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Kajiura, Hiroshige
Homotopy algebra of open--closed strings
Kallel, Sadok
Symmetric products, duality and homological\\dimension of configuration spaces
Kamada, Seiichi
Charts, signatures, and stabilizations of Lefschetz fibrations
Knot invariants derived from quandles and racks
Kameko, Masaki
M\`ui invariants and Milnor operations
On the Rothenberg--Steenrod spectral sequence \\for the mod 3 cohomology\\ of the classifying space of the exceptional Lie group $E_8$
On the Rothenberg--Steenrod spectral sequence for the\\mod $2$ cohomology of classifying spaces of spinor groups
Kametani, Yukio
Homotopy theoretical considerations of the Bauer--Furuta stable homotopy Seiberg--Witten invariants
Nilpotency of the Bauer--Furuta stable homotopy Seiberg--Witten invariants
Kamiyama, Yasuhiko
Configurations and parallelograms\\associated to centers of mass
Spaces of real polynomials with common roots
The homology of spaces of polynomials\\ with roots of bounded multiplicity
Kang, Ensil
Ideal triangulations of 3--manifolds I: spun normal surface theory
Kapovich, Michael
Noncoherence of some lattices in ${\rm Isom}(\mathbb{H}^n)$
Kapranov, Mikhail
Harmonic analysis on algebraic groups over two-dimensional local fields of equal characteristic
Kato, Kazuya
Existence theorem for higher local fields
Katz, Sheldon
Enumerative geometry of stable maps with Lagrangian boundary conditions and multiple covers of the disc
Kauffman, Louis
Right integrals and invariants of three-manifolds
Kawamoto, Yusuke
Higher homotopy commutativity and cohomology of finite $H$--spaces
Kawamuro, Keiko
On the self-linking number of transverse links
Kawauchi, Akio
The first Alexander $\mathbb{Z}(\mathbb{Z})$--modules of surface-links and of virtual links
Kawazumi, Nariya
Twisted Morita--Mumford classes on braid groups
Kazez, William
Kerler, Thomas
$p$--Modular TQFT's, Milnor torsion and the Casson--Lescop invariant
Kirby, Robion
Local surgery formulas for quantum invariants and the Arf invariant
Reconstructing 4-manifolds from Morse 2-functions
The $E_8$--manifold, singular fibers and handlebody decompositions
Kitaev, Alexei
Solutions to generalized Yang-Baxter equations via ribbon fusion categories
Kitano, Teruaki
Twisted Alexander polynomials and a\\partial order on the set of prime knots
Kitchloo, Nitu
On fibrations related to real spectra
Klimenko, Elena
Kleinian orbifolds uniformized by $\mathcal{RP}$ groups with an elliptic and a hyperbolic generator
Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi
Classification of unknotting tunnels for two bridge knots
Kohno, Toshitake
Loop spaces of configuration spaces and finite type invariants
Komori, Yohei
Kopteva, Natalia
Kleinian orbifolds uniformized by $\mathcal{RP}$ groups with an elliptic and a hyperbolic generator
Koschorke, Ulrich
Minimizing coincidence numbers\\of maps into projective spaces
Koshkin, Sergiy
Introduction to the Gopakumar--Vafa Large $N$ Duality
Kotschick, Dieter
On regularly fibered complex surfaces
Kourouniotis, Christos
Kricker, Andrew
A surgery formula for the 2--loop piece of the LMO invariant of a pair
Krushkal, Vyacheslav
Kudryavtseva, Elena
On multiplicity of mappings between surfaces
Some quadratic equations in the free group of rank 2
Kuhn, Nicholas
Goodwillie towers and chromatic homotopy: an overview
Kuperberg, Gregory
The bosonic birthday paradox
Kurihara, Masato
Abelian extensions of absolutely unramified complete discrete valuation fields
Exponential maps and explicit formulas
Kato's higher local class field theory
Two types of complete discrete valuation fields