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MSP hon­ors the best tra­di­tions of qual­ity pub­lish­ing while mov­ing with the cut­ting edge of in­form­a­tion tech­no­logy. We de­vel­op soft­ware and we pub­lish more than 16,000 pages per year.

We be­lieve that high-qual­ity re­search de­mands high-qual­ity com­mu­nic­a­tion — widely, rap­idly and eas­ily ac­cess­ible to all — and we work to fa­cil­it­ate it. We provide the highest qual­ity of math­em­at­ic­ally lit­er­ate copy­ed­it­ing and type­set­ting in the in­dustry.

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New Journal: Annals of K-Theory

In­ten­ded to be the premi­er journ­al in K-the­ory and re­lated areas, the An­nals of K-The­ory is a new journ­al owned by the K-The­ory Found­a­tion and pub­lished by MSP. Led by a pres­ti­gi­ous ed­it­or­i­al board, AKT is ac­cept­ing sub­mis­sions now, will be­gin pub­lish­ing on­line in mid-2015, and will start selling sub­scrip­tions for 2016.

EditFlow adopted by Acta Mathematica

In fall 2014, the pres­ti­gi­ous journ­als Acta Math­em­at­ica and Arkiv för Matem­atik of the In­sti­tut Mit­tag-Leffler have ad­op­ted Ed­it­Flow®, our peer-re­view man­age­ment plat­form.

MSP’s Rob Kirby receives SLA-PAM Division Award

The Spe­cial Lib­rar­ies As­so­ci­ation have honored Rob Kirby, the chief ex­ec­ut­ive of MSP, with their 2013 Phys­ics-As­tro­nomy-Math­em­at­ics Di­vi­sion Award:

Dr. Kirby’s sig­ni­fic­ant con­tri­bu­tions with MSP be­ne­fit lib­rar­ies and en­hance the abil­ity of lib­rar­i­ans to provide ser­vice, and im­prove the ex­change of in­form­a­tion.

Cita­tion for the 2013 SLA-PAM Di­vi­sion Award

E-books of Don Knuth’s The Art of Computer Programming

In spring 2013, Pear­son (Ad­dis­on-Wes­ley) con­trac­ted MSP to pre­pare PDF e-book ver­sions of the volumes of Don­ald E. Knuth’s mas­ter­piece, The Art of Com­puter Pro­gram­ming. MSP pre­pares faith­ful hy­per­linked PDF ver­sions, while Pear­son con­verts them to ePUB and oth­er formats.

We are thrilled to col­lab­or­ate with world-class sci­entif­ic pub­lish­er MSP to cre­ate di­git­al rep­licas worthy of the ca­non­ic­al volumes which Don­ald Knuth has con­trib­uted to the dis­cip­line of com­puter sci­ence over the past five dec­ades. Fans of Knuth have been ask­ing for di­git­al ver­sions of these clas­sic works for a long time, and we are pleased to have fi­nally found a part­ner cap­able of de­liv­er­ing the level of qual­ity these books de­serve.

Mark Taub  (Ed­it­or-in-Chief, Pear­son Tech­no­logy Group)

Publishing the Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry

Start­ing in 2014, the Journ­al of Soft­ware for Al­gebra and Geo­metry is pub­lished by MSP, us­ing Ed­it­Flow® and our pro­duc­tion and host­ing ser­vices. JSAG is a dia­mond open ac­cess journ­al (free to read, free to pub­lish).