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Joe Adams

Joseph D. F. Adams has two middle names. In spite of this, he was hired as a soft­ware de­veloper at MSP in Decem­ber 2016. His in­terest in com­puter pro­gram­ming began with mul­tiply­ing really big in­tegers to­geth­er, and two years after quit­ting high school he de­cided to go to col­lege, even­tu­ally earn­ing a Ph.D. in math­em­at­ics (holo­morph­ic dy­nam­ics and quasicon­form­al maps), with a spe­cial­iz­a­tion in eat­ing cook­ies. A re­cov­er­ing math­em­atician, Joe faces oc­ca­sion­al re­lapses, wherein he feels a deep urge to draw pic­tures of pairs of pants with too many legs.

Joe is in­ex­tric­ably linked to South­ern Cali­for­nia, where the moun­tains, beach, desert, and all-you-can-eat buf­fets are nev­er more than an hour away. Out­side of work, Joe is a fan­at­ic­al rock climber, spend­ing too much of his time sub­ject­ing his skinny fin­gers to pun­ish­ment they nev­er de­served. He once ate 2877 shrimp for din­ner and vowed nev­er to do that again; a few years later, he thought it would be a good idea to eat 25 whole lob­sters for lunch. In ad­di­tion to wip­ing out eco­sys­tems, Joe also en­joys en­han­cing them: He main­tains a garden of pot­ted plants, in­clud­ing avo­cado, chili, dragon fruit, and grapefruit that he nur­tured from seeds.

Shelly Bouchat

Rachelle R. Bouchat grew up in west­ern Pennsylvania. When she was six years old, her par­ents gave her the Dr. Seuss book, My Book about Me, and she filled in that “I like math­mat­ics best.” Since that time, her spelling abil­ity has vastly im­proved and her pas­sion for math­em­at­ics has con­tin­ued. Shelly earned her PhD from the Uni­versity of Ken­tucky in 2008, work­ing in com­bin­at­or­i­al com­mut­at­ive al­gebra. Fol­low­ing gradu­ation, she has served as a fac­ulty mem­ber at both Slip­pery Rock Uni­versity in Pennsylvania and In­di­ana Uni­versity of Pennsylvania, where she loves to work with stu­dents and col­lab­or­ate with them on re­search. Shelly star­ted work­ing for MSP in the sum­mer of 2020.

Be­sides math­em­at­ics, Shelly is an avid fiber artist. She en­joys crochet­ing toys for all of her friends kids and knits a seem­ingly end­less col­lec­tion of items. She has com­peted in speed knit­ting com­pet­i­tions, in­clud­ing both Sock Mad­ness as well as Tour-de-Sock. She also en­joys get­ting out­doors, wheth­er it is on one of her bikes, go­ing for a hike, or just sit­ting in the yard with her two cor­gis.

John Bourke (senior editor)

John G. Bourke joined MSP in sum­mer 2014. He grew up in Cardiff, the cap­it­al of Wales and re­cent home of Doc­tor Who. He spent most of his un­der­gradu­ate ca­reer at Mer­ton Col­lege, Ox­ford, play­ing pool, then moved to the US to do his PhD in set the­ory at Dart­mouth Col­lege. After short stints in cent­ral Pennsylvania and Kala­ma­zoo, Michigan, he has hap­pily re­turned to New Hamp­shire while his wife stud­ies as­tro­phys­ics, also at Dart­mouth.

When not edit­ing or teach­ing math­em­at­ics, John walks his overly en­er­get­ic dog and en­joys the hik­ing New Eng­land of­fers dur­ing the warm­er months. He’s learned to tol­er­ate the long win­ters, and is proud of his whisky col­lec­tion. His in­door hob­bies in­clude binge-watch­ing TV seri­als, learn­ing to code, cook­ing, and fol­low­ing Welsh rugby and the Red Sox.

Zara Chastain (lead curator)

Za­ra Chas­tain is lead cur­at­or for MSP’s Re­gistry team. She re­ceived her BA in Theatre Arts and Ja­pan­ese Lan­guage at the Uni­versity of Ari­zona. She grew up in Tuc­son, AZ, but also lived in Ja­pan and New York City be­fore set­tling in the Bay Area, where she con­tin­ues to per­form. In the past, she has held such jobs as book seller, tea ex­pert, lan­guage teach­er, hair styl­ist, and baby charm­er.

