Volume 13 Number 1
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ISSN: 1559-3959
Journal of Mechanics
of Materials and Structures
Founded by Charles R. Steele
Marie-Louise Steele
Board of Editors
Adair R. Aguiar

University of São Paulo at São Carlos, Brazil

continuum mechanics, elasticity, biomechanics, computational mechanics, large deformations, material modeling, wave propagation, homogenization, stability

Katia Bertoldi

Harvard University, USA

elasticity, structural stability, material and geometric nonlinearities, metamaterials

Davide Bigoni

University of Trento, Italy

plasticity, shear bands, stability, fracture, nonlinear elasticity, elastica, metamaterials, ceramics, homogenization, bifurcation

Maenghyo Cho

Seoul National University, Korea

multiscale mechanics, molecular dynamics, mechanics of composite materials, plates and shells

Yibin Fu

Keele University, UK

elastic waves, stability, bifurcation, pre-stressed elastic solids and structures

Iwona Jasiuk

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

modeling and characterization of composite materials; biological materials and biomechanics; nanocomposites

Dennis M. Kochmann

ETH Zurich

computational mechanics, continuum mechanics, material modeling, inelasticity, multiscale modeling, instability

Mitsutoshi Kuroda

Yamagata University, Japan


C. W. Lim

City University of Hong Kong

symplectic elasticity, vibration, theory of plates and shells, structural dynamics, smart materials, nanomechanics and hydrodynamic stability

Zishun Liu

International Center for Applied Mechanics, Shaanxi, China

mechanics of soft materials, nanomechanics

Thomas J. Pence

Michigan State University, USA

large deformations, elastomers, crystallographic phase transformation, shape memory, buckling, composite materials, thin films, biological tissue mechanics, nonlinear wave propagation

Gianni Royer-Carfagni

Università degli studi di Parma, Italy

nonlinear elasticity, quasi-brittle materials, metal plasticity, structural optimization, glass structures

David J. Steigmann

University of California at Berkeley, USA

continuum mechanics and electrodynamics, shell theory, finite elasticity, lipid membranes

Paul Steinmann

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

nonlinear continuum multiphysics, computational methods, multiscale modelling

Kenjiro Terada

Tohoku University, Japan

multiscale modeling and analysis for heterogeneous materials, modeling of materials, analysis failure, methods discretization, topology optimization

Editorial Advisors
J. P. Carter University of Newcastle, Australia
D. H. Hodges Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
J. Hutchinson Harvard University, USA
D. Pamplona Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
M. B. Rubin Technion, Haifa, Israel

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