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Fabel, Paul
The topological Hawaiian earring group does not embed in the inverse limit of free groups
Falk, Michael
Non-crossing partitions and Milnor fibers
Fanoni, Federica
Systoles and kissing numbers of finite area hyperbolic surfaces
Farb, Benson
Infinite generation of the kernels of the Magnus and Burau representations
Farber, Michael
Topology of configuration space of two particles on a graph, I
Topology of configuration space of two particles on a graph, II
Homology of planar telescopic linkages
Random groups arising as graph products
Farley, Daniel
Discrete Morse theory and graph braid groups
Constructions of Evc and Efbc for groups acting on CAT(0) spaces
Quasi-automorphism groups of type $F_\infinity$
Farrell, Francis
The Farrell-Jones conjecture for some nearly crystallographic groups
Farsi, Carla
Generalized orbifold Euler characteristics for general orbifolds and wreath products
Federman, Jared
Intrinsically linked graphs in projective space
Félix, Yves
H–space structure on pointed mapping spaces
Feller, Peter
Gordian adjacency for torus knots
Fernández Suárez, Lucía
Joins of DGA modules and sectional category
Ferry, Steven
$UV^k$-mappings on homology manifolds
Fiedler, Thomas
A Jones polynomial for braid-like isotopies of oriented links and its categorification
Fiedorowicz, Zbigniew
On the multiplicative structure of topological Hochschild Homology
A counterexample to a group completion conjecture of J C Moore
Associahedra and weak monoidal structures on categories
Rectification of weak product algebras over an operad in cat and top and applications
Fintushel, Ronald
Reverse engineering small 4-manifolds
Rational surfaces and symplectic 4–manifolds with one basic class
Pinwheels and nullhomologous surgery on 4-manifolds with b^+ = 1
Fiore, Thomas
Model structures on the category of small double categories
A Thomason model structure on the category of small n-fold categories
Firmo, Sebastião
Paires de structures de contact sur les variétés de dimension trois
Fischer, Hanspeter
Pullback of generalized universal coverings
The fundamental groups of subsets of closed surfaces inject into their first shape groups
Flapan, Erica
Intrinsic linking and knotting of graphs in arbitrary 3–manifolds
Intrinsic knotting and linking of complete graphs
Complete graphs whose topological symmetry groups are polyhedral
Fleming, Thomas
Intrinsic linking and knotting in virtual spatial graphs
Intrinsically linked graphs and even linking number
Florens, Vincent
Flores Diaz, Ramón
Nullification functors and the homotopy type of the classifying space for proper bundles
Torsion homology and cellular approximation
Floyd, William
Heegaard diagrams and surgery descriptions for twisted face-pairing 3-manifolds
Foisy, Joel
Intrinsically linked graphs in projective space
Fokkink, Robbert
Forcey, Stefan
Equivalence of associative structures over a braiding
Marked tubes and the graph multiplihedron
Enrichment over iterated monoidal categories
Species substitution, graph suspension, and graded Hopf algebras of painted tree polytopes.
Forester, Max
On the isomorphism problem for generalized Baumslag-Solitar groups
Fowler, Jim
Aspherical manifolds that cannot be triangulated
Francaviglia, Stefano
Spectral rigidity of automorphic orbits in free groups
Corrigendum: ``Spectral rigidity of automorphic orbits in free groups''
Franetič, Damir
Loop near-rings and unique decompositions of H-spaces
Frankhuizen, Robin
$A_\infinity$-resolutions and the Golod property for monomial rings
Frankland, Martin
Completed power operations for Morava $E$-theory
Higher Toda brackets and the Adams spectral sequence in triangulated categories
Franz, Matthias
Equivariant Poincaré-Alexander-Lefschetz duality and the Cohen-Macaulay property
Freedman, Michael
Covering a nontaming knot by the unlink
French, Christopher
The Jacobi orientation and the two-variable elliptic genus
The equivariant J-homomorphism for finite groups at certain primes
Frenkel, David
Symplectic embeddings of four-dimensional ellipsoids into integral polydiscs
Frenkel, Péter
Fixed point data of finite groups acting on 3–manifolds
Fresse, Benoit
Iterated bar complexes of E-infinity algebras and homology theories
Friedl, Stefan
Non-commutative multivariable Reidemester torsion and the Thurston norm
Eta invariants as sliceness obstructions and their relation to Casson–Gordon invariants
The unknotting number and classical invariants, I
The membership problem for 3-manifold groups is solvable
The L^2-Alexander torsion is symmetric
On high-dimensional representations of knot groups
Friedman, Greg
Triangulations of 3–dimensional pseudomanifolds with an application to state-sum invariants
Friedman, Michael
On non fundamental group equivalent surfaces
Frigerio, Roberto
On deformations of hyperbolic 3–manifolds with geodesic boundary
The simplicial volume of hyperbolic manifolds with geodesic boundary
Frohman, Charles
Shadow world evaluation of the Yang–Mills measure
The localized skein algebra is Frobenius
Fromm, Viktor
Homology of planar telescopic linkages
Fujiwara, Koji
A note on spaces of asymptotic dimension one
Parabolic isometries of CAT(0) spaces and CAT(0) dimensions
Simplicial volume and fillings of hyperbolic manifolds
The verbal width of acylindrically hyperbolic groups is infinite
Fullarton, Neil
A generating set for the palindromic Torelli group
Funar, Louis
Topological geodesics and virtual rigidity
Futer, David
Finite surgeries on three-tangle pretzel knots
Explicit angle structures for veering triangulations
Fiber detection for state surfaces
Essential surfaces in highly twisted link complements