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Kamano, Ken
Matiyasevich type identities for hypergeometric Bernoulli polynomials and poly-Bernoulli polynomials
Kawashima, Makoto
Can polylogarithms at algebraic points be linearly independent?
Kida, Masanari
Kleinbock, Dmitry
A dynamical Borel-Cantelli lemma via improvements to Dirichlet's theorem
Koh, Doowon
Koshelev, Mikhail
New lower bound on the modularity of Johnson graphs
Kostochka, Alexandr
Long monochromatic paths and cycles in 2-edge-colored multipartite graphs
Krylov, Nikolai
Complete generalized Fibonacci sequences modulo primes
Kupavskii, Andrey
Corrigendum to: Intersection theorems for (-1,0,1)-vectors and s-cross-intersecting families
Kurosawa, Takeshi
Transcendence of numbers related with Cahen’s constant
Kuzyurin, Nikolay