Testimonials from Authors

Highest Quality of Copyediting and Typesetting

“Thanks for your nice work! With most oth­er pub­lish­ers we have a lot of work after proof to cor­rect the mis­takes they in­tro­duced. Here I feel that the text has been im­proved and value ad­ded.”

Nils Ack­er­mann
Uni­ver­sid­ad Nacion­al Autónoma de México

“I want to con­grat­u­late the per­son who copy­ed­ited my pa­per, as I have not seen this level of care­ful read­ing in years. Thank you very much for your help!”

Ioan Be­jen­aru
Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, San Diego

“The copy­ed­it­ing was of very high qual­ity.”

Kęs­tutis Česnaviči­us
Uni­versité Par­is-Sud

“The gal­leys are beau­ti­ful. Thanks to you and the staff at the Pa­cific Journ­al.”

Craig R. Guil­bault
Uni­versity of Wis­con­sin, Mil­wau­kee

“Over­all, it is im­press­ive to see the care with which the manuscript was copy­ed­ited, and in many cases the changes made re­solve a de­bate as to word choice when writ­ing the pa­per. Thank you very much for tak­ing such care of our manuscript.”

Steve Hurder
Uni­versity of Illinois at Chica­go

“Thanks a lot for a great and thor­ough copy­ed­it­ing job! I hope to re­mem­ber to ap­ply some styl­ist­ic things we learned from you in fu­ture writ­ings.”

Svet­lana Jitomirskaya
Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Irvine

AP­DE really is a won­der­ful journ­al. In view of the present con­text of aca­dem­ic pub­lish­ing, I like its low-cost policy very much. I was also struck by the qual­ity of the proofs of the art­icles I pub­lished there, which was sig­ni­fic­antly high­er than in most journ­als I am used to.”

Nic­olas Rouger­ie
Uni­versité Gren­oble Alpes & CNRS

“[The copy­ed­it­ing] was the highest qual­ity I ever ex­per­i­enced as an au­thor.”

Lir­an Shaul
Ben Gur­i­on Uni­versity of the Negev

ANT is one of very very few journ­als where the copy­ed­it­ing im­proves the pa­per. Thank you for your ef­forts.”

Samir Siksek
Uni­versity of War­wick

“The changes make the pa­per look more beau­ti­ful. It is rather rare these days that journ­als add as much value to a pa­per as PJM does. I ap­pre­ci­ate it very much and thank you for that. Per­haps it is good evid­ence that aca­dem­ic pub­lish­ing houses really do add more value than those that are primar­ily ‘com­mer­cial’. It makes me more likely to sub­mit oth­er work to the PJM and to en­cour­age oth­ers to do that too. Thanks for your good work.”

Paul Smith
Uni­versity of Wash­ing­ton

“The copy­ed­it­ing is the best com­pared to any oth­er journ­al I know.”

Sarah With­er­spoon
Texas A&M Uni­versity

“I have checked the proof and seen that my art­icle was type­set nearly per­fectly. I am very thank­ful for the out­stand­ing su­perb read­ing and cor­rect­ing job.”

Shun­suke Yamana
Kyoto Uni­versity

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