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This journal is the official publication of the Anti-Seismic System International Society (ASSISi), founded in 2001 to promote international cooperation among scientists and engineers in the field of seismic protection for new and existing structures. The association, through this journal, is devoted to the promotion and dissemination of innovative research on all aspects of engineering related to seismic and vibration protection technologies. The problems in this field, and their solutions, are international in character and the society in its scope and membership is a reflection of this.

Drawing on the areas of earthquake engineering, material science, and solid mechanics, the technology known as seismic isolation is experiencing considerable growth in world-wide applications. Based on the principle of structural response modification under the effects of earthquakes, ambient vibrations or wind, the technology utilizes a large spectrum of mechanical devices to introduce the required level of protection into the overall structural system.

The journal will stimulate the growth of this technology by presenting analytical, computational, and experimental results that facilitate the implementation of the existing techniques as well as assist the development of new systems and design approaches. It will include seismic code requirements for base isolation, supplemental energy dissipation, and active and semi-active structural control emphasizing seismic protection. The policy will be to maintain a balance between papers from researchers and from design engineers. Examples of documented implementation of the various types of protective systems will be encouraged.

Peer Review
Every paper submitted to JoMMS is subjected to stringent peer review by at least two reviewers.