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On Hilbert's 17th problem in low degree

Olivier Benoist

Automatic sequences and curves over finite fields

Andrew Bridy

Iwasawa theory and zeta elements for $\mathbb{G}_m$

David Burns, Masato Kurihara, Takamichi Sano

$\mathfrak{p}$-rigidity and Iwasawa $\mu$-invariants

Ashay A. Burungale, Haruzo Hida

The sixth moment of automorphic L-functions

Vorrapan Chandee, Xiannan Li

A uniform classification of discrete series representations of affine Hecke algebras

Dan Ciubotaru, Eric Opdam

The degree of the Gauss map of the theta divisor

Giulio Codogni, Samuel Grushevsky, Edoardo Sernesi

Erratum to Frobenius and valuation rings

Rankeya Datta, Karen E. Smith

The motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants of (-2) curves

Ben Davison, Sven Meinhardt

Cup products of line bundles on homogeneous varieties and generalized PRV components of multiplicity one

Ivan Dimitrov, Mike Roth

The umbral moonshine module for the unique unimodular Niemeier root system

John F. R. Duncan, Jeffrey A. Harvey

Test vectors and central L-values for GL(2)

Daniel File, Kimball Martin, Ameya Pitale

The equations defining blowup algebras of height three Gorenstein ideals

Andrew R. Kustin, Claudia Polini, Bernd Ulrich

On an analogue of the Ichino-Ikeda conjecture for Whittaker coefficients on the metaplectic group

Erez Lapid, Zhengyu Mao

Analytic functions on tubes of non-Archimedean analytic spaces

Florent Martin, Christian Kappen

A duality in Buchsbaum rings and triangulated manifolds

Satoshi Murai, Isabella Novik, Ken-ichi Yoshida

A generalization of Kato's local ε-conjecture for (φ,Γ)-modules over the Robba ring

Kentaro Nakamura

First covering of Drinfel'd upper half plane and Banach representations of $GL_2(\mathbb{Q}_p)$

Lue Pan

A new equivariant in non-Archimedean dynamics

Robert Rumely

Hybrid sup-norm bounds for Maass newforms of powerful level

Abhishek Saha

Geometry on totally separably closed schemes

Stefan Schröer

Gowers norms of multiplicative functions in progressions on average

Xuancheng Shao

On pairs of p-adic L-functions for weight two modular forms

Florian Sprung

Modular curves of prime-power level with infinitely many rational points

Andrew V. Sutherland, David Zywina

An explicit bound for the least prime ideal in the Chebotarev density theorem

Jesse Thorner, Asif Zaman

Mass formulas for local Galois representations and quotient singularities II: dualities and resolution of singularities

Melanie Matchett Wood, Takehiko Yasuda