In her free time, Za­ra en­joys craft­ing, cook­ing, garden­ing, and read­ing. She also loves his­tor­ic­al fash­ion and hair, and en­joys sport­ing cos­tumes at Renais­sance fest­ivals, as well as spend­ing far too much time on cre­at­ing her yearly Hal­loween cos­tume. Re­cently she has be­come in­ter­ested in the urb­an homestead­ing move­ment, and has been try­ing her hand at things like mak­ing her own clean­ing products, can­ning/pre­serving, fer­ment­ing, and com­post­ing. She spends most of her days mind­ing her home and fam­ily with the same care and di­li­gence that she shows her work at MSP.

Ramsay Dyer

Born and raised in Van­couver, Ram­say H. Dyer’s edu­ca­tion in phys­ics, math­em­at­ics, and com­puter sci­ence was in­ter­spersed with ex­ten­ded peri­ods of tree-plant­ing, travel, and odd jobs in con­struc­tion. He also de­veloped a great ap­pet­ite for ex­plor­ing the Brit­ish Columbia moun­tains and coast­line by foot, ski and kayak.

Ram­say joined MSP in 2015, and after liv­ing in Europe as a postdoc for al­most five years with his wife and cat and dog, he has now re­turned with them to Brit­ish Columbia to en­joy the moun­tains and sea and a little house with a wood cook­stove on the wet coast of Van­couver Is­land.

In ad­di­tion to edit­ing, he con­tin­ues to do part-time re­search in com­pu­ta­tion­al geo­metry through the Gudhi pro­ject at IN­RIA Sophia An­tipol­is. He has am­bi­tions to even­tu­ally re­gain the abil­ity to write something that doesn’t men­tion Delaunay tri­an­gu­la­tions.

Joseph Flenner

Joseph D. Flen­ner has been a pro­duc­tion ed­it­or with MSP since 2015. He hails from Michigan, where he stud­ied math­em­at­ics and lin­guist­ics at the Uni­versity of Michigan. As an un­der­gradu­ate he ac­ci­dent­ally be­came a math­em­atician, set­ting out to learn sci­ence from its found­a­tions be­fore fully grasp­ing how many life­times step one of the mas­ter plan would fill.

The same im­pulse, ap­plied with­in math­em­at­ics, led him to lo­gic, with his re­search in­terests fo­cus­ing on the in­ter­sec­tion of mod­el the­ory and al­gebra. In 2008, he com­pleted his PhD at the Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Berke­ley. After sev­er­al postdoc­tor­al years in In­di­ana, he landed in Vir­gin­ia, where he is an in­struct­or of math­em­at­ics, with edit­ing work filling sum­mers and after hours.

When not teach­ing, re­search­ing, or edit­ing, Joe likes to seek out max­im­ally im­prac­tic­al hob­bies, such as learn­ing lan­guages that nobody speaks and mu­sic­al in­stru­ments that are too large to fit in his home.

Andreas Freund

An­dreas L. Fre­und star­ted work­ing as an MSP pro­duc­tion ed­it­or in 2012, while work­ing to­ward his BA in ap­plied math at the Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Berke­ley. This ideal job puts to use his al­most un­healthy at­ten­tion to de­tail and need for con­sist­ency in a pro­duct­ive man­ner, while ad­di­tion­ally al­low­ing him to pro­mote the read­ab­il­ity of math and prop­er use of the Eng­lish lan­guage. He also thinks that el­eg­ant type­set­ting is cool.

When more im­port­ant things don’t get in the way, An­dreas can of­ten be found rid­ing one of his bi­cycles on roads, dirt, or ve­lo­dromes. He began ra­cing in 2005 and still hasn't got­ten sick of it. But when his legs re­quire time to re­cov­er, An­dreas en­joys the finer things in life such as watch­ing TV and listen­ing to hip-hop, R&B, and pop mu­sic of the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2014, he also began work on a PhD in ap­plied math at the Uni­versity of Wash­ing­ton.

Maisie Fullerton

Mais­ie H. Fuller­ton joined MSP in 2018 as a com­mu­nic­a­tions spe­cial­ist. She is an East Coast trans­plant cur­rently resid­ing in (some­times sunny) Oak­land, Cali­for­nia. She re­ceived her Bach­el­or of Arts de­gree from Mills Col­lege, where she ma­jored in Fine Arts with a video-pro­duc­tion fo­cus. Her pre­vi­ous ex­per­i­ence as a tech­nic­al writer and her love of small-press pub­lish­ing is what made her a great fit for the MSP team.

