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ISSN: 1948-206X (e-only)
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Nicolas Burq
partial differential equations,
scattering theory, control of PDEs

Massimiliano Berti

Sun-Yung Alice Chang
geometric partial differential
and partial differential equations
in conformal geometry.

Michael Christ
Fourier analysis, partial differential
equations, complex analysis in several

Charles Fefferman
Fourier analysis and related topics
Alessio Figalli
calculus of variations,
elliptic partial differential equations,
geometric measure theory,
optimal transportation.

Patrick Gérard

Ursula Hamenstaedt
dynamical systems, spectral theory
Vaughan Jones
operator algebras, mathematical physics
and low dimensional topology

Vadim Kaloshin

Herbert Koch
partial differential equations
Izabella Laba
harmonic analysis, geometric measure
theory, combinatorics and combinatorial
number theory

Gilles Lebeau
microlocal analysis, control of
partial differential equations,
dispersive equations

László Lempert
complex analysis and geometry
Richard B. Melrose

Frank Merle
qualitative properties, singularity of
solutions of nonlinear partial
differential equations

William Minicozzi
geometric analysis, differential geometry,
minimal surfaces, harmonic maps, and
geometric evolution equations.

Clément Mouhot

Werner Müller
Geometric analysis, spectral theory,
automorphic forms

Yuval Peres
probability theory and statistical physics,
in particular random walks, potential theory,
Brownian motion, percolation, Markov chain
mixing rates, Ising model on graphs.
Hausdorff dimension problems and analysis
of fractal sets, ergodic theory

Gilles Pisier
Banach spaces, operator spaces,
operator algebras, harmonic analysis,
martingales and non-commutative

Tristan Rivière
nonlinear PDE, geometric analysis,
variational problems in physics and
geometry, geometric measure theory

Igor Rodnianski
partial differential equations and
mathematical physics

Wilhelm Schlag
linear and nonlinear dispersive equations,
spectral and scattering theory, random
operators, in particular Anderson localization

Sylvia Serfaty
calculus of variations, variational problems
for physics, singular perturbations,
Ginzburg–Landau equations, elliptic
equations. Optimal control, viscosity
solutions, geometric flows and optimal

Yum-Tong Siu
several complex variables, geometric
analysis, differential geometry
and algebraic geometry

Terence Tao
harmonic analysis, time-frequency
analysis, nonlinear wave equations,
nonlinear dispersive equations,
connections with number theory,
combinatorics, geometric measure
theory, and ergodic theory

Michael E. Taylor
partial differential equations
Gunther Uhlmann
inverse problems, microlocal analysis,
scattering theory, equations with
multiple characteristics.

András Vasy
microlocal analysis, scattering theory
and wave propagation

Dan Virgil Voiculescu
operator algebras, free probability
theory, random matrices.

Simone Warzel
mathematical physics
Steve Zelditch
spectral geometry, complex geometry,
mathematical physics

Maciej Zworski
partial differential equations,
microlocal analysis, mathematical