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A combinatorial identity for the p-binomial coefficient based on Abelian groups

Chudamani Pranesachar Anil Kumar

Effective simultaneous rational approximation to pairs of real quadratic numbers  [in In honor of Feldman]

Yann Bugeaud

Can polylogarithms at algebraic points be linearly independent?  [in In honor of Feldman]

Sinnou David, Noriko Hirata-Kohno, Makoto Kawashima

Algebraic integers close to the unit circle  [in In honor of Feldman]

Artūras Dubickas

Shattered matchings in intersecting hypergraphs

Péter Frankl, János Pach

On approximations of solutions of the equation P(z, ln z)=0 by algebraic numbers  [in In honor of Feldman]

Alexander Galochkin, Anastasia Godunova

Packing minima and lattice points in convex bodies

Martin Henk, Matthias Schymura, Fei Xue

Exact modularity of line graphs of complete graphs

Mikhail Ipatov

New lower bound on the modularity of Johnson graphs

Mikhail M. Koshelev

Dense subgraph of power-law random graph

Denis O. Lazarev, Nikolay N. Kuzyurin

Approximating π by numbers in the field Q( √ 3)  [in In honor of Feldman]

Mikhail Luchin, Vladislav Salikhov

Two integral transformations related to $\zeta(2)$  [in In honor of Feldman]

Raffaele Marcovecchio

Naum Ilyitch Feldman  [in In honor of Feldman]

Nikolay Moshchevitin

On transcendental entire functions with infinitely many derivatives taking integer values at several points  [in In honor of Feldman]

Michel Waldschmidt

The irrationality measure of $\pi$ is at most 7.103205334137...  [in In honor of Feldman]

Wadim Zudilin, Doron Zeilberger