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Generalizations of Pappus' centroid theorem via Stokes' theorem

Cole Adams, Stephen Lovett, Matthew McMillan

Connectivity of the zero-divisor graph for finite rings

Reza Akhtar, Lucas Lee

Coalitions and cliques in the school choice problem

Sinan Aksoy, Adam Azzam, Chaya Coppersmith, Julie Glass, Gizem Karaali, Xueying Zhao, Xinjing Zhu

Polygonal bicycle paths and the Darboux transformation

Ian Alevy, Emmanuel