Vol. 6, No. 7-8, 2011

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Adair R. Aguiar

Influence of specimen geometry on the Portevin–Le Châtelier effect due to dynamic strain aging for the AA5083-H116 aluminum alloy

Rodrigo Nogueira de Codes and Ahmed Benallal

Dispersion relations for SH waves on a magnetoelectroelastic heterostructure with imperfect interfaces

José A. Otero, Héctor Calas, Reinaldo Rodríguez-Ramos, Julián Bravo-Castillero, Adair R. Aguiar and Guillermo Monsivais

Numerical linear stability analysis of a thermocapillary-driven liquid bridge with magnetic stabilization

Yue Huang and Brent C. Houchens

Numerical investigation of director orientation and flow of nematic liquid crystals in a planar 1:4 expansion

Pedro A. Cruz, Murilo F. Tomé, Iain W. Stewart and Sean McKee

Critical threshold and underlying dynamical phenomena in pedestrian-induced lateral vibrations of footbridges

Stefano Lenci and Laura Marcheggiani

Free vibration of a simulation CANDU nuclear fuel bundle structure inside a tube

Xuan Zhang and Shudong Yu

Nonlinear dynamics and sensitivity to imperfections in Augusti’s model

Diego Orlando, Paulo Batista Gonçalves, Giuseppe Rega and Stefano Lenci

Active control of vortex-induced vibrations in offshore catenary risers: A nonlinear normal mode approach

Carlos E. N. Mazzilli and César T. Sanches

Nonlinear electromechanical fields and localized polarization switching of piezoelectric macrofiber composites

Yasuhide Shindo, Fumio Narita, Koji Sato and Tomo Takeda

Three-dimensional BEM analysis to assess delamination cracks between two transversely isotropic materials

Nicolás O. Larrosa, Jhonny E. Ortiz and Adrián P. Cisilino

Porcine dermis in uniaxial cyclic loading: Sample preparation, experimental results and modeling

Alexander E. Ehret, Marc Hollenstein, Edoardo Mazza and Mikhail Itskov

Analysis of nonstationary random processes using smooth decomposition

Rubens Sampaio and Sergio Bellizzi

Perturbation stochastic finite element-based homogenization of polycrystalline materials

Severine Lepage, Fernando V. Stump, Isaiah H. Kim and Philippe H. Geubelle

A collocation approach for spatial discretization of stochastic peridynamic modeling of fracture

Georgios I. Evangelatos and Pol D. Spanos