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Ranicki, Andrew
Algebraic and combinatorial codimension--1 transversality
The quadratic form $E_8$ and exotic homology manifolds
Ratiu, Tudor
Preface - Poisson Geometry Conference
Rees, Sarah
Hairdressing in groups: a survey of combings and formal languages
Reid, Alan
Repovš, Dušan
The Bryant--Ferry--Mio--Weinberger construction of generalized manifolds
Rieck, Yo'av
A proof of Waldhausen's uniqueness of splittings of $S^3$ (after Rubinstein and Scharlemann)
The Heegaard genus of bundles over $S^1$
Thin position for knots and 3--manifolds: a unified approach
Riley, Robert
Epimorphisms between $2$--bridge link groups
Rivin, Igor
The mean curvature integral is invariant under bending
Roberts, Justin
Generalisations of Rozansky--Witten invariants
Roberts, Rachel
Rognes, John
Topological logarithmic structures
Roth, Fridolin
On the category of Euclidean configuration spaces\\and associated fibrations
Rourke, Colin
Characterisation of a class of equations with solutions over torsion-free groups
Fragments of geometric topology from the sixties
Homology stratifications and intersection homology
Ruberman, Daniel
A polynomial invariant of diffeomorphisms of 4--manifolds
Rubinstein, Joachim
Combinatorial Dehn surgery on cubed and Haken 3--manifolds
Genus two Heegaard splittings of orientable three-manifolds
Ideal triangulations of 3--manifolds I: spun normal surface theory
Rudolph, Lee
Positive links are strongly quasipositive
Some 3-dimensional transverse C-links (Constructions of higher-dimensional C-links, I)
Ryder, Hayley
Mutants and $SU(3)_q$ invariants