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Habiro, Kazuo
On the quantum $sl_2$ invariants of knots and integral homology spheres
Haglund, Frédéric
Simplicit\'e de groupes d'automorphismes d'espaces \`a courbure n\'egative
Halverson, Denise
Path concordances as detectors of codimension-one\\manifold factors
Hansen, Søren Kold
Quantum invariants of Seifert 3--manifolds and their asymptotic expansions
Hasegawa, Isao
Charts, signatures, and stabilizations of Lefschetz fibrations
Hass, Joel
Configurations of curves and geodesics on surfaces
Hastings, Matthew
Matrix Product Operators and Central Elements: Classical Description of a Quantum State
Hayano, Kenta
Broken Lefschetz fibrations and mapping class groups
Hayat Legrand, Claude
A classification of special $2$--fold coverings
Hegenbarth, Friedrich
The Bryant--Ferry--Mio--Weinberger construction of generalized manifolds
Hemmi, Yutaka
Higher homotopy commutativity and cohomology of finite $H$--spaces
Herr, Laurent
$\Phi$--$\Gamma$--modules and Galois cohomology
Hess Bellwald, Kathryn
Homotopic Hopf--Galois extensions:\\Foundations and examples
Hill, Michael
The spectra $ko$ and $ku$ are not Thom spectra: \\an approach using THH
Hillman, Jonathan
Four-manifolds, geometries and knots
Hodgson, Craig
Hog-Angeloni, Cynthia
Holm, Darryl
Applications of Poisson Geometry to Physical Problems
Holt, Derek
Automatic groups, subgroups and cosets
Hovey, Mark
Intersection homological algebra
Howards, Hugh
Thin position for knots and 3--manifolds: a unified approach
Howie, James
Minimal Seifert manifolds for higher ribbon knots
Hưng, Nguyễn