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Marden, Albert
Complex projective structures on Kleinian groups
Maruyama, Ken-ichi
Determination of the multiplicative nilpotency of self-homotopy sets
Masbaum, Gregor
Matrix-tree theorems and the Alexander--Conway polynomial
Matsue, Hirofumi
Homotopy theoretical considerations of the Bauer--Furuta stable homotopy Seiberg--Witten invariants
Matumoto, Takao
Cusp equivalence between smooth embeddings of the 2--sphere in 4--space
Matveev, Sergei
Cubic complexes and finite type invariants
May, Jon
The construction of $E_{\infty}$ ring spaces \\from bipermutative categories
What are $E_{\infty}$ ring spaces good for?
What precisely are $E_{\infty}$ ring spaces and $E_{\infty}$ ring spectra?
Mecchia, Mattia
Finite groups acting on $3$--manifolds and cyclic branched coverings of knots
Mello, Maria Hermina
A classification of special $2$--fold coverings
Melvin, Paul
Local surgery formulas for quantum invariants and the Arf invariant
The $E_8$--manifold, singular fibers and handlebody decompositions
Mimura, Mamoru
M\`ui invariants and Milnor operations
On the Lusternik--Schnirelmann category of symmetric spaces of classical type
On the Rothenberg--Steenrod spectral sequence \\for the mod 3 cohomology\\ of the classifying space of the exceptional Lie group $E_8$
On the Rothenberg--Steenrod spectral sequence for the\\mod $2$ cohomology of classifying spaces of spinor groups
On the Stiefel--Whitney classes of the representations associated with $\mathrm{Spin}(15)$
Mináč, Ján
Absolute Galois groups viewed from small quotients \\and the Bloch--Kato conjecture
Minami, Norihiko
Homotopy theoretical considerations of the Bauer--Furuta stable homotopy Seiberg--Witten invariants
Nilpotency of the Bauer--Furuta stable homotopy Seiberg--Witten invariants
Minh, Pham
Evens norm, transfers and characteristic classes for extraspecial $p$--groups
Mio, Washington
The quadratic form $E_8$ and exotic homology manifolds
Mislin, Guido
Homotopy idempotents on manifolds and Bass' conjectures
Mitra, Mahan
Coarse extrinsic geometry: a survey
Montgomery, M.
Morava, Jack
Toward a fundamental groupoid for the stable homotopy category
Moriah, Yoav
Heegaard splittings of knot exteriors
The Heegaard structure of Dehn filled manifolds
Morimoto, Kanji
On the degeneration ratio of tunnel numbers and free tangle decompositions of knots
Morita, Shigeyuki
Lie algebras of symplectic derivations\\and cycles on the moduli spaces
Structure of the mapping class groups of surfaces: a survey and a prospect
Moroni, Davide
Cohomology of Artin groups of type $\tilde{A}_n$, $B_n$ and applications
Morton, Hugh
Mutants and $SU(3)_q$ invariants
Power sums and Homfly skein theory
Mukai, Juno
Determination of the order of the $P$--image\\by Toda brackets
Mukhin, Eugene
Quasi-polynomials and the Bethe Ansatz