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The  MSP on Euclid  Package  NEW

MSP, Pro­ject Eu­c­lid, and Duke Uni­versity Press have partnered to of­fer MSP on Eu­c­lid, a col­lec­tion of the same sev­en journ­als pub­lished and sold as the “MSP Pack­age” by MSP, but now en­hanced by the func­tion­al­ity of the Pro­ject Eu­c­lid plat­form. The MSP on Eu­c­lid part­ner­ship brings to­geth­er

  • MSP’s high-qual­ity, peer-re­viewed journ­als;
  • Duke Uni­versity Press’s in­sti­tu­tion­al sales and cus­tom­er sup­port; and
  • Pro­ject Eu­c­lid’s rich host­ing en­vir­on­ment and func­tion­al­ity, in­clud­ing COUNTER us­age stat­ist­ics.

MSP on Eu­c­lid is an al­tern­at­ive way of pur­chas­ing and ac­cess­ing this elec­tron­ic col­lec­tion of MSP titles, and is avail­able through our part­ners here.

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The EMS+MSP Joint Package

The European Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety Pub­lish­ing House and MSP are of­fer­ing the EMS+MSP Joint Pack­age — a bundle com­bin­ing, at a nice dis­count, elec­tron­ic ac­cess to all journ­als from the MSP Pack­age (above) and all the EMS journ­als (lis­ted here), ex­clud­ing the EMS’s Al­geb­ra­ic Geo­metry and the EMS News­let­ter (freely avail­able on­line).

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Innovations in Incidence Geometry — Algebraic, Topological and Combinatorial COMING SOON


In­nov­a­tions in In­cid­ence Geo­metry pub­lishes care­fully se­lec­ted and peer-re­viewed ori­gin­al re­search pa­pers of the highest qual­ity about all as­pects of in­cid­ence geo­metry. These in­clude

  • com­pu­ta­tion­al geo­metry,
  • fi­nite al­geb­ra­ic geo­metry,
  • fi­nite and com­bin­at­or­i­al geo­metry,
  • Galois geo­metry,
  • gen­er­al­ized poly­gons and oth­er rank-2 geo­met­ries,
  • geo­metry of groups,
  • in­cid­ence geo­met­ric as­pects of al­geb­ra­ic com­bin­at­or­ics,
  • pro­ject­ive and af­fine planes,
  • Tits-build­ings and dia­gram geo­met­ries,
  • to­po­lo­gic­al geo­metry.

IIG was first pub­lished at Ghent Uni­versity in 2005. MSP star­ted pub­lish­ing it in 2018.

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Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory COMING SOON

founded and published with the scientific support and advice of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Mo­scow Journ­al of Com­bin­at­or­ics and Num­ber The­ory pub­lishes ori­gin­al, high-qual­ity re­search art­icles from a broad range of in­terests with­in com­bin­at­or­ics, num­ber the­ory and al­lied areas.

MJCNT was first pub­lished in 2011 by the Mo­scow In­sti­tute of Phys­ics and Tech­no­logy. MSP star­ted pub­lish­ing it in 2018.

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Tunisian Journal of Mathematics COMING SOON


The Tunisi­an Journ­al of Math­em­at­ics (TJM) is an in­ter­na­tion­al pub­lic­a­tion or­gan­ized by the Tunisi­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety and pub­lished in elec­tron­ic and print formats by MSP in Berke­ley. It pub­lishes re­search art­icles in all areas of math­em­at­ics. These will be se­lec­ted by a dis­tin­guished, in­ter­na­tion­al board of ed­it­ors based on out­stand­ing qual­ity and in­terest, and ac­cord­ing to the highest in­ter­na­tion­al stand­ards.

The pur­pose of TJM is the ad­vance­ment of math­em­at­ics. Ed­it­ors eval­u­ate sub­mit­ted pa­pers strictly on the basis of sci­entif­ic mer­it. All art­icles sub­mit­ted to this journ­al are peer-re­viewed. The TJM uses a single-blind peer-re­view pro­cess, which means that the re­view­ers know who the au­thors of the manuscript are, but the au­thors do not know who the peer re­view­ers are.

The Afric­an con­tin­ent is in­creas­ingly in­ter­ested in sci­entif­ic de­vel­op­ment, par­tic­u­larly in math­em­at­ics. The Tunisi­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety was foun­ded in 1992 and is a per­man­ent in­sti­tu­tion­al mem­ber of the In­ter­na­tion­al Math­em­at­ic­al Uni­on. It plays a ma­jor role in stim­u­lat­ing and sus­tain­ing high-level math­em­at­ic­al re­search in Tunisia and its sur­round­ing re­gion. With the launch of this journ­al, the Tunisi­an Math­em­at­ic­al So­ci­ety con­trib­utes to the de­vel­op­ment in Africa of sci­entif­ic re­search meet­ing high in­ter­na­tion­al stand­ards.

