Volume 3 Number 1
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Haensch, Anna
A canonical form for positive definite matrices
Hallgren, Sean
Computing endomorphism rings of supersingular elliptic curves and connections to pathfinding in isogeny graphs
Computing the unit group, class group, and compact representations in algebraic function fields
Hanselman, Jeroen
Ranks, $2$-Selmer groups, and Tamagawa numbers of elliptic curves with $\mathbb{Z}/2\mathbb{Z} \times \mathbb{Z}/8\mathbb{Z}$-torsion
Harashita, Shushi
Algorithms to enumerate superspecial Howe curves of genus 4
Harvey, David
Faster integer multiplication using short lattice vectors
Zeta functions of nondegenerate hypersurfaces in toric varieties via controlled reduction in $p$-adic cohomology
Heninger, Nadia
Approximate common divisors via lattices
Hill, Joshua
Counting value sets: algorithm and complexity
Hillman, Jonathan
Poincaré Duality in Dimension 3
Hofmann, Tommy
Cyclic extensions of prime degree and their $p$-adic regulators
On the construction of class fields
Howe, Everett
Algorithms to enumerate superspecial Howe curves of genus 4
Constructing and tabulating dihedral function fields
Principally polarized squares of elliptic curves with field of moduli equal to Q
Hubbard, David
Explicit computations in Iwasawa theory