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The one-phase problem for harmonic measure in two-sided NTA domains

Jonas Azzam, Mihalis Mourgoglou, Xavier Tolsa

Kinetic formulation of vortex vector fields

Pierre Bochard, Radu Ignat

A Fourier restriction theorem for a two-dimensional surface of finite type

Stefan Buschenhenke, Detlef Müller, Ana Vargas

Focusing quantum many-body dynamics II: The rigorous derivation of the 1D focusing cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation from 3D

Xuwen Chen, Justin Holmer

Local exponential stabilization for a class of Korteweg-de Vries equations by means of time-varying feedback laws

Jean-Michel Coron, Ivonne Rivas, Shengquan Xiang

The weak-$A_\infty$ property of harmonic and $p$-harmonic measures implies uniform rectifiability

Steve Hofmann, Phi Le, José María Martell, Kaj Nyström

Conformally Euclidean metrics on $\R^n$ with arbitrary total $Q$-curvature

Ali Hyder

Distorted plane waves in chaotic scattering

Maxime Ingremeau

The Fuglede conejcture holds in $Z_p\times Z_p$

Alex Iosevich, Azita Mayeli, Jonathan Pakianathan

Improving Beckner's bound via Hermite functions

Paata Ivanisvili, Alexander Volberg

Geometric control condition for the wave equation with a time-dependent observation domain

Jérôme Le Rousseau, Gilles Lebeau, Peppino Terpolilli, Emmanuel Trélat

Convex integration for the Monge-Ampère equation in two dimensions

Marta Lewicka, Mohammad Reza Pakzad

Positivity for fourth-order semilinear problems related to the Kirchhoff-Love functional

Giulio Romani

Boundary estimates in elliptic homogenization

Zhongwei Shen

On 3D water waves system above a flat bottom

Xuecheng Wang