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In Forthcoming Issues
Sharp polynomial decay rates for the damped wave equation on the torus with an appendix by Stéphane Nonnenmacher

Nalini Anantharaman & Matthieu Léautaud

Convexity estimates for hypersurfaces moving by convex curvature functions

Ben Andrews & Mat Langford & James McCoy

Wave and Klein-Gordon equations on hyperbolic spaces

Jean-Philippe Anker & Vittoria Pierfelice

Dispersion for the Schrödinger equation on the line with multiple Dirac delta potentials and on delta trees

Valeria Banica & Liviu I. Ignat

Convexity of average operators for subsolutions to subelliptic equations

Andrea Bonfiglioli & Ermanno Lanconelli & Andrea Tommasoli

On the eigenvalues of Aharonov-Bohm operators with varying poles

Virginie Bonnaillie-Noël & Benedetta Noris & Manon Nys & Susanna Terracini

L^{p} and Schauder estimates for nonvariational operators structured on Hörmander vector fields with drift

Marco Bramanti & Maochun Zhu

Bohr's absolute convergence problem for $\mathcal{H}_p$-Dirichlet series in Banach spaces

Daniel Carando & Andreas Defant & Pablo Sevilla-Peris

On global uniqueness for an IBVP for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations

Pedro Caro & Ting Zhou

A partial data result for the magnetic Schrödinger inverse problem

Francis J. Chung

Erratum to "Poisson statistics for eigenvalues of continuum random Schrödinger operators", analysis and PDE~{\bf 3}, 49-80 (2010)

Jean-Michel Combes & François Germinet & Abel Klein

Semilinear geometric optics with boundary amplification

Jean-Francois Coulombel & Olivier Guès & Mark Williams

Global well-posedness of slightly supercritical active scalar equations

Michael Dabkowski & Alexander Kiselev & Luis Silvestre & Vlad Vicol

Well-posedness of the Stokes-Coriolis system in the half-space over a rough surface

Anne-Laure Dalibard & Christophe Prange

Two-phase problems with distributed source: regularity of the free boundary

Daniela De Silva & Fausto Ferrari & Sandro Salsa

A priori estimates for the complex Hessian equations

Slawomir Dinew & Slawomir Kolodziej

Spectral estimates on the sphere

Jean Dolbeault & Maria J. Esteban & Ari Laptev

Nondispersive decay for the cubic wave equation

Roland Donninger & Anil Zenginoğlu

The Aharonov-Bohm effect in spectral asymptotics

Gregory Eskin & James Ralston

The J-flow on Kahler surfaces: a boundary case

Hao Fang & Mijia Lai & Jian Song & Ben Weinkove

The 1-harmonic flow with values into a hyper-octant of the N-sphere

Lorenzo Giacomelli & Jose M. Mazón & Salvador Moll

Flag Hardy spaces and Marcinkiewicz multipliers on the Heisenberg group

Yongsheng Han & Guozhen Lu & Eric Sawyer

Prescription du spectre de Steklov dans une classe conforme

Pierre Jammes

The Calderón problem with partial data on manifolds and applications

Carlos Kenig & Mikko Salo

A non-self-adjoint Lebesgue decomposition

Matthew Kennedy & Dilian Yang

Angular energy quantization for linear elliptic systems with antisymmetric potentials and applications

Paul Laurain & Tristan Rivière

Orthonormal systems in linear spans

Allison Lewko & Mark Lewko

Uniformity of harmonic map heat flow at infinite time

Longzhi Lin

Strichartz estimates for Schrödinger equations with variable coefficients and unbounded potentials

Haruya Mizutani

The theory of Hahn meromorphic functions, a holomorphic Fredholm theorem and its applications

Jörn Müller & Alexander Strohmaier

The Cuntz semigroup and stability of close C*-algebras

Francesc Perera & Andrew Toms & Stuart White & Wilhelm Winter

Miura maps and inverse scattering for the Novikov-Veselov equation

Peter A. Perry

Quantized slow blow up dynamics for the corotational energy critical harmonic heat flow

Pierre Raphaël & Remi Schweyer

Scattering for a massless critical nonlinear wave equation in 2 space dimensions

Martin Sack

On the energy subcritical, non-linear wave equation in R^3 with radial data

Ruipeng Shen

Propagation of singularities for rough metrics

Hart F. Smith

A rotational approach to triple point obstructions

Noah Snyder

The global stability of the Minkowski spacetime solution to the Einstein-nonlinear electromagnetic system in wave coordinates

Jared Speck

A geometric tangential approach to sharp regularity for degenerate evolution equations

Eduardo V. Teixeira & José Miguel Urbano

The nonlinear Schrödinger equation ground states on product spaces

Susanna Terracini & Nikolay Tzvetkov & Nicola Visciglia

Decomposition rank of Z-stable C*-algebras

Aaron Tikuisis & Wilhelm Winter

Global well-posedness for the nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation with derivative in energy space

Yifei Wu