry

Christian Ausoni,
Christian Schlichtkrull

Algebraic K-theory and traces for structured ring spectra I, II

Clark Barwick,
David Gepner

Infinity categories and applications I, II

Maria Basterra

Topological André–Quillen cohomology and related topics

Andrew Blumberg

Localization for THH and TC of schemes

Ethan Devinatz

Towards the finiteness of the homotopy groups of the K(n)–local sphere

Paul Goerss

Realizing families of Landweber exact homology theories

Kathryn Hess

Hopf-Galois extensions in monoidal model categories

Mark Hovey

Semisimple ring spectra

Rick Jardine

Étale K-theory: a modern view

Tyler Lawson

Topological Automorphic Forms

Peter May

E ring spaces and E ring spectra

Susan Montgomery

Hopf Galois theory I, II

John Rognes

Topological logarithmic structures I, II

Steffen Sagave

DG–algebras and derived A–algebras