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Geometry & Topology Publications is an imprint of Mathematical Sciences Publishers, a not-for-profit academic publishing company.

Geometry & Topology Publications is based in the Mathematics Institute of the University of Warwick, and is primarily responsible for publication of the following journals and monograph series.

[Geometry & Topology]

Geometry & Topology publishes papers in the subjects of its title, defined broadly. It has an outstanding editorial board including three Fields medalists. The full board votes on all publication issues which accounts for the journal's exceptionally high standard. Since its foundation in 1997, it has grown to be the leading journal in the field.

The Geometry & Topology Monographs series is intended for research monographs, for refereed conference proceedings and for similar collections. If you have a monograph that you wish to be considered for publication in the series, then please email

[Geometry & Topology
[Algebraic & Geometric

Algebraic & Geometric Topology was launched in 2001 and in its first ten years of publication has become an exceptionally high quality journal. It publishes papers in all areas of algebraic and geometric topology, following a conventional editorial procedure, with papers submitted to individual editors and then passed to the centre for publication.