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We provide the highest qual­ity of math­em­at­ic­ally lit­er­ate copy­ed­it­ing and type­set­ting in the in­dustry. Most of our pro­duc­tion ed­it­ors hold gradu­ate de­grees in math­em­at­ics, and they un­der­go a care­ful se­lec­tion and train­ing pro­gram un­der the su­per­vi­sion of Silvio Levy.

Silvio Levy’s work rep­res­ents for me the gold stand­ard of math­em­at­ic­al copy­ed­it­ing.”

Dav­id Eis­en­bud
dir­ect­or of MSRI, 1997–2007 and 2013–2022;  former AMS pres­id­ent

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The Pa­cif­ic Journ­al of Math­em­at­ics has used our pro­duc­tion and sub­scrip­tion-man­age­ment ser­vices since 2005. PJM was foun­ded in 1951.

“MSP has provided the best-ed­ited and best-priced pro­duc­tion in PJM’s 60-year his­tory. MSP has be­come an im­port­ant re­source for the math­em­at­ic­al com­munity.”

Robert F. Brown
former pres­id­ent, Pa­cific Journ­al of Math­em­at­ics

In 2016, we foun­ded and star­ted pub­lish­ing An­nals of K-The­ory for the K-The­ory Found­a­tion.

In 2019, we were con­trac­ted to handle peer-re­view sup­port and pre­par­a­tion of web- and print-ready PD­Fs for the three journ­als of the Rocky Moun­tain Math­em­at­ics Con­sor­ti­um: the Rocky Moun­tain Journ­al of Math­em­at­ics, the Journ­al of Com­mut­at­ive Al­gebra, and the Journ­al of In­teg­ral Equa­tions and Ap­plic­a­tions.

What we do

We of­fer full pro­duc­tion ser­vices, tak­ing an art­icle from source to print­er and web­site. Journ­als pub­lished or handled by MSP are sub­ject to a rig­or­ous pro­duc­tion pro­cess; spe­cific­ally, pa­pers are

Web host­ing is usu­ally part of such agree­ments. Fur­ther, if you com­bine our pro­duc­tion ser­vices with our ed­it­or­i­al-work­flow man­age­ment soft­ware, Ed­it­Flow, then you get a com­plete pub­lish­ing plat­form, tak­ing art­icles all the way from au­thor sub­mis­sion to read­er.

Con­tact us to dis­cuss your spe­cif­ic needs and our pri­cing.

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