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Garoufalidis, Stavros
On the characteristic and deformation varieties of a knot
Periodicity of Goussarov--Vassiliev knot invariants
Gaudens, Gérald
Bocksteins and the nilpotent filtration\\ on the cohomology of spaces
Gauld, David
Manifolds at and beyond the limit of metrisability
Gay, David
Reconstructing 4-manifolds from Morse 2-functions
Geiges, Hansjörg
Almost linear actions by finite groups on $S^{2n-1}$
Gekeler, Ernst-Ulrich
Drinfeld modules and local fields of positive characteristic
Ghiggini, Paolo
Open book decompositions versus prime factorizations of closed, oriented 3-manifolds
Gilmer, Patrick
Quantum invariants of periodic three-manifolds
Goerss, Paul
Realizing families of Landweber exact homology theories
Gompf, Robert
Symplectic structures from Lefschetz pencils in high dimensions
Gonçalves, Daciberg
A classification of special $2$--fold coverings
Some quadratic equations in the free group of rank 2
Gordon, Cameron
Small surfaces and Dehn filling
Gray, Brayton
Filtering the fiber of the pinch map
Griffiths, David
At most 27 length inequalities define Maskit's fundamental domain for the modular group in genus 2
Gruher, Kate
String topology of Poincar\'e duality groups
Gukov, Sergei
Homological algebra of knots and BPS states
Gutt, Simone
Deformation Quantisation of Poisson manifolds