Vol. 2, No. 8, 2007

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Jeffrey W. Eischen and Guillermo Monsivais

Optimization of a satellite with composite materials

Jorge A. C. Ambrósio, Maria Augusta Neto and Rogério Pereira Leal

Geometric analysis of the dynamics of a double pendulum

Jan Awrejcewicz and Dariusz Sendkowski

Numerical simulation of granular materials in a rotating tumbler

Horacio Tapia-McClung

Density measurements in a supersonic jet

Catalina Elizabeth Stern, José Manuel Alvarado and Cesar Aguilar

Frequency and spatial response of basilar membrane vibration in a three-dimensional gerbil cochlear model

Yongjin Yoon, Sunil Puria and Charles R. Steele

Flushing of the port of Ensenada using a SIBEO wave-driven seawater pump

Steven Peter Czitrom, Cesar Coronado and Ismael Nuñez

Symmetry analysis of extreme areal Poisson's ratio in anisotropic crystals

Lewis Wheeler and Cliff Yi Guo

A three dimensional contact model for soil-pipe interaction

Nelly Piedad Rubio, Deane Roehl and Celso Romanel

Calculation of inertial properties of the malleus-incus complex from micro-CT imaging

Jae Hoon Sim, Sunil Puria and Charles R. Steele

Electroelastic intensification and domain switching near a plane strain crack in a rectangular piezoelectric material

Yasuhide Shindo, Fumio Narita and Fumitoshi Saito

Active control schemes based on the linearized Tschauner–Hempel equations to maintain the separation distance constraints for the NASA benchmark Tetrahedron Constellation

Pedro A. Capó-Lugo and Peter M. Bainum

Evaluation of effective material properties of randomly distributed short cylindrical fiber composites using a numerical homogenization technique

Harald Berger, Sreedhar Kari, Ulrich Gabbert, Reinaldo Rodríguez Ramos, Julian Bravo Castillero and Raúl Guinovart Díaz

Natural convection fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media

Elsa Báez and Alfredo Nicolás

Stark ladder resonances in acoustic waveguides

Guillermo Monsivais and Raul Esquivel-Sirvent

Tension buckling in multilayer elastomeric isolation bearings

James M. Kelly and Shakhzod M. Takhirov

Representative volume element and effective elastic properties of open cell foam materials with random microstructures

Sergey Kanaun and Oleksandr Tkachenko

Elastic Wannier–Stark ladders in torsional waves

Guillermo Monsivais, Rafael A. Méndez-Sánchez, Alfredo Díaz de Anda, Jorge Flores, Luis Gutiérrez and Alejandro Morales

A new variable damping semiactive device for seismic response reduction of civil structures

Orlando Cundumi and Luis E Suárez