The TJM ed­it­or­i­al board in­vites math­em­aticians from all over the world to take part in this stim­u­lat­ing pro­ject by sub­mit­ting high-level re­search art­icles.

The first TJM art­icles will be pub­lished in mid-2018 (with a 2019 cov­er date) and will be free to read un­til the end of the year. Sub­scrip­tions to TJM will be sold be­gin­ning with 2019.

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Algebra & Number Theory


ANT’s broad defin­i­tion of al­gebra and num­ber the­ory al­lows it to print high-qual­ity re­search cov­er­ing a wide range of sub­top­ics, in­clud­ing al­geb­ra­ic and arith­met­ic geo­metry. ANT pub­lishes high-qual­ity art­icles of in­terest to a broad read­er­ship, at a level sur­pass­ing all but the top four or five math­em­at­ics journ­als.

ANT pub­lishes 10 is­sues per year, for an ex­pec­ted total of about 2,500 pages. The num­ber of qual­ity pa­pers ac­cep­ted by ANT has grown, but an elec­tron­ic sub­scrip­tion still costs about 11¢ per page.

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Algebraic & Geometric Topology


AGT pub­lishes pa­pers in all areas of al­geb­ra­ic and geo­met­ric to­po­logy. Foun­ded in 2001, AGT is now a prom­in­ent journ­al in its field, its high stand­ards and rig­or­ous ed­it­or­i­al pro­cess at­tract­ing an ever-in­creas­ing num­ber of ex­cel­lent sub­mis­sions. AGT has an im­pact factor reg­u­larly pla­cing in the top third of all journ­als.

AGT pub­lishes 7 is­sues per year, for an ex­pec­ted total of about 4,375 pages. An elec­tron­ic sub­scrip­tion costs about 10¢ per page.

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Analysis & PDE


Foun­ded six years ago, AP­DE aims to be the lead­ing spe­cial­ized schol­arly pub­lic­a­tion in math­em­at­ic­al ana­lys­is. The full ed­it­or­i­al board votes on all art­icles, ac­count­ing for the journ­al’s ex­cep­tion­ally high stand­ard and en­sur­ing its broad pro­file.

AP­DE pub­lishes 8 is­sues per year, for a total of about 2,050 pages. The num­ber of qual­ity pa­pers ac­cep­ted by AP­DE has grown, but an elec­tron­ic sub­scrip­tion still costs about 11¢ per page.

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Annals of K-Theory NEW


The An­nals of K-The­ory wel­comes ex­cel­lent re­search pa­pers in all areas of K-the­ory in its many forms. These may in­clude either fun­da­ment­al de­vel­op­ments in the core tech­niques and ideas, or else ap­plic­a­tions to oth­er sub­jects. K-the­ory ori­gin­ated in Grothen­dieck’s in­sight that geo­met­ric phe­nom­ena can be stud­ied via as­so­ci­ated cat­egor­ies and their in­vari­ants. Since then, K-the­ory has branched out in many dir­ec­tions, and in­ter­acts with a large as­sort­ment of fields, in­clud­ing al­geb­ra­ic geo­metry, the the­ory of motives, dif­fer­en­tial geo­metry, non­com­mut­at­ive geo­metry, ho­mo­topy the­ory, high­er cat­egory the­ory, and many oth­er areas of al­gebra, to­po­logy, geo­metry and ana­lys­is.

In­ten­ded to be the premi­er journ­al in K-the­ory and re­lated areas, AKT is led by a pres­ti­gi­ous ed­it­or­i­al board, mainly former mem­bers of the board of the Journ­al of K-The­ory. It is owned by the K-The­ory Found­a­tion and pub­lished by MSP.

AKT pub­lishes 4 is­sues per year, and aims to even­tu­ally reach 1,000 pages per year.

The K-The­ory Found­a­tion ac­know­ledges the pre­cious sup­port of Found­a­tion Com­posi­tio Math­em­at­ica, whose help has been in­stru­ment­al in the launch of the An­nals of K-The­ory.

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Annals of Mathematics

The premier mathematics research journal

An­nals is com­mit­ted to its role as the premi­er pure-math­em­at­ics re­search journ­al, and to pub­lish­ing at the low­est eco­nom­ic­ally pos­sible price. An­nals has pub­lished the proof of Fer­mat’s Last The­or­em, the the­or­et­ic­al part of a proof of Kepler’s Sphere-Pack­ing Con­jec­ture, and a proof that one can test prim­al­ity in poly­no­mi­al time.

