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Dynamic facture behavior in functionally graded piezoelectric bi-materials with interfacial cracks emanating from a circular cavity

Ni An, Ming Zhao, Tianshu Song, Haizhu Pan

Estimations of mechanical properties of copper powder filled with linear low density polyethylene composites

R. S. Bhoopal, Sukhmander Singh, Gurupal Kumar, Adriaan S. Luyt

Friction and thermal convection in rapid 3D sliding contact

L. M. Brock

Illustration of Thermal Convection Effect for 3D Crack Extension: Transversely Isotropic Thermoelastic Solid

L. M. Brock

A new meshless Fragile Points Method (FPM) with minimum unknowns at each point, for flexoelectric analysis under two theories with crack propagation. Part I: Theory and implementation

Yue Guan, Leiting Dong, Satya N. Atluri

A new meshless Fragile Points Method (FPM) with minimum unknowns at each point, for flexoelectric analysis under two theories with crack propagation. Part II: Validation and discussion

Yue Guan, Leiting Dong, Satya N. Atluri

Numerical study of the Gurtin-Murdoch model for curved interfaces: Benchmark solutions and analysis of curvature-related effects

Zhilin Han, Sofia G. Mogilevskaya, Yongcheng Liang, Chang Zheng Cheng, Zhongrong Niu

The effect of fractional viscoelastic supports on the response of a flexible rotor based on H∞ and H2 optimization methods

Hamidreza R. Heidari, Habib Ramezannejad, Pedram Safarpour

Shear vertical waves in laminated coupled electro-mechanics materials with imperfect contact conditions at the interfaces

Joanka Hernández Cabanas, José A. Otero, Guillermo Monsivais, Reinaldo Rodríguez-Ramos, Catalina Stern

Seismic performance of concrete-filled steel tube devices for precast concrete beam-column connections

Wei Huang, Gaoxing Hu, Xinwei Miao, Xinyi Liu, Haiqiao Xie

On vibration of bi-directional tapered triangular plate under the effect of thermal gradient

Narinder Kaur, Anupam Khanna

The corner element in classical elasticity and Cosserat elasticity

R. S. Lakes

Mechanical properties of nano-cracks in hybrid graphene/hexagonal boron nitride sheets

Nan Li, Ning Ding, Ting Jiang, Long Liu, Fahmi Zaïri

Axisymmetric vibration analysis of graded porous Mindlin circular plates subjected to thermal environment

Qinglu Li, Xin Yan, Jing-Hua Zhang

A finite difference formulation based on a complementary strain energy variational principle for the stress analyses in FRP flexural-strengthened beams

Phe Van Pham, Xuan Huy Nguyen

Adhesive and viscoelastic response of MWCNT/ZrO2 hybrid epoxy nanocomposites

Ankit Rathi, Shailesh I. Kundalwal, Shankar Singh, Arun Kumar

Stretching of chiral tubes obtained by rolling-up plates of cubic crystals with various orientations

Mikhail A. Volkov, Valentin A. Gorodtsov, Egor P. Fadeev, Dmitry S. Lisovenko

Analysis on the interfacial mechanics of mirco-scratching test for DLC-G95Cr18 film-substrate system

Lixia Ying, Chongyang Nie, Jianjun Yao, Le Gu, Yang Ge, Lining Liu

A level-set viscoelastic constitutive model for multi-shape memory polymer and its composite

Fei Zhao, Shichen Zhou, Bo Zhou, Shifeng Xue