Vol. 16, No. 4, 2021

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Lamb waves in nonlocal elastic plate with voids

Gurwinderpal Kaur, Dilbag Singh and S. K. Tomar

Analysis on the interfacial mechanics of microscratching test for DLC-G95Cr18 film-substrate system

Lixia Ying, Chongyang Nie, Jianjun Yao, Le Gu, Yang Ge and Lining Liu

Quantifying fatigue cracks in TC4 titanium alloy using a nonlinear modulation ultrasonic testing method

Zhenhua Chen, Chenggeng Li, Guochen Xu and Chao Lu

Analytical investigation on prediction of fatigue crack growth lives of cracked nonhomogeneous materials

Oğuzhan Demir

Degenerate orthotropic materials in the Stroh formalism for steady state problems

Xu Wang and Peter Schiavone

The closest isotropic, cubic and transversely isotropic stiffness and compliance tensor to an arbitrary anisotropic material

Xinyuan Shao, Peter D. Folkow and Morteza Eskandari-Ghadi

The equivalent Havriliak–Negami model for characterizing the dynamic properties of viscoelastic dampers

Qiang-Qiang Li, Zhao-Dong Xu, Yao-Rong Dong, Zhen-Hua He, Yeshou Xu and Chen Zhu

The evolution of intragranular microcracks caused by interface migration induced by electromigration

Huang Shiqian and Huang Peizhen

Refining the thermoplasticity theory for modeling of cyclic nonisothermic loading processes

Valentin S. Bondar and Dmitry R. Abashev

Stress-smoothing holes in a regularly perforated elastic plate with a given effective bulk modulus

Shmuel Vigdergauz and Isaac Elishakoff

Free vibration of functionally graded piezoelectric hexagonal quasicrystal plates

Jinming Zhang, Liangliang Zhang, Yang Li, Yunzhi Huang, Han Zhang and Yang Gao

Explicit model for bending edge wave on an elastic orthotropic plate supported by the Winkler–Fuss foundation

Saad N. Althobaiti, Anatolij Nikonov and Danila Prikazchikov

Differential quadrature and Adomian decomposition methods for solving thermal vibration of Euler nanobeam resting on Winkler–Pasternak foundation

Somnath Karmakar and Snehashish Chakraverty

Two-dimensional frictionless contact analysis of an orthotropic layer under gravity

Erdal Öner