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Factors that influence the lateral contact forces in buckling-restrained braces: Analytical estimates

Francesco Genna

Deformation of heterogeneous microstretch elastic bars

D. Ieşan

Semi-infinite moving crack in a shear-free orthotropic strip

Sanatan Jana, Prasanta Basak, Subhas Mandal

Implementation of Hermite-Ritz method and Navier’s technique for vibration of functionally graded porous nanobeam embedded in Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundation using bi-Helmholtz type of nonlocal elasticity

Subrat Kumar Jena, Snehashish Chakraverty, Mohammad Malikan, Hamid Mohammad Sedighi

3D phase-evolution-based thermomechanical constitutive model of shape memory polymer with finite element implementation

Yunxin Li, Ruoxuan Liu, Zishun Liu, Somsak Swaddiwudhipong

Bending of nonconforming thin plates based on the first-order manifold method

Xin Qu, Fangfang Diao, Xingqian Xu, Wei Li

Nonlinear deflection experiments: Wrinkling of plates pressed onto foundations

Nicholas Salamon, Peggy B. Salamon

Comparison of Series and Finite Difference Solutions to Remote Tensile Loadings of a Plate Having a Linear Slot with Rounded Ends

David J. Unger

On the slip damping of a press-fit joint under non-uniform pressure distribution along the interface

Huifang Xiao, Yunyun Sun, Jinwu Xu