Vol. 14, No. 4, 2021

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Vol. 14, No. 4, 2021

A group-labeling version of the Lights Out game

Darren B. Parker and Vasily Zadorozhnyy

Orthogonality from group characters

Steven T. Dougherty and Sara Myers

Boundary expression for Chern classes of the Hodge bundle on spaces of cyclic covers

Bryson Owens, Seamus Somerstep and Renzo Cavalieri

On prime labelings of Fibonacci trees

Bayley Larsen, Hunter Lehmann, Andrew Park and Leanne Robertson

Classifying toric surface codes of dimension 7

Emily Cairncross, Stephanie Ford, Eli Garcia and Kelly Jabbusch

On minimal presentations of shifted affine semigroups with few generators

Christopher O’Neill and Isabel White

Shotgun identification on groups

Jacob Raymond, Robert Bland and Kevin McGoff

Graceful wind chimes

Jocelyn R. Bell, Lotenna Nwobbi, Connor Parrow, Alexandria Wheeler and Ephrata Zelleke

On proofs of certain combinatorial identities

Ryan Bianconi, Marcus Elia, Akalu Tefera and Aklilu Zeleke

On the monotonicity of the number of positive entries in nonnegative five-element matrix powers

Matthew Rodriguez Galvan, Vadim Ponomarenko and John Salvadore Sabio