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Calegari, Danny
Circular groups, planar groups, and the Euler class
Callegaro, Filippo
Cohomology of Artin groups of type $\tilde{A}_n$, $B_n$ and applications
Cantwell, John
Cavalieri, Renzo
Hodge-type integrals on moduli spaces of admissible covers
Chatterji, Indira
Homotopy idempotents on manifolds and Bass' conjectures
Chebolu, Sunil
Absolute Galois groups viewed from small quotients \\and the Bloch--Kato conjecture
Cohen, Daniel
The boundary manifold of a complex line arrangement
Cohen, Frederick
Basis-conjugating automorphisms of a free group\\ and associated Lie algebras
Configurations and parallelograms\\associated to centers of mass
On braid groups and homotopy groups
The stable braid group and the determinant of the Burau representation
Cohen, Ralph
String topology of Poincar\'e duality groups
Collins, Donald
Intersections of conjugates of Magnus subgroups\\of one-relator groups
Conant, James
Universal quadratic forms and Whitney tower intersection invariants
Conlon, Lawrence
Cooper, Daryl
Non compact Euclidean cone 3--manifolds\\with cone angles less than $2\pi$
On the Burau representation modulo a small prime
Crainic, Marius
Lectures on Integrability of Lie Brackets
Culler, Marc
Knots with only two strict essential surfaces