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Sakai, Keiichi
Poisson structures on the homology of the space of knots
Sakuma, Makoto
Epimorphisms between $2$--bridge link groups
Salvetti, Mario
Cohomology of Artin groups of type $\tilde{A}_n$, $B_n$ and applications
Sanderson, Brian
Homology stratifications and intersection homology
Sato, Nobuya
$(2+1)$--dimensional topological quantum field theory with a Verlinde basis and Turaev--Viro--Ocneanu invariants of 3--manifolds
Sawon, Justin
Generalisations of Rozansky--Witten invariants
Perturbative expansion of Chern--Simons theory
Scharlemann, Martin
Genus two Heegaard splittings of orientable three-manifolds
Genus two Heegaard splittings: an omission
On the additivity of knot width
Refilling meridians in a genus 2 handlebody complement
Schleimer, Saul
Schlichtkrull, Christian
The cyclotomic trace for symmetric ring spectra
Schneiderman, Robert
Universal quadratic forms and Whitney tower intersection invariants
Whitney towers and the Kontsevich integral
Schultens, Jennifer
Destabilizing amalgamated Heegaard splittings
Thin position for knots and 3--manifolds: a unified approach
Scott, Godfrey
Configurations of curves and geodesics on surfaces
Sedgwick, Eric
The Heegaard structure of Dehn filled manifolds
Series, Caroline
Shalen, Peter
Hyperbolic volume, Heegaard genus and ranks of groups
Knots with only two strict essential surfaces
Shimakawa, Kazuhisa
Interactions of strings and equivariant homology theories
Shimomura, Katsumi
On the homotopy groups of $E(n)$--local spectra\\ with unusual invariant ideals
Singerman, David
On the fixed-point set of automorphisms of non-orientable surfaces without boundary
Singhof, Wilhelm
Tangential LS--category of $K(\pi,1)$--foliations
Smith, Lawrence
An algebraic introduction to the Steenrod algebra
Song, Yun
Open string instantons and relative stable morphisms
Souto, Juan
Geometry, Heegaard splittings and rank of the fundamental group of hyperbolic 3--manifolds
The rank of the fundamental group of certain\\ hyperbolic 3--manifolds fibering over the circle
Spieß, Michael
Generalized class formations and higher class field theory
Spriano, Luca
On ramification theory of monogenic extensions
Stanford, Theodore
Some computational results on mod 2 finite-type invariants of knots and string links
Stasheff, James
Homotopy algebra of open--closed strings
Stern, Ronald
Nondiffeomorphic symplectic 4--manifolds with the same Seiberg--Witten invariants
Surgery on Nullhomologous Tori
Tori in symplectic 4--manifolds
Stiénon, Mathieu
Stipsicz, András
Symplectic 4-manifolds, Stein domains, Seiberg-Witten theory and mapping class groups
Stošić, Marko
Homological algebra of knots and BPS states
Suciu, Alexander
The boundary manifold of a complex line arrangement
Sugata, Kei
On the Lusternik--Schnirelmann category of symmetric spaces of classical type
Sum, Nguyễn
The action of the primitive Steenrod--Milnor\\ operations on the modular invariants
Suzuki, Masaaki
Twisted Alexander polynomials and a\\partial order on the set of prime knots
Sviridov, Konstantin
A Magnus theorem for some one-relator groups
Symonds, Peter
On the construction of permutation complexes for profinite groups
Szabó, Zoltán
On Heegaard Floer homology and Seifert fibered surgeries