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Experimental and Numerical Study of the Dynamic Behaviour of Masonry Circular Arches with Non-Negligible Tensile Capacity  [in Structural Analysis of Real Historic Buildings]

Alejandra Albuerne, Athanasios Pappas, Martin Williams, Dina D'Ayala

Thermoelastic Fracture Initiation: Role of Relaxation and Convection

Louis M. Brock

Assessment of degradation of railroad rails - finite element analysis of insulated joints and unsupported sleepers

Hossam Elsayed, Mohamed Lotfy, Haytham Zohny, Hany Sobhy

Transient thermal stresses in a laminated spherical shell of thermoelectric materials

Yue Liu, KaiFa Wang, Baolin Wang

Experimental and Numerical Energy Absorption Study of Aluminum Honeycomb Structure Filled with Graded and non-graded Polyurethane Foam under in-plane and out of plane loading

Alireza Molaiee, Seyed Ali Galehdari

Instabilities in the free inflation of a nonlinear hyperelastic toroidal membrane

Sairam Pamulaparthi Venkata, Prashant Saxena

Development of fracture mechanics model of beam retrofitted with cfrp plate subjected to cyclic loading

Shahriar Shahbazpanahi, Hunar Farid Hama Ali

Extended Higher Order Sandwich Panel Theory for Plates with Arbitrary Aspect Ratios

Faisal Siddiqui, George A. Kardomateas

Applications of Extended Higher Order Sandwich Panel Theory for Plates with Arbitrary Aspect Ratios

Faisal Siddiqui, George A. Kardomateas

Tuning the propagation characteristics of the trapped and released strongly nonlinear solitary waves in 1-D composite granular chain of spheres

Bin Wu, Heying Wang, Xiucheng Liu, Mingzhi Li, Zongfa Liu, Cunfu He

An integrated modelling of tool wear-microstructural evolution internal relations in friction stir welding with worn pin profiles

Zhao Zhang, Zhijun Tan

Accurate buckling analysis of piezoelectric functionally graded nanotube reinforced cylindrical shells under combined electro-thermo-mechanical loads

Shengbo Zhu, Yiwen Ni, Jiabin Sun, Zhenzhen Tong, Zhenhuan Zhou, Xinsheng Xu