Alloy: A Publishing Services Alliance

from Duke University Press, MSP, and Project Euclid

Duke Uni­versity Press, MSP, and Pro­ject Eu­c­lid are com­bin­ing our strengths to of­fer in­de­pend­ent non­profit pub­lish­ers un­rivaled journ­al-man­age­ment and pub­lish­ing ser­vices. With Al­loy, you can com­pete and thrive in this age of con­sol­id­a­tion, while keep­ing your iden­tity and in­de­pend­ence, and without be­ing ab­sorbed in­to a big com­mer­cial pub­lish­er’s port­fo­lio.

Al­loy was forged with two goals in mind: to of­fer journ­als the finest suite of non­profit pub­lish­ing ser­vices avail­able in the field, and to wel­come pub­lish­ers in­to a col­lab­or­a­tion that treats journ­als as true part­ners, not just as cli­ents or profit cen­ters.

Choose only the components you want, keep all the independence you need:

Sub­mis­sions and Journ­al Man­age­ment: Ed­it­Flow from MSP

  • a dir­ect and in­tu­it­ive web-based sub­mis­sion and peer re­view sys­tem;
  • favored by most math­em­at­ics ed­it­ors.

Pro­duc­tion: Type­set­ting and Copy­ed­it­ing from MSP

  • highest qual­ity of math­em­at­ic­ally lit­er­ate copy­ed­it­ing and type­set­ting;
  • care­fully trained pro­duc­tion ed­it­ors with gradu­ate de­grees.

Host­ing: On­line Pres­ence from Pro­ject Eu­c­lid

  • de­signed for math­em­aticians and stat­ist­i­cians;
  • fea­ture-rich di­git­al host­ing and dis­cov­ery ser­vices;
  • mul­tiple ac­cess mod­els;
  • all the tools and re­port­ing that lib­rar­ies de­mand.

Mar­ket­ing, Sales, and Cus­tom­er Re­la­tions from Duke Uni­versity Press

  • cus­tom­ized design and ef­fect­ive mar­ket­ing;
  • sales with in­ter­na­tion­al reach;
  • sub­scrip­tion ful­fill­ment with ex­cep­tion­ally high level of cus­tom­er ser­vice.
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Send us an email to be­gin ex­plor­ing how Al­loy can help your journ­al.

Featured partner publisher: Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium

The Rocky Moun­tain Math­em­at­ics Con­sor­ti­um is a non­profit or­gan­iz­a­tion pro­mot­ing re­search and edu­ca­tion in math­em­at­ics with­in the rocky moun­tain re­gion, and pub­lishes the Rocky Moun­tain Journ­al of Math­em­at­ics, the Journ­al of Com­mut­at­ive Al­gebra, and the Journ­al of In­teg­ral Equa­tions and Ap­plic­a­tions. The journ­als are hos­ted at Pro­ject Eu­c­lid, while MSP of­fers Ed­it­Flow and pre­par­es the journ­als’ web- and print-ready PD­Fs.

The Alloy Advantage

Al­loy is an ideal fit for you and your journ­al if:

  • you wish to con­cen­trate on great math­em­at­ics and not on type­set­ting art­icles, pre­par­ing metadata, or main­tain­ing sub­scriber lists;
  • you see the be­ne­fits of lar­ger-scale op­er­a­tions but wish to re­main the sole, in­de­pend­ent pub­lish­er;
  • you want to gain ef­fi­ciency and find new rev­en­ue streams;
  • you’re look­ing for a well-co­ordin­ated, one-stop shop cov­er­ing the com­plete pub­lic­a­tion pro­cess in one agree­ment;
  • you want to mix and match your sup­port ser­vices but don’t want to deal with too many vendors;
  • you value sus­tain­able pub­lish­ing prac­tices and want to col­lab­or­ate with like-minded part­ners.
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Send us an email to be­gin ex­plor­ing how Al­loy can help your journ­al.

“MSP was con­ceived as an al­tern­at­ive to the big, profit-driv­en pub­lish­ers. We are thrilled to join forces with Duke Uni­versity Press and Pro­ject Eu­c­lid in pur­suit of our goal to de­fend, ex­pand, and strengthen in­de­pend­ent sci­entif­ic pub­lish­ing.”

Rob Kirby
Founder and Pres­id­ent, MSP

“We are de­lighted to bring MSP in­to the long and very suc­cess­ful col­lab­or­a­tion between DUP and Pro­ject Eu­c­lid. They will bring to this part­ner­ship deep know­ledge of math­em­at­ics and the math com­munity, plus the very best peer-re­view sys­tem in ex­ist­ence for use with math-re­lated sub­ject mat­ter.”

Steve Cohn
Dir­ect­or, Duke Uni­versity Press

“Provid­ing pub­lish­ers with the host­ing ser­vices they need to be com­pet­it­ive and dis­cov­er­able has al­ways been at the core of Pro­ject Eu­c­lid’s mis­sion. With MSP and Duke Uni­versity Press, we have found like-minded part­ners who can of­fer pub­lish­ers truly ex­cel­lent solu­tions to the rest of the pub­lic­a­tion pro­cess.”

Leslie Eager
Dir­ect­or of Pub­lish­ing Ser­vices, Pro­ject Eu­c­lid