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Numerical simulation of frozen soil under uniaxial and coupled dynamic–static impact loads

Zhanfan Chunyu, Zhiwu Zhu, Weiran Tang, Fulai Zhang, Tiantian Fu

Determining bending behavior of St-37 rectangular tubes with finite element validation

Emre Esener

Cosserat elasticity of octet truss titanium alloy lattices

Karan Goyal, Zach Rueger, Evan Davis, Roderic S. Lakes

Diffraction of SV waves by a surface effective elliptic cavity

Hongjun Han, Liyuan Wang

In-situ monitoring of solid propellants under compressive load by MWCNT piezoresistive sensor

Wenlong Hu, Fangxin Wang, Bin Yang, Guang Xian, Yun Wan

Comparison of different methods for estimating the notch stress intensities at sharp V-notches

Mirzaul Karim Hussain, Kondepudi Murthy

A Hermite interpolation element-free Galerkin method for elasticity problems

Xiao Ma, Bo Zhou, Shifeng Xue

Comparative Study of Graded Honeycombs With Various Cellular Structures Under Impacting Load

Jianwei Ren, Jun Hu, Aiguo Wang

A summary of boundary conditions to govern web lateral movement in roll-to-roll process machines

Yao Ren, Jinxin Shi, Sheng Pan, James Good

Optimal synthesis of an adjustable six-bar path generator mechanism using cuckoo optimization algorithm

Arash Reza, Morteza Moslehi

Dynamic response of stiffened plates under moving loads and masses

Prakash Sahoo, Manoranjan Barik

Buckling of simply supported-clamped functionally graded material column: New closed-form solutions

Kristopher Stewart, Isaac Elishakoff

Comparison of multiple surrogate models probing uncertainty in natural frequency of hybrid functionally graded sandwich cylindrical shells

Vaishali Vaishali, Pradeep K. Karsh, Sudip Dey

The net interaction force between two skew dislocations in an anisotropic quasicrystalline space or half-space

Xu Wang, Peter Schiavone

Equivalent mechanical properties of additively manufactured octagonal honeycombs: Theoretical and experimental analysis

Sen Zhang, Shuheng Wang, Jiaxin Cai, Yongbin Ma, Zichen Deng

A continuous stiffness approach for modeling edge-cracked beams with different cross-sections based on energy theory

Xingkun Zhou, Yuqing Sun, Wenhua Li