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A complete study of the lack of compactness and existence results of a fractional Nirenberg equation via a flatness hypothesis: Part I

Wael Abdelhedi, Hichem Chtioui, Hichem Hajaiej

Boundary $C^{1,\alpha}$ regularity of potential functions in optimal transportation with quadratic cost

Elina Andriyanova, Shibing Chen

Obstructions to the existence of limiting Carleman weights

Pablo Angulo-Ardoy, Daniel Faraco, Luis Guijarro, Alberto Ruiz

Dispersive estimates for the Schrödinger operator on step 2 stratified Lie groups

Hajer Bahouri, Clotilde Fermanian-Kammerer, Isabelle Gallagher

Asymptotic stability in the energy space for dark solitons of the Landau-Lifshitz equation

Yakine Bahri

Dispersive estimates in $\mathbb{R}^3$ with threshold eigenstates and resonances

Marius Beceanu

Finite chains inside thin subsets of ${\Bbb R}^d$

Michael Bennett, Alex Iosevich, Krystal Taylor

Sharp weighted norm estimates beyond Calderón-Zygmund theory

Frédéric Bernicot, Dorothee Frey, Stefanie Petermichl

On the negative spectrum of the Robin Laplacian in corner domains

Vincent Bruneau, Nicolas Popoff

Existence, uniqueness and optimal regularity results for very weak solutions to nonlinear elliptic systems

Miroslav Bulíček, Lars Diening, Sebastian Schwarzacher

The interior C^2 estimate for Monge-Ampere equation in dimension n=2

Chuanqiang Chen, Fei Han, Qianzhong Ou

Commutators with fractional differentiation and new characterizations of BMO-Sobolev spaces

Yanping Chen, Yong Ding, Guixiang Hong

Resonance free regions for nontrapping manifolds with cusps

Kiril Datchev

Bohnenblust-Hille inequalities for Lorentz spaces via interpolation

Andreas Defant, Mieczysław Mastyło

Peierls substitution for magnetic Bloch bands

Silvia Freund, Stefan Teufel

On polynomial configurations in fractal sets

Kevin Henriot, Izabella Laba, Malabika Pramanik

Mean ergodic theorem for amenable discrete quantum groups and a Wiener type theorem for compact metrizable groups

Huichi Huang

The Fuglede conejcture holds in $Z_p\times Z_p$

Alex Iosevich, Azita Mayeli, Jonathan Pakianathan

Time periodic approximations of the Euler-Poisson system near Lane-Emden stars

Juhi Jang

On well-posedness of the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation in scale critical $\hat{L}^r$ space

Satoshi Masaki, Jun-ichi Segata

A diffusive model for macroscopic crowd motion with density constraints

Alpár Richárd Mészáros, Filippo Santambrogio

Characterizing regularity of domains via the Riesz transforms on their boundaries

Dorina Mitrea, Marius Mitrea, Joan Verdera

Some counterexamples to Sobolev regularity for degenerate Monge-Ampère equations

Connor Mooney

Free pluriharmonic functions on noncommutative polyballs

Gelu Popescu

Regularity for parabolic integro-differential equations with very irregular kernels

Russell W. Schwab, Luis Silvestre

Local analytic regularity in the linearized Calderon Problem

Johannes Sjöstrand, Gunther Uhlmann

Multidimensional entire solutions for an elliptic system modelling phase separation

Nicola Soave, Alessandro Zilio

Interior nodal sets of Steklov eigenfunctions on surfaces

Jiuyi Zhu