Out­side of MSP she is a writer and video artist, who had her work fea­tured in vari­ety of pub­lic­a­tions and ven­ues. In her spare time she en­joys writ­ing, read­ing, trav­el­ing, any­thing out­doors or dog re­lated, and tinker­ing with her mo­tor­cycles.

Jullian Gilbert-Mortimer

Ju­l­lian was born in Tuc­son, Ari­zona. You will nev­er find a more wretched hive of scum and vil­lainy. The en­chil­a­das were good, though. After liv­ing there for twenty-four years he sold most of his worldly pos­ses­sions, packed a few suit­cases, and took a train to Seattle.

This star­ted a pat­tern of mov­ing to a new place every few years. In that time he traveled to a dozen dif­fer­ent coun­tries, lived in two of them, swam with Great White sharks, and in­terned at a fam­ous video game com­pany that must re­main name­less due to an N.D.A. (not be­cause they were run by Vol­de­mort).

With a vari­ety of jobs in his rear view mir­ror, ran­ging from teach­ing in Africa to man­aging a hotel in Seattle, he's ex­cited to be­gin the next stage of his ca­reer and al­ways on the lookout for new chal­lenges. To that end, he star­ted work­ing at MSP in 2019, and found it to be a per­fect fit.

Derek Habermas

Derek S. Haber­mas grew up in New Jer­sey, where he tried to pur­sue his dream of open­ing his own cof­fee­house. Due to a lack of fund­ing and in­vestors, and since the mar­ket was sat­ur­ated (thank you, Star­bucks!) he went with his backup plan to earn a PhD in Math­em­at­ics from the Uni­versity of Ari­zona. After nine years as fac­ulty at SUNY Pots­dam, he moved to Char­le­ston and star­ted at MSP in 2015.

Be­sides cook­ing and caring for his fam­ily, he runs races from 5Ks to mara­thons, with a goal to run a race in every state. Time per­mit­ting, he en­joys read­ing, bi­cyc­ling, mo­tor­cyc­ling, hik­ing, trav­el­ing, play­ing board games, and brew­ing his own craft beer.

Conall Hegarty

Con­all Hegarty lives in Doneg­al, on the north­w­est coast of Ire­land. He has a B.Sc. in ap­plied math­em­at­ics from the Na­tion­al Uni­versity of Ire­land, Gal­way. He joined MSP in the au­tumn of 2019 as a pro­duc­tion ed­it­or.

When not cross­ing Is and dotting Ts, Con­all can be found tend­ing his bee­hives, bat­tling weeds in the garden or wan­der­ing around the sur­round­ing wood­lands, beaches and sand dunes with his tire­less bor­der col­lie. He en­joys read­ing, play­ing chess and vari­ous oth­er board games, bak­ing in­ed­ible food and trav­el­ing.

Fintan Hegarty

Fintan Hegarty is a nat­ive of Gal­way, on the west coast of Ire­land. While work­ing on his PhD in com­pu­ta­tion­al ho­mo­logy there, he began pro­du­cing a monthly uni­versity chess news­let­ter. This ut­terly failed to grab the at­ten­tion of any­one whose at­ten­tion he wished to grab at the time, so he star­ted sneak­ing math­em­at­ics in­to the pub­lic­a­tion in a vali­ant ef­fort to in­crease read­er­ship. Sur­pris­ingly, that did not work at all, but it did con­trib­ute to a fond­ness for LaTeX, which even­tu­ally led to him join­ing MSP as a copy­ed­it­or in 2016.

He has fully em­braced the re­mote-work­er life­style: trav­el­ling ex­cess­ively and sleep­ing past noon. When not edit­ing or try­ing to com­pose silly puzzles, he likes to play gui­tar and un­der­wa­ter chess.

Morgan Johnson

Mor­gan A. John­son is a mar­ket­ing com­mu­nic­a­tions man­ager at MSP. Between tasks in the of­fice, she con­tem­plates the re­la­tion­ship between art and math­em­at­ics. Be­fore join­ing MSP, Mor­gan did things like sell rocks to rock stars at an art shop in the Mis­sion, shoot and edit ex­per­i­ment­al shorts, and ward­robe for the fea­ture film I be­lieve in uni­corns that premiered at SX­SW 2014. Now she ed­its au­thor metadata more than video. She lives in her ho­met­own of Berke­ley with her four year old son Zeke, and they en­joy camp­ing, cook­ing to­geth­er, and grow­ing ve­get­ables and flowers.

