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Laurent-Gengoux, Camille
Laures, Gerd
$\beta$--family congruences and the $f$--invariant
Lawson, Tyler
An overview of abelian varieties in homotopy theory
The spectra $ko$ and $ku$ are not Thom spectra: \\an approach using THH
Lê, Minh Hà
Sub-Hopf algebras of the Steenrod algebra and the Singer transfer
Lescop, Christine
On configuration space integrals for links
Levi, Ran
Li, Jun
Open string instantons and relative stable morphisms
Li, Tao
On the Heegaard splittings of amalgamated 3--manifolds
Lickorish, William Bernard
Simplicial moves on complexes and manifolds
Lin, Xiao-Song
Fermat limit and congruence of Ohtsuki invariants
Lisca, Paolo
Open book decompositions versus prime factorizations of closed, oriented 3-manifolds
Liu, Chiu-Chu
Enumerative geometry of stable maps with Lagrangian boundary conditions and multiple covers of the disc
Formulae of one-partition and two-partition Hodge integrals
Livingston, Charles
Order 2 algebraically slice knots
Long, Darren
On the Burau representation modulo a small prime
Lustig, Martin
Free group automorphisms with many fixed points at infinity