Policies for Authors

Green Open Access

MSP is a no-em­bargo green open ac­cess pub­lish­er. We ac­cept sub­mis­sions of work that is avail­able on open archives in pre­print form. We al­low au­thors to de­pos­it the last ver­sion of their manuscript after peer re­view to the ArX­iv or oth­er pre­print serv­ers. However, we do ask au­thors that upon pub­lic­a­tion they add a DOI link to the pre­print archive’s ver­sion, dir­ect­ing pro­spect­ive read­ers to the pub­lished art­icle on the journ­al’s web site. The ref­er­eed, copy­ed­ited and pub­lished ver­sion of the art­icle is, after all, the fi­nal “ver­sion of re­cord.”

Delayed Public Access

All art­icles pub­lished by MSP be­come free to ac­cess and read after five years past pub­lic­a­tion (mean­ing on the fifth Janu­ary 1st after the pub­lic­a­tion date). The journ­al JSAG is im­me­di­ately free to read, without any au­thor charges.

Author’s Distribution of Published Version

Upon pub­lic­a­tion, we send all au­thors a PDF file of their pub­lished art­icle (in fact, two files: one for print­ing and one op­tim­ized for on-screen read­ing). This file is for the au­thor’s own use. We ask au­thors not to place the PDF file on their home page or open archives. In­stead, they should di­vulge the DOI link to the journ­al’s copy. We ask au­thors to re­mem­ber that, if they were to make a prac­tice of post­ing the PDF file, there would be no in­cent­ive for any­one to sub­scribe, and the journ­al could not sur­vive.

Ex­cep­tion­ally, if a pro­spect­ive read­er has no way to down­load the art­icle from the journ­al’s web site (that is, if their in­sti­tu­tion does not sub­scribe and they can­not af­ford to buy the art­icle), au­thors can send them the PDF file.

Author’s Institutional Repositories

Many in­sti­tu­tions now re­quire or en­cour­age their re­search­ers to de­pos­it pub­lished art­icles in their in­sti­tu­tion­al re­pos­it­or­ies. MSP co­oper­ates with this re­quire­ment by send­ing au­thors or lib­rar­i­ans, upon de­mand, a ver­sion of the pub­lished file suit­able for the pur­pose. We re­quest that you use the fi­nal pub­lished ver­sion and not a pre­print or post­print ver­sion, which are not con­sidered defin­it­ive.

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