Blake Knoll

Blake A. Knoll star­ted work­ing for MSP in the spring of 2016. He grew up in the Four Corners re­gion of the United States, near Dur­ango, Col­or­ado. After gradu­at­ing from the Col­or­ado School of Mines, he de­cided that nuc­le­ar en­gin­eer­ing (and all re­lated phys­ics-based tom­fool­ery) was for the birds, and in­stead star­ted to dabble in the world of sci­entif­ic pub­lish­ing. After suf­fer­ing hor­rif­ic ex­per­i­ences in­volving poorly ed­ited works in his gradu­ate stud­ies, he de­cided to join the front in the war against bad gram­mar by be­com­ing a copy­ed­it­or at MSP.

When not hunt­ing down er­rant com­mas, Blake can be found either on the ski slopes near Den­ver, Col­or­ado (his cur­rent res­id­ence) or on the loc­al dance floor. He loves to swing dance, and com­petes in his ab­so­lute fa­vor­ite style of dance, West Coast Swing. His oth­er hob­bies in­clude fly fish­ing, moun­tain bik­ing, and be­ing a Monday-morn­ing quar­ter­back for the Den­ver Bron­cos.

Silvio Levy (director of publishing)

Silvio V. F. Levy is MSP’s dir­ect­or of pub­lish­ing. He was born in 1959 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and re­ceived an MA in math­em­at­ics from the In­sti­tuto Nacion­al de Matemát­ica Pura e Ap­licada (IMPA) in 1979 and a PhD in math­em­at­ics from Prin­ceton Uni­versity un­der Wil­li­am Thur­ston in 1985. In 1988 he be­came the second staff mem­ber for the Geo­metry Su­per­com­puter Pro­ject, which would later be­come the Geo­metry Cen­ter. He joined the staff of the Math­em­at­ic­al Sci­ences Re­search In­sti­tute in 1995 as an ed­it­or and lib­rar­i­an.

Silvio con­siders his chief pro­fes­sion­al goal to be “to fur­ther the com­mu­nic­a­tion of math­em­at­ics, by both tra­di­tion­al and nov­el means.” He is an ex­pert in TeX and LaTeX and speaks sev­er­al lan­guages. He joined MSP in 2004 as the main copy­ed­it­or for the Pa­cific Journ­al of Math­em­at­ics. Today, Silvio man­ages the pro­duc­tion of MSP journ­als, and trains new copy­ed­it­ors to edit and format manuscripts ac­cord­ing to MSP’s spe­cific­a­tions.

Silvio Levy’s work rep­res­ents for me the gold stand­ard of math­em­at­ic­al copy­ed­it­ing.

Dav­id Eis­en­bud  (Dir­ect­or of MSRI;  former AMS Pres­id­ent)

Andrew Livingston (senior developer)

An­drew J. Liv­ing­ston knows a little bit about pro­gram­ming, which is good be­cause he’s been a soft­ware de­veloper at MSP since 2016. He knows a little bit (em­phas­is on little) about a lot of oth­er things, in­clud­ing mu­sic, an­im­als, quantum phys­ics, his­tory, chem­istry, nine­teenth-cen­tury Rus­si­an lit­er­at­ure, sci­ence fic­tion, valu­ations and ul­tramet­ric spaces, and the Lu­cas­Arts ad­ven­ture-game cata­log. And since hu­man nature ab­hors a nar­rat­ive va­cu­um, he’ll hap­pily tell you how any two of those things fit to­geth­er.

When he’s not work­ing (and some­times when he is) he usu­ally has a cat hanging off of him. He might also be try­ing to un­der­stand Haskell by way of type the­ory, or read­ing a book on Juda­ism or early Chris­tian­ity. There’s a bet­ter than even chance he’s listen­ing to a pod­cast or watch­ing a video lec­ture series. Un­less it’s April, in which case he’s prob­ably play­ing the latest re­lease in the Dark Souls series.

