Vol. 6, No. 1-4, 2011

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Davide Bigoni, Iwona Jasiuk and Yasuhide Shindo

Marie-Louise (Bühler) Steele (1943–2009)

Elizabeth Willes, friend, and Charles Steele, husband 6 October 2009

Finite strain micromechanical modeling of thermoviscoelastic matrix composites

Jacob Aboudi

Generalized thermoelastic waves in cylinders due to localized heating

Hao Bai, Ravi Chitikireddy, Arvind H. Shah and Subhendu K. Datta

Dynamical characterization of mixed fractal structures

Luiz Bevilacqua and Marcelo M. Barros

Tapping dynamics for a column of particles and beyond

Denis Blackmore, Anthony Rosato, Xavier Tricoche, Kevin Urban and Vishagan Ratnaswamy

Reflection of transient plane step-stress waves: Some considerations of orthotropy and thermoelasticity

Louis Milton Brock

On the mystery of Calderón's formula for the geometry of an inclusion in elastic materials

Huy Duong Bui

Singular harmonic problems at a wedge vertex: mathematical analogies between elasticity, diffusion, electromagnetism, and fluid dynamics

Alberto Carpinteri and Marco Paggi

Deep penetration and liquid injection into adipose tissue

Kerstyn Comley and Norman Fleck

On small azimuthal shear deformation of fibre-reinforced cylindrical tubes

Mohamed A. Dagher and Kostas P. Soldatos

Media with semiholonomic internal structure

Marcelo Epstein

Diagnosis of concrete dams by flat-jack tests and inverse analyses based on proper orthogonal decomposition

Tomasz Garbowski, Giulio Maier and Giorgio Novati

A zero-stiffness elastic shell structure

Simon D. Guest, Elizbar Kebadze and Sergio Pellegrino

Modal analysis of laminated beams with fuzzy core stiffness/fuzzy interlayer slip

Rudolf Heuer and Franz Ziegler

Path-independent H-integral for interface corners under thermal loadings

Chyanbin Hwu, Tai-Liang Kuo and Chun-Chih Huang

Three-dimensional isofield micromechanics model for effective electrothermoelastic properties of piezoelectric composites

Santosh Kapuria and Poonam Kumari

Accurate simulation of mixed-mode cohesive crack propagation in quasi-brittle structures using exact asymptotic fields in XFEM: an overview

Bhushan Lal Karihaloo and Qi-Zhi Xiao

Mechanics of materials and structures: a simulation-driven design approach

Lennart Karlsson, Andreas Pahkamaa, Magnus Karlberg, Magnus Löfstrand, John Goldak and Jonas Pavasson

Dissipation energy as a stimulus for cortical bone adaptation

Natarajan Chennimalai Kumar, Iwona Jasiuk and Jonathan Dantzig

Size-normalized robustness of $\mathrm{Dpp}$ gradient in Drosophila wing imaginal disc

Arthur D. Lander, Qing Nie, Benjamin Vargas and Frederic Y. M. Wan

Fractals in thermoelastoplastic materials

Jun Li and Martin Ostoja-Starzewski

Rate-type elasticity and viscoelasticity of an erythrocyte membrane

Vlado A. Lubarda

Functionally graded bars with enhanced dynamic performance

Karam Y. Maalawi

Basic strain gradient plasticity theories with application to constrained film deformation

Christian F. Niordson and John W. Hutchinson

An axisymmetric parachute model with wrinkling

Yoav Ofir, Dan Givoli and Avinoam Libai

Conical indentation of thick elastic spherical shells

Nkem Ogbonna and Alan Needleman

Propagation of waves in an incompressible transversely isotropic elastic solid with initial stress: Biot revisited

Ray W. Ogden and Baljeet Singh

Variable-order finite elements for nonlinear, fully intrinsic beam equations

Mayuresh J. Patil and Dewey H. Hodges

Effects of contact surface shape on lifetime of cellular focal adhesion

Gregory J. Rizza, Jin Qian and Huajian Gao

Long wavelength bifurcations and multiple neutral axes of elastic layered structures subject to finite bending

Sara Roccabianca, Davide Bigoni and Massimiliano Gei

Advantages of formulating evolution equations for elastic-viscoplastic materials in terms of the velocity gradient instead of the spin tensor

M. B. Rubin and O. Papes

Numerical and experimental evaluation of cryogenic tensile strength of woven fabric-reinforced glass/epoxy composites using open hole specimens

Yasuhide Shindo, Shinya Watanabe, Tomo Takeda, Fumio Narita, Takuya Matsuda and Satoru Yamaki

On time-delayed and feed-forward transmission line models of the cochlea

Robert Szalai, Bastian Epp, Alan R. Champneys and Martin Homer

A poroelastic model for cell crawling including mechanical coupling between cytoskeletal contraction and actin polymerization

Larry A. Taber, Yunfei Shi, Le Yang and Philip V. Bayly

A remarkable structure of Leonardo and a higher-order infinitesimal mechanism

Tibor Tarnai and András Lengyel

Topology optimization of geometrically nonlinear structures tracing given load-displacement curves

Gil Ho Yoon, Jin Yee Noh and Yoon Young Kim

Analysis of hard coatings on a substrate containing inhomogeneities

Kun Zhou, Leon M. Keer and Q. Jane Wang