Software Services

For Publishers, Editorial Boards and Societies

In pur­suit of ex­cel­lence and ef­fi­ciency in our pub­lish­ing, we have de­veloped high-qual­ity soft­ware to help us man­age and stream­line the ed­it­or­i­al and pro­duc­tion work­flows of our pub­lic­a­tions. MSP is of­fer­ing the res­ult­ing ap­plic­a­tions for li­cens­ing or hos­ted web ser­vices.


Software for Peer-Review Collaboration

Ed­it­Flow is a web ap­plic­a­tion sup­port­ing the peer-re­view work­flow of re­search journ­als. It auto­mates the routine as­pects of pub­lish­ing, of­fers a stream­lined and power­ful in­ter­face, and saves you time and en­ergy.

To learn more about Ed­it­Flow, click here.


Publish a Website Honoring your Peers

Pro­Cel­eb­ra­tio is the cus­tom con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem that un­der­pins our new web pub­lic­a­tion, Cel­eb­ra­tio Math­em­at­ica. It is uniquely suited for pub­lish­ing series of pro­files and guides to the lives and works of dis­tin­guished sci­ent­ists. It will soon be made avail­able for li­cens­ing or soft­ware-as-a-ser­vice. Even be­fore that, we will share the skills and ded­ic­a­tion of our staff to pub­lish and host in­de­pend­ent web pub­lic­a­tions of this type.

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