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The Vietoris--Rips complexes of a circle

Michał Adamaszek, Henry Adams

Order on the homology groups of Smale spaces

Massoud Amini, Ian F. Putnam, Sarah Saeidi

C^1-umbilics with arbitrarily high indices

Naoya Ando, Toshifumi Fujiyama, Masaaki Umehara

Characterizations of immersed gradient almost Ricci solitons

Cícero P. Aquino, Henrique F. de Lima, José N. V. Gomes

Restricted Poisson algebras

Yan-Hong Bao, Yu Ye, James J. Zhang

Compact composition operators with non-linear symbols on the $H^2$ space of Dirichlet series

Frédéric Bayart, Ole Fredrik Brevig

Regular representations of completely bounded maps

B. V. Rajarama Bhat, Nirupama Mallick, K. Sumesh

Maximal operators for the p-Laplacian family

Pablo Blanc, Juan P. Pinasco, Julio D. Rossi

Well-posedness of second order degenerate differential equations with finite delay in vector-valued function spaces

Shangquan Bu, Gang Cai

van Est isomorphism for homogeneous cochains

Alejandro Cabrera, Thiago Drummond

Differential Harnack estimates for Fisher's equation

Xiaodong Cao, Bowei Liu, Ian Pendleton, Abigail Ward

The Ricci-Bourguignon flow

Giovanni Catino, Laura Cremaschi, Zindine Djadli, Carlo Mantegazza, Lorenzo Mazzieri

Weighted Sobolev regularity of the Bergman projection on the Hartogs triangle

Liwei Chen

Remarks on GJMS operator of order six

Xuezhang Chen, Fei Hou

A direct method of moving planes for the system of the fractional Laplacian

Chunxia Cheng, Zhongxue Lü, Yingshu Lü

On the asymptotic behavior of Bergman kernels for positive line bundles

Tien-Cuong Dinh, Xiaonan Ma, Viet-Anh Nguyen

Molino theory for matchbox manifolds

Jessica Dyer, Steven Edmond Hurder, Olga Lukina

On cusp solutions to a prescribed mean curvature equation

Alexandra K. Echart, Kirk E. Lancaster

Radial limits of capillary surfaces at corners

Mozhgan Entekhabi, Kirk E. Lancaster

Tunnel number one knots and meridional tori

Mario Eudave-Muñoz, Grissel Santiago-González

A new bicommutant theorem

Ilijas Farah

The normal form theorem around Poisson transversals

Pedro Frejlich, Ioan Mărcuţ

Rost invariant of the center, revisited

Skip Garibaldi, Alexander Merkurjev

A tale of two Liouville closures

Allen Gehret

Cyclic pursuit on compact manifolds

Dmitri Gekhtman

Braid groups and quiver mutation

Joseph Grant, Robert J. Marsh

On Bisectional Negatively Curved Compact K\"ahler-Einstein Surfaces

Daniel Guan

Noncompact manifolds that are inward tame

Craig Guilbault, Frederick C. Tinsley

p-adic variation of unit root L-functions

Charles Douglas Haessig, Steven Sperber

Some closure results for C-approximable groups

Derek F. Holt, Sarah Rees

Liouville theorems for $f$-harmonic maps into Hadamard spaces

Bobo Hua, Shiping Liu, Chao Xia

Effective lower bounds for $L(1,\chi)$ via Eisenstein series

Peter Humphries

Ball convex bodies in Minkowski spaces

Thomas Jahn, Horst Martini, Christian Richter

Asymptotic order-of-vanishing functions on the pseudoeffective cone

Shin-Yao Jow

Bavard's duality theorem on conjugation-invariant norms

Morimichi Kawasaki

Coman conjecture for the bidisc

Lukasz Kosinski, Pascal J. Thomas, Wlodzimierz Zwonek

Endo-trivial modules: a reduction to p'-central extensions

Caroline Lassueur, Jacques Thévenaz

Fundamental domains of arithmetic quotients of reductive groups over number fields (with appendix by Takao Watanabe)

Lee Tim Weng, Takao Watanabe

Bordered Floer homology of (2,2n)-torus link complement

Jaepil Lee

Criticality of the axially symmetric Navier-Stokes equations

Zhen Lei, Qi S. Zhang

Augmentations and rulings of Legendrian links in $\#^k(S^1\times S^2)$

Caitlin Leverson

Parabolic minimal surfaces in $\mathbb{M}^{2}\times\mathbb{R}$

Vanderson Lima

Infinitely many positive solutions for the fractional Schrödinger-Poisson system

Weiming Liu

Local constancy of dimension of slope subspaces of automorphic forms

Joachim Mahnkopf

Weakening idempotency in K-theory

Vladimir Manuilov

Regularity conditions for the suitable weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes system from its rotation form

Changxing Miao, Yanqing Wang

The Faber-Krahn inequality for the first eigenvalue of the fractional Dirichlet $p$-Laplacian for triangles and quadrilaterals

Franco Olivares Contador

Exact Lagrangian fillings of Legendrian $(2,n)$ torus links

Yu Pan

The growth and distortion theorems for slice monogenic functions

Guangbin Ren, Xieping Wang

On the cohomology ring of Grassmann manifolds

Rustam Sadykov

Topological invariance of quantum quaternion spheres

Bipul Saurabh

Approximation to an extremal number, its square and its cube

Johannes Schleischitz

Regularity of analytic torsion form on families of normal coverings

Bing Kwan So, GuangXiang Su

Remarks on metaplectic tensor products for covers of GL(r)

Shuichiro Takeda

Projections in the curve complex arising from covering maps

Robert Tang

Cluster tilting modules and noncommutative projective schemes

Kenta Ueyama

Convexity of the entropy of positive solutions to the heat equation on quaternionic contact and CR manifolds

Dimiter Vassilev

A Gaussian upper bound of the conjugate heat equation along Ricci-harmonic flow

Kui Wang, Xian-Gao Liu

On relative rational chain connectedness of threefolds with anti-big canonical divisors in positive characteristics

Yuan Wang

Gap theorems for complete $\lambda$-hypersurfaces

Huijuan Wang, Hongwei Xu, Entao Zhao

Length-preserving evolution of immersed closed curves and the isoperimetric inequality

Xiao-Liu Wang, Hui-Ling Li, Xiao-Li Chao

Concentration for a bi-harmonic Schrödinger equation

Dong Wang

Global smooth solutions for exponential wave maps in FLRW spacetimes

Changhua Wei, Ning-An Lai

On handlebody structures of rational balls

Luke Williams

On certain Fourier coefficients of Eisenstein series on $G_2$

Wei Xiong

Geometric properties of level curves of harmonic functions and minimal graphs in 2-dimensional space forms

Jinju Xu, Wei Zhang

Bach-flat $h$-almost gradient Ricci solitons

Gabjin Yun, Jinseok Co, Seungsu Hwang

An orthogonality relation for spherical characters of supercuspidal representations

Chong Zhang

A sharp height estimate for the spacelike constant mean curvature graph in the Lorentz-Minkowski space

Jingyong Zhu

Eigenvalue resolution of self-adjoint matrices

Xuwen Zhu