Sikimeti Ma’u

Siki­meti Ma’u joined MSP as a pro­duc­tion ed­it­or in 2015. Ori­gin­ally from the is­lands of Tonga in the South Pa­cific, she was an un­der­gradu­ate in Auck­land, New Zea­l­and, where by stu­di­ously avoid­ing es­says and ex­per­i­ments she turned in­to a math­em­atician. She moved to New Jer­sey for gradu­ate school at Rut­gers Uni­versity, and re­ceived a PhD in math­em­at­ics in 2008. After spend­ing sev­er­al ex­cit­ing years as a postdoc in the hy­per­act­ive field of sym­plect­ic to­po­logy, based mostly in Berke­ley, she moved to Italy.

She now lives with her fam­ily on an is­land in the Venice la­goon. She teaches math in Venice and Ver­ona, ed­its math wherever she hap­pens to be, and oc­ca­sion­ally works on more con­crete things, like sew­ing or bas­ketry for her own pleas­ure, or mak­ing play­dough for someone else’s. The Dolo­mites are nearby for hik­ing and ski­ing, and she’s quite a fan of the Itali­an way of en­joy­ing the great out­doors — no mat­ter how long or gruel­ing a hike is, it al­ways ends at a moun­tain hut with a fab­ulous res­taur­ant.

Emily Monge

Emily L. Monge joined MSP in Decem­ber 2019 as a data-in­teg­rity spe­cial­ist. Known for al­pha­bet­iz­ing her spice rack and or­gan­iz­ing her closet in rain­bow or­der, she’s suited to the de­tailed nature of the work. She no­tices when things are “not right” and will make sure to tell you when your socks don’t match your out­fit. But in a nice way.

She hails from the Mit­ten State (a.k.a. Michigan), which means she will let you know where she lives by point­ing to the cen­ter of her open palm. She re­ceived her de­gree in ap­par­el mer­chand­ising and design and, al­though she isn’t work­ing in that field cur­rently, she uses the prin­ciples she learned to man­age her house­hold and her fam­ily’s ward­robe. In her free time you might find her roam­ing the aisles of Tar­get, or pin­ing for the ever-elu­sive naps that she loved … be­fore she had a fam­ily.

Jae Morosin

Jae D. Moros­in is a data-in­teg­rity spe­cial­ist at MSP. Ori­gin­ally from south­ern Cali­for­nia, she mi­grated north to at­tend UC Berke­ley. After gradu­at­ing with a de­gree in gender & wo­men’s stud­ies, she spent time work­ing and vo­lun­teer­ing as an arch­iv­ist. Her love of data man­age­ment, aca­demia, and cre­at­ing or­der is what drew her to this po­s­i­tion at MSP.

In her spare time, Jae works on her per­son­al archives of vin­tage cloth­ing and pho­to­graphs. As a his­tory nerd she is in­ter­ested in in­vest­ig­at­ing her gene­a­logy and the pat­terns in ma­ter­i­al cul­ture throughout her fam­ily’s his­tory. She also en­joys trav­el­ing, cof­fee, flea mar­kets, and is a self-pro­claimed ve­gan donut con­nois­seur.

Sheila Newbery (managing editor, Celebratio Mathematica)

Sheila S. New­bery has been an MSP pro­duc­tion ed­it­or since 2007. She has worked on pre­par­ing manuscripts for pub­lic­a­tion for over 25 years, in dis­cip­lines ran­ging from art his­tory (at the Met­ro­pol­it­an Mu­seum of Art in New York) to as­tro­phys­ics (freel­ance work for the As­tro­nom­ic­al So­ci­ety of the Pa­cific con­fer­ence series).

Sheila is also a pho­to­graph­er, and is cur­rently work­ing on an artist’s book of plat­in­um-pal­la­di­um prints. Her work has been ex­hib­ited in jur­ied shows across the coun­try. Her ed­it­or­i­al por­trait­ure has ap­peared in pub­lic­a­tions such as Der Spiegel, School Lib­rary Journ­al and Clas­sic­al Mu­sic Ma­ga­zine (UK), among oth­ers. She is keenly in­ter­ested in mu­sic, and serves on the board of the San Fran­cisco-based cham­ber group Voices of Mu­sic.

Emmy Pierce (operations manager)

Emmy E. Pierce is MSP’s op­er­a­tions man­ager. She is re­spons­ible for man­aging the of­fice, pro­cessing sub­scrip­tions, re­search­ing dir­ec­tions for MSP’s growth and de­vel­op­ment, and gen­er­ally tak­ing care of busi­ness. She joined our team in 2011, and her out­stand­ing or­gan­iz­a­tion­al skills have con­sid­er­ably in­creased our ad­min­is­trat­ive ef­fi­ciency.

