Volume 3 Number 1
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Babei, Angelica
Computing normalizers of tiled orders in $M_n(k)$
Balakrishnan, Jennifer
Iterated Coleman integration for hyperelliptic curves
Bărbulescu, Răzvan
Finding ECM-friendly curves through a study of Galois properties
Bauch, Jens-Dietrich
Computation of Triangular Integral Bases
Bernstein, Daniel
Faster computation of isogenies of large prime degree
Two grumpy giants and a baby
Best, Alexander
Computing Zeta Functions of Cyclic Covers in Large Characteristic
Explicit Coleman integration in larger characteristic
Biasse, Jean-François
Fast Multiquadratic S-unit Computation and Application to the Calculation of Class Groups
Improved techniques for computing the ideal class group and a system of fundamental units in number fields
Bober, Jonathan
A database of elliptic curves over ${\mathbb Q}(\sqrt{5})$: a first report
Conditionally bounding analytic ranks of elliptic curves
Boneh, Dan
Supersingular Curves With Small Non-integer Endomorphisms
Bootland, Carl
On the Security of the Multivariate Ring Learning With Errors Problem
Bos, Joppe
Finding ECM-friendly curves through a study of Galois properties
Bosma, Wieb
Finding simultaneous Diophantine approximations with prescribed quality
Bostan, Alin
Fast coefficient computation for algebraic power series in positive characteristic
Bouvier, Cyril
Finding ECM-friendly curves through a study of Galois properties
Bröker, Reinier
Explicit computations in Iwasawa theory
Bruin, Nils
Numerical computation of endomorphism rings of Jacobians
Success and challenges in determining the rational points on curves
Two-cover descent on plane quartics with rational bitangents