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Divergence instabilities of non-uniformly pre-stressed travelling webs

Ciprian Coman

Fast Fourier transform-based solutions of initial value problems for wave propagation in microelastic media

George A. Gazonas, Burak Aksoylu, Raymond A. Wildman

Vibrational analysis of finite plate on elastic foundation subjected to oblique impact

Weipeng Hu, Yangxin Zhou, Qianli Liu, Fan Zhang, Qiang Zhou, Chuan Xiao

Analytical solutions to buckling analysis of sandwich composite plates with uncertain material properties and dimensions

Onur Kaya, Ahmet Oktem, Sarp Adali

Size-dependent axisymmetric buckling and free vibration of FGP-microplate using well-posed nonlocal integral polar models

Chang Li, Hai Qing

Analytical evaluation of laminated composite DCB test data for achieving validated modelling analysis

Gang Li, Guillaume Renaud, Chun Li

2-D multistable structures under shear: equilibrium configurations, transition patterns, and boundary effects

Maor Shuminov, Sefi Givli

Elastic wave dispersion and polarization in a chiral elastic metamaterial

Xiaodong Wang

An edge dislocation interacting with an elliptical incompressible liquid inclusion

Xu Wang, Peter Schiavone

A rational and efficient local stress recovery method for composite laminates

Jingyu Xu, Guanghui Qing

Interfacial reinforced viscoelastic damper: experimental and theoretical study

Zhao-Dong Xu, Qi He, Yeshou Xu, Hao Hu, Ying-Qing Guo, Xinghuai Huang, Yao-Rong Dong