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Linearized ordinary state-based peridynamic micromechanics of composites

Valeriy A. Buryachenko

Pull-in instability of multilayered quasicrystal cantilever nanoactuator with bonding imperfections based on nonlocal theory

Yunzhi Huang, Huayong Zheng, Xiuhua Chen, Miaolin Feng

A state-of-art review on the mechanical performance of basalt textile reinforced concrete (BTRC)

Sophia Immanuel, Aniket, K. Baskar

Deformations and internal forces in arches under a concentrated force

László P. Kiss, Pusta Jalalova, Ziya Mehdiyev

Influence of surface effect correction on peridynamic simulation of dynamic fractures in brittle materials

Shuang Li, Haining Lu, Xiaohua Huang, Jinghang Mao, Rui Qin

Effect of initial stress on a microstretch thermoelastic medium immersed in an infinite inviscid fluid with two models

Mohamed I. A. Othman, Sarhan Atwa, Ebtesam E. M. Eraki, Mohamed Ismail

Strength prediction model for foamed cellular concrete

Facundo Atuel Retamal, Viviana Carolina Rougier

Active vibration control for three-dimensional braided composite beams based on piezoelectric sensor and actuator

Xuewen Shao, Gaofeng Wei, Anqing Li

A nonlinearly coupled thermoelectric circular inhomogeneity with interface slip and diffusion

Xu Wang, Peter Schiavone

Wave reflection and Rayleigh waves in the context of the complete Toupin-Mindlin theory of strain gradient elasticity

Thanasis Zisis, Xhorxha Kuci, Haralambos G. Georgiadis