Emmy is a gradu­ate of Am­h­erst Col­lege, Mas­sachu­setts, where she took ex­actly one math-re­lated class (it was ac­tu­ally a theat­er course); gave class present­a­tions on “Poké­mon” fran­chise; and wrote her hon­ors thes­is on the anime films of Mamoru Oshii. She is deeply in­ter­ested in me­dia pro­duc­tion, and has pro­duced sev­er­al au­dio seg­ments for KPFA and the Am­h­erst Col­lege Cen­ter for Com­munity En­gage­ment, as an as­so­ci­ate pro­du­cer and staff writer, re­spect­ively. Cur­rently, she spends most of her free time read­ing, draw­ing, writ­ing, and oc­ca­sion­ally au­di­tion­ing for com­munity theat­er.

Alex Scorpan (executive director)

Al­ex­an­dru Scorpan is MSP’s ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or. He was born near the shores of the Black Sea, in Ro­mania, and ar­rived in the United States in 1997. In 2003, he re­ceived a PhD in math­em­at­ics from the Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia at Berke­ley un­der Rob Kirby, then pur­sued an aca­dem­ic ca­reer. Dur­ing a postdoc at the Uni­versity of Flor­ida, he wrote a well-re­ceived 600-page mono­graph, The Wild World of 4-Man­i­folds, sur­vey­ing to­po­logy in di­men­sion 4. He fi­nally ad­mit­ted, “I’m not a puzzle-solv­er,” and aban­doned the re­search track, but con­tin­ued to teach col­lege math­em­at­ics for sev­er­al years.

Alex be­came in­volved with MSP in 2006, at first do­ing copy­ed­it­ing and design work. He re­turned to Berke­ley and joined MSP full-time in mid-2010. He’s prom­ised that one day he’ll fin­ish writ­ing that nov­el about Nero.

Adam Towsley

Adam D. Tow­s­ley began as a pro­duc­tion ed­it­or for MSP in the spring of 2016. He re­ceived a BA in math­em­at­ics from Cor­nell Uni­versity. Upon gradu­at­ing he fol­lowed a girl (now his wife) to Nashville TN, where he lived and taught math­em­at­ics. In 2007 he dragged his wife back to cold and snowy up­state NY to get a PhD in arith­met­ic dy­nam­ics from the Uni­versity of Rochester.

Since gradu­at­ing, Adam has spent time at sev­er­al col­leges and uni­versit­ies be­fore land­ing at the Rochester In­sti­tute of Tech­no­logy, where he teaches math­em­at­ics while not edit­ing for MSP. Out­side of math­em­at­ics he spends most of his time chas­ing his two young sons, cook­ing, trav­el­ing, and try­ing to watch Mets games.

Matthew Tucker-Simmons

Mat­thew B. Tuck­er-Sim­mons came to Cali­for­nia in 2005 for math­em­at­ics, but stayed for love (of many things, in­clud­ing avo­ca­dos, the nice cli­mate, and es­pe­cially his won­der­ful wife Lisa). He fin­ished his PhD on top­ics of quantum al­gebra and non­com­mut­at­ive geo­metry at Berke­ley in 2013.

Matt joined MSP as a pro­duc­tion ed­it­or in the spring of 2014, after sev­er­al months of post-PhD aim­less wan­der­ing (spir­itu­al, not phys­ic­al). The job al­lowed him to ex­er­cise his LaTeX skills, to keep on tweak­ing his .emacs file, and to keep his eye on de­vel­op­ments in math­em­at­ics from a safe dis­tance, all while giv­ing him time to pur­sue in­terests like bak­ing, mak­ing yogurt, fer­ment­ing things, and feel­ing self-right­eous about his food choices. After two years of su­per­vising the pro­duc­tion of our journ­als Geo­metry & To­po­logy and Al­geb­ra­ic & Geo­met­ric To­po­logy, he has made the leap to the soft­ware team, where he hopes to fix more bugs than he in­tro­duces.

Matt resides with his eco­lo­gist wife and their (small but no longer tiny) son in sunny Santa Bar­bara, and hopes one day to re­turn to his nat­ive home­land of Canada, the land of po­lar bears, po­lite­ness, and single-pay­er health care. But he’s happy to be here un­til then.

