Vol. 11, No. 1, 2021

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Vol. 11, No. 1, 2021

Phylogenetic trees

Hector Baños, Nathaniel Bushek, Ruth Davidson, Elizabeth Gross, Pamela E. Harris, Robert Krone, Colby Long, Allen Stewart and Robert Walker

Software for doing computations in graded Lie algebras

Clas Löfwall and Samuel Lundqvist

The relative canonical resolution: Macaulay2-package, experiments and conjectures

Christian Bopp and Michael Hoff

The FrobeniusThresholds package for Macaulay2

Daniel J. Hernández, Karl Schwede, Pedro Teixeira and Emily E. Witt

Computing theta functions with Julia

Daniele Agostini and Lynn Chua

Decomposable sparse polynomial systems

Taylor Brysiewicz, Jose Israel Rodriguez, Frank Sottile and Thomas Yahl

A package for computations with sparse resultants

Giovanni Staglianò

ExteriorModules: a package for computing monomial modules over an exterior algebra

Luca Amata and Marilena Crupi

The Schur–Veronese package in Macaulay2

Juliette Bruce, Daniel Erman, Steve Goldstein and Jay Yang

admcycles - a Sage package for calculations in the tautological ring of the moduli space of stable curves

Vincent Delecroix, Johannes Schmitt and Jason van Zelm

Coding theory package for Macaulay2

Taylor Ball, Eduardo Camps, Henry Chimal-Dzul, Delio Jaramillo-Velez, Hiram López, Nathan Nichols, Matthew Perkins, Ivan Soprunov, German Vera-Martínez and Gwyn Whieldon

Threaded Gröbner bases: a Macaulay2 package

Sonja Petrović and Shahrzad Zelenberg

Standard pairs of monomial ideals over nonnormal affine semigroups in SageMath

Byeongsu Yu

Computations with rational maps between multi-projective varieties

Giovanni Staglianò