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Bachman, David
Degeneration of Heegaard genus, a survey
Bar-Natan, Dror
Bracelets and the Goussarov Filtration of the Space of Knots
Baseilhac, Stéphane
QHI, $3$--manifolds scissors congruence classes and the volume conjecture
Bauer, Tilman
Computation of the homotopy of the spectrum \texttt{tmf}
Bauval, Anne
A classification of special $2$--fold coverings
Baykur, Refik
Broken Lefschetz fibrations and mapping class groups
Broken Lefschetz fibrations and smooth structures on 4-manifolds
Behrens, Mark
$\beta$--family congruences and the $f$--invariant
Some root invariants at the prime 2
Benedetti, Riccardo
QHI, $3$--manifolds scissors congruence classes and the volume conjecture
Berrick, A.
Homotopy idempotents on manifolds and Bass' conjectures
Bigelow, Stephen
A homological definition of the Jones polynomial
Homological representations of the Iwahori--Hecke algebra
Bleiler, Steve
Bödigheimer, Carl-Friedrich
Homology of the mapping class group $\Gamma_{2,1}$ for surfaces of genus 2 with a boundary curve
Bogatyi, Semeon
On multiplicity of mappings between surfaces
Bogopolski, Oleg
A Magnus theorem for some one-relator groups
Boileau, Michel
A characterisation of $\mathbb{S}^3$ among homology spheres
On invertible generating pairs of fundamental groups of graph manifolds
Roots of torsion polynomials and dominations
Bonahon, Francis
The metric space of geodesic laminations on a surface II: small surfaces
Borghesi, Simone
Cohomology operations and algebraic geometry
Divisibility of characteristic numbers
Bowditch, Brian
Boundaries of strongly accessible hyperbolic groups
Boyer, Steven
Roots of torsion polynomials and dominations
Bridson, Martin
A condition that prevents groups\\from acting nontrivially on trees
Controlled embeddings into groups that have no non-trivial finite quotients
Brittenham, Mark
The Heegaard genus of bundles over $S^1$
Broto, Carles
Modular invariants detecting the cohomology of $BF_4$ at the prime $3$
Bryan, James
On the rigidity of stable maps to Calabi--Yau threefolds
Bryant, John
Homologically arc-homogeneous ENRs
Budney, Ryan
Buoncristiano, Sandro
Fragments of geometric topology from the sixties
Button, Jack
All Fuchsian Schottky groups are classical Schottky groups