Vol. 1, No. 7, 2006

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Antiplane deformation of orthotropic strips with multiple defects

Reza Teymori Faal, Shahriar J. Fariborz and Hamid Reza Daghyani

Switching deformation modes in post-localization solutions with a quasibrittle material

Pierre Bésuelle, René Chambon and Frédéric Collin

Incremental modeling of T-stub connections

Minas E. Lemonis and Charis J. Gantes

Effect of the order of plates on the ballistic resistance of ductile layered shields perforated by nonconical impactors

G. Ben-Dor, A. Dubinsky and T. Elperin

A numerical investigation of the effect of boundary conditions and representative volume element size for porous titanium

Hui Shen and L. Catherine Brinson

Damage in domains and interfaces: a coupled predictive theory

Francesco Freddi and Michel Frémond

Elastic flexural-torsional buckling of circular arches under uniform compression and effects of load height

Mark Andrew Bradford and Yong-Lin Pi

Transient analysis of a suddenly-opening crack in a coupled thermoelastic solid with thermal relaxation

Louis Milton Brock and Mark Todd Hanson

3D Green's functions for a steady point heat source interacting with a homogeneous imperfect interface

X. Wang and L. J. Sudak

The shear response of metallic square honeycombs

François Cote, Vikram S. Deshpande and Norman A. Fleck