Elizabeth Weaver (senior editor)

Eliza­beth A. Weaver is a nat­ive of Illinois and grew up close to St. Louis, Mis­souri. This has en­dowed her with a love of Car­din­als’ base­ball and toasted ra­vi­oli. She at­ten­ded col­lege in Cape Gir­ardeau, which is now worth men­tion­ing since the movie Gone Girl was filmed there. She fin­ished her PhD on al­geb­ra­ic cod­ing the­ory in 2012 at the Uni­versity of Ken­tucky, where her ad­visor taught her how to be a math­em­atician, and she taught her ad­visor about the rudi­ments of Amer­ic­an cul­ture, such as the joy of fun­fetti cup­cakes and how to pro­nounce “Chica­go”.

Eliza­beth has been an MSP pro­duc­tion ed­it­or since 2014, and cur­rently resides in Louis­ville, Ken­tucky, with her hus­band Den­nis, who is also a math­em­atician. She nev­er planned on spend­ing so many years in Ken­tucky, but has grown to love it there. She en­joys the great food, fant­ast­ic fire­works, and has been in­doc­trin­ated in­to the Big Blue Na­tion — Go Wild­cats!

Erika Willaford

Erika A. Wil­la­ford joined MSP as a pro­duc­tion copy­ed­it­or in 2016. Erika grew some of the abil­it­ies she uses as a copy­ed­it­or from seeds planted by two strong wo­men. The first of the two, her moth­er, in­tro­duced Erika to the joy of num­bers. The second, a no­tori­ously stern teach­er in Erika's ele­ment­ary school, taught Erika and her class­mates the ele­ments of Eng­lish gram­mar in what was, even dec­ades ago, an old-school style. Un­like many of her peers, Erika loved it.

Erika’s aca­dem­ic and pro­fes­sion­al ca­reer in math­em­at­ics led her from her child­hood home of Pennsylvania through north­east Ohio and north­ern In­di­ana (Go Ir­ish!) fi­nally to the Pa­cific North­w­est, where she has lived since 2007. Erika en­joys hik­ing with her hus­band; as of Oc­to­ber 2016, they are roughly 2,600 miles short of com­plet­ing the Pa­cific Crest Trail. The two make faster pro­gress buy­ing and play­ing euro­games and deck-build­ing games. Erika also en­joys mak­ing ve­get­ari­an meals, homemade jokes and bad puns. Erika also en­joys mak­ing ve­get­ari­an meals, homemade jokes, and bad puns.

Chris Williams

MSP bib­li­o­graph­er Chris A. Wil­li­ams (“Wil­lie”) grew up in the hard­scrabble sub­urbs of De­troit. He earned an Eng­lish de­gree from Oak­land Uni­versity in 2002, and some­how de­cided that qual­i­fied him to start a re­cord la­bel. This is why his par­ents’ base­ment con­tains lit­er­ally thou­sands of un­sold CDs of his home re­cord­ings. In 2004, he came to his senses and landed in the copy­ed­it­ing room at Math­em­at­ic­al Re­views, where he learned LaTeX and de­veloped a fas­cin­a­tion with the odd per­sever­ance of “no­tori­ous pla­gi­ar­ist” Dănuț Mar­cu. (The re­views of his pub­lic­a­tions on Math­S­ciNet are ser­i­ously de­light­ful.) Chris even­tu­ally moved to Maine to be with a gal he fell in love with on­line, marry her, and ad­opt a series of ad­or­ably goofy an­im­als to­geth­er. When he first star­ted do­ing bib­li­o­graphy work for MSP in 2016, Silvio sug­ges­ted he learn about Unix. Chris im­me­di­ately baffled a loc­al book­store own­er who thought he’d asked, “Do you have any in­struc­tion­al books about eu­nuchs?”

Chris is a chron­ic mu­sic geek, and co-hosts a pod­cast called Dis­cord & Rhyme, on which he and his friends talk through their fa­vor­ite al­bums, song by song. (If you ask Chris a ques­tion about prac­tic­al know­ledge like home main­ten­ance or nu­tri­tion, a gi­ant car­toon ques­tion mark will ap­pear over his head and he'll feel a little scared. However, if you men­tion, say, the in­die-rock band Yo La Tengo, I hope you've packed a lunch, be­cause he will not stop yam­mer­ing for hours.)

… and others