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Case study of the Bövik-Benveniste methodology for imperfect interface modeling of two-dimensional elasticity problems with thin layers

Svetlana Baranova, Sofia G. Mogilevskaya

On the effectiveness of convolutive type variational principles in the numerical solution of viscoelastic problems

Angelo Carini, Francesca Levi, Francesco Genna

Experimental study on biaxial low-cycle fatigue crack propagation of hull inclined-crackplate based on CTOD

Junlin Deng, Wenling Tu, Qin Dong, Dawei Dong, Shenglin Qiu

Study of thermal shock cracking in thin plate specimens using a gradient damage model

Marwa Dhahri, Radhi Abdelmoula, Jia Li, Yamen Maalej

The interpolating element-free Galerkin method for the variational-hemivariational inequality of the frictionless elastic contact problem with normal compliance and unilateral constraint

Rui Ding, Quan Shen, Xiaoyue Lu

On perfectly matched layers of nonlocal wave equations in unbounded multi-scale media

Yu Du, Jiwei Zhang

Analysis of multiple plastic stress singularities for anti-plane V-notches in hardening materials by using interpolating matrix method

Renyu Ge, Zongjun Hu

Numerical analysis of the mechanical behavior of CPAP masks: effects of modelling the soft tissues

Francesco Genna

An interface crack in piezoelectric bimaterial with an electrically conductive and two electrically permeable zones at its faces

Volodymyr Govorukha, Marc Kamlah, Shuo Zhao

Diffraction of SV waves by a surface effective elliptic cavity

Hongjun Han, Liyuan Wang

In-situ monitoring of solid propellants under compressive load by MWCNT piezoresistive sensor

Wenlong Hu, Fangxin Wang, Bin Yang, Guang Xian, Yun Wan

Comparison of different methods for estimating the notch stress intensities at sharp V-notches

Mirzaul Karim Hussain, Kondepudi Murthy

A new approach for rubber numerical modeling under biaxial testing conditions thorough finite element simulation

Debora Francisco Lalo, Marcelo Greco

A Hermite interpolation element-free Galerkin method for elasticity problems

Xiao Ma, Bo Zhou, Shifeng Xue

A new element-free Galerkin method for 3D elasticity problems

Zhijuan Meng, Yanan Fang, Xiaofei Chi, Lidong Ma

Vibration Reduction of Low Frequency of Phononic-Like Crystal Structures for Subway

Linchang Miao, Lijian Lei, Chao Li, Junjie Wang, Zhendong Qian

Unified original and iteration minimum energy bounds on longitudinal-transverse elastic constants of transversely-isotropic unidirectional composites

Duc-Chinh Pham

Optimal synthesis of an adjustable six-bar path generator mechanism using cuckoo optimization algorithm

Arash Reza, Morteza Moslehi

Dynamic response of stiffened plates under moving loads and masses

Prakash Sahoo, Manoranjan Barik

Particle swarm optimization for curved beams in multistable structures

Sheng Sang, Ziping Wang, Jiadi Fan

Physics-based constitutive equation for thermo-chemical aging in elastomers based on crosslink density evolution

Maryam Shakiba, Aimane Najmeddine

Nonlinear vibration of functionally graded circular nano-plate based on the stress-driven method

Mohammad Shishesaz, Mojtaba Shariati, Reza Mosalmani

Buckling of simply supported-clamped functionally graded material column: New closed-form solutions

Kristopher Stewart, Isaac Elishakoff

A novel mass spring model for simulating deformable objects

Pradeepkumar Suryawanshi, Abhishek Gupta

Comparison of multiple surrogate models probing uncertainty in natural frequency of hybrid functionally graded sandwich cylindrical shells

Vaishali, Pradeep K. Karsh, Sudip Dey

Design strategies for a multi-material Hopkinson bar that provides a specific spectral character loading

Suhas Vidhate, Atacan Yucesoy, Thomas James Pence, Adam M. Willis, Ricardo Mejia-Alvarez

The net interaction force between two skew dislocations in an anisotropic quasicrystalline space or half-space

Xu Wang, Peter Schiavone

A three-phase anisotropic elastic elliptical inhomogeneity with internal linear stress and strain distributions

Xu Wang, Peter Schiavone

An anisotropic elastic inhomogeneous elliptical inclusion

Xu Wang, Peter Schiavone

Phase field simulation of the inclusion instability and splitting processes in interconnects due to interface diffusion induced by electromigration

Linyong Zhou, Peizhen Huang, Jiaming Zhang

Investigation of stress-strain state of incompressible elliptic cylinder with hole

Natela Zirakashvili