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Duke University

analytic number theory and harmonic analysis: character sums and exponential sums, Diophantine equations and circle method, class groups, oscillatory integrals

Editorial Board

UC Santa Barbara

Arithmetic geometry

Universität Bonn

analytic number theory, automorphic forms, L-functions, quadratic forms

University of Chicago

algebraic number theory: Langlands programme

Harvard University

Dynamical systems, arithmetic geometry, and complex analysis

University of Oregon

algebraic and p-adic aspects of automorphic forms and L-functions

Penn State University

number theory, arithmetic geometry, and applications to cryptography

Amherst College

Harmonic Maass forms, modular forms, Jacobi forms, mock modular forms, quantum modular forms, combinatorics

Pomona College

Algebraic geometry, class field theory, elliptic curves, Galois representations

University of Turku

analytic and multiplicative number theory

ENS de Lyon

Oxford University

algebraic number theory: (p-adic) automorphic forms
and Galois representations

Emory University

Quadratic forms, Brauer groups, linear algebraic groups and homogeneous spaces

University of Oxford

Connections between model theory, diophantine geometry, and transcendental number theory.

Princeton University/Institute for Advanced Study

analytic number theory

Stanford University

Rice University

Dartmouth College

Arithmetic algebraic geometry: modular curves, Shimura varieties, moduli spaces, elliptic curves, modular and automorphic forms, zeta functions of varieties over finite fields, computational and algorithmic aspects; number theory: algebraic number theory, quaternion algebras, quadratic forms, finite-dimensional algebras, elementary number theory, cryptography, coding theory

Harvard University

arithmetic statistics, algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry (rational points, varieties over finite fields)


Representation theory, number theory, algebraic geometry, the Langlands program

Hebrew University

ergodic theory, combinatorics and number theory