An­nals pub­lishes 6 is­sues per year, for an ex­pec­ted total of more than 2,400 pages. Per page, it is the least ex­pens­ive of all top journ­als (in­deed, lead­ing so­ci­ety journ­als are 50% more ex­pens­ive, lead­ing uni­versity-press journ­als are at least 3 times more ex­pens­ive, and lead­ing com­mer­cial journ­als are 3 to 10 times more ex­pens­ive).

An­nals is a pub­lic­a­tion of the De­part­ment of Math­em­at­ics at Prin­ceton Uni­versity with the co­oper­a­tion of the In­sti­tute for Ad­vanced Study.

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Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science


CAM­CoS ac­cepts in­nov­at­ive pa­pers in all areas where math­em­at­ics and ap­plic­a­tions in­ter­act. In par­tic­u­lar, the journ­al wel­comes pa­pers where an idea is fol­lowed from be­gin­ning to end — from an ab­stract be­gin­ning to a piece of soft­ware, or from a com­pu­ta­tion­al ob­ser­va­tion to a math­em­at­ic­al the­ory.

CAM­CoS pub­lishes two is­sues per year, for an ex­pec­ted total of at least 200 pages.

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Geometry & Topology


Pub­lished since 1997, GT is the lead­ing journ­al in its field, pub­lish­ing more of the best pa­pers in geo­metry and to­po­logy than any oth­er journ­al. GT en­sures high qual­ity by re­quir­ing that three board ed­it­ors stand per­son­ally be­hind every ac­cep­ted pa­per, the pro­poser and two second­ers.

GT pub­lishes 7 is­sues per year, for an ex­pec­ted total of about 4,375 pages.

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Involve, a Journal of Mathematics

Involve your students in research

In­volve show­cases and en­cour­ages high-qual­ity math­em­at­ic­al re­search in­volving stu­dents from all aca­dem­ic levels. The ed­it­or­i­al board con­sists of math­em­at­ic­al sci­ent­ists com­mit­ted to nur­tur­ing stu­dent par­ti­cip­a­tion in re­search.

Sub­mis­sions in all math­em­at­ic­al areas are en­cour­aged. All manuscripts ac­cep­ted for pub­lic­a­tion in In­volve are con­sidered pub­lish­able in qual­ity journ­als in their re­spect­ive fields, and in­clude a min­im­um of one-third stu­dent au­thor­ship. Sub­mis­sions should in­clude sub­stan­tial fac­ulty in­put; fac­ulty co-au­thor­ship is en­cour­aged.

Bridging the gap between the ex­tremes of purely un­der­gradu­ate-re­search journ­als and main­stream re­search journ­als, In­volve provides a ven­ue to math­em­aticians wish­ing to en­cour­age the cre­at­ive in­volve­ment of stu­dents. In­volve is a great re­source for in­spir­ing math­em­at­ic­al ex­plor­a­tion in a new gen­er­a­tion, and an op­por­tun­ity for stu­dents who are ser­i­ous about their re­search.

In­volve pub­lishes 5 is­sues per year, for an ex­pec­ted total of about 900 pages.

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Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures


JoMMS pub­lishes in­nov­at­ive re­search in the mech­an­ics of ma­ter­i­als and de­form­able struc­tures, a field that is ex­per­i­en­cing con­sid­er­able growth in new dir­ec­tions. JoMMS cov­ers the de­vel­op­ment of new tech­no­lo­gies, which re­quire mul­tidiscip­lin­ary sim­u­la­tion and draw from all areas of en­gin­eer­ing, ma­ter­i­als, and bio­logy.

Foun­ded by Charles R. Steele and Mar­ie-Louise Steele, JoMMS has had in mind from the be­gin­ning the needs of the aca­dem­ic and en­gin­eer­ing com­munit­ies it serves. Thor­ough ref­er­ee­ing en­sures high stand­ards, and skilled edit­ing after ac­cept­ance helps com­mu­nic­a­tion by non-nat­ive Eng­lish speak­ers — a ser­vice that most pub­lish­ers have dis­con­tin­ued. There are no page charges and no charges for col­or fig­ures or sup­ple­ment­ary ma­ter­i­als, such as in­cluded an­im­a­tions or data sets.

JoMMS pub­lishes 5 is­sues per year, for an ex­pec­ted total of about 600 pages.

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Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry


JSAG is an elec­tron­ic-only journ­al de­voted to short art­icles on soft­ware re­lated to re­search in al­gebra and geo­metry. Each short art­icle (typ­ic­ally not to ex­ceed five prin­ted pages, in­clud­ing ref­er­ences) will be ac­com­pan­ied by the ap­pro­pri­ate source code. The aim is to pro­mote the de­vel­op­ment of good code and free soft­ware for the math­em­at­ic­al re­search com­munity. Based on peer-re­view re­ports and tech­nic­al re­ports, the art­icles are ac­cep­ted or re­jec­ted by the ed­it­or­i­al board through a pro­cess of on­line dis­cus­sion and con­sensus. JSAG was first pub­lished in 2009, and MSP star­ted pro­du­cing it in 2014.

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Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems


MEMOCS is a free and open-ac­cess, no-au­thor-fee, peer-re­viewed journ­al.

MEMOCS is a pub­lic­a­tion of the In­ter­na­tion­al Re­search Cen­ter for the Math­em­at­ics and Mech­an­ics of Com­plex Sys­tems at the Uni­versità dell’Aquila (Italy). It pub­lishes art­icles from di­verse sci­entif­ic fields with a spe­cif­ic em­phas­is on mech­an­ics. Art­icles must rely on the ap­plic­a­tion or de­vel­op­ment of rig­or­ous math­em­at­ic­al meth­ods.

The journ­al in­tends to foster a mul­tidiscip­lin­ary ap­proach to know­ledge firmly based on math­em­at­ic­al found­a­tions. It will serve as a for­um where sci­ent­ists from dif­fer­ent dis­cip­lines meet to share a com­mon, ra­tion­al vis­ion of sci­ence and tech­no­logy. It in­tends to sup­port and di­vulge re­search whose primary goal is to de­vel­op math­em­at­ic­al meth­ods and tools for the study of com­plex­ity.

The journ­al will also foster and pub­lish ori­gin­al re­search in re­lated areas of math­em­at­ics of proven ap­plic­ab­il­ity, such as vari­ation­al meth­ods, nu­mer­ic­al meth­ods, and op­tim­iz­a­tion tech­niques. Be­sides their in­trins­ic in­terest, such treat­ments can be­come heur­ist­ic and epi­stem­o­lo­gic­al tools for fur­ther in­vest­ig­a­tions, and provide meth­ods for de­riv­ing pre­dic­tions from pos­tu­lated the­or­ies. Pa­pers fo­cus­ing on and cla­ri­fy­ing as­pects of the his­tory of math­em­at­ics and sci­ence are also wel­come. All meth­od­o­lo­gies and points of view, if rig­or­ously ap­plied, will be con­sidered.

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Pacific Journal of Mathematics


Foun­ded in 1951, PJM has pub­lished math­em­at­ics re­search for more than 60 years. PJM is run by math­em­aticians from the Pa­cific Rim. PJM aims to pub­lish high-qual­ity art­icles in all branches of math­em­at­ics, at low cost to lib­rar­ies and in­di­vidu­als. The Pa­cific Journ­al of Math­em­at­ics is in­cor­por­ated as a 501(c)(3) Cali­for­nia non­profit.

PJM pub­lishes 12 is­sues per year, for a total of al­most 3,100 pages.

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Regional Marketing Agents

For sub­scrip­tions from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ma­cau, and In­dia to journ­als owned by MSP (namely Al­geb­ra­ic & Geo­met­ric To­po­logy, Al­gebra & Num­ber The­ory, Ana­lys­is & PDE, Com­mu­nic­a­tions in Ap­plied Math­em­at­ics and Com­pu­ta­tion­al Sci­ence, Geo­metry & To­po­logy, In­volve or Journ­al of Mech­an­ics of Ma­ter­i­als and Struc­tures) or to the An­nals of K-The­ory or the Pa­cific Journ­al of Math­em­at­ics, please do not con­tact MSP dir­ectly, but rather the ex­clus­ive agents lis­ted on this page.

For the An­nals of Math­em­at­ics, or sub­scrip­tions from coun­tries oth­er than the ones lis­ted above, please con­tact only MSP dir­ectly.

The Fine Print

Elec­tron­ic ac­cess to past is­sues of a journ­al is in­cluded with every sub­scrip­tion to that journ­al, as long as a sub­scrip­tion is main­tained. Per­petu­al ac­cess is avail­able through the Glob­al LOCKSS Net­work. We do not of­fer print-only sub­scrip­tions, only elec­tron­ic and elec­tron­ic+print. Sub­scrip­tions are offered for the cal­en­dar year only. Elec­tron­ic ac­cess al­lowed based on sub­mit­ted IP-ad­dress range. Sep­ar­ate cam­puses of an in­sti­tu­tion that are not with­in the same city or geo­graph­ic­ally close must be covered by sep­ar­ate sub­scrip­tions, or might be eli­gible for con­sor­ti­um pri­cing, at MSP’s dis­cre­tion.

All art­icles pub­lished by MSP be­come open ac­cess after five years past pub­lic­a­tion (mean­ing on the fifth Janu­ary 1st after the pub­lic­a­tion date). The An­nals of Math­em­at­ics, while not pub­lished by MSP, also be­comes open ac­cess after five years. Fi­nally, MEMOCS and JSAG are dia­mond open ac­cess pub­lic­a­tions (free to read, free to pub­lish).

MSP is a mem­ber of both CLOCKSS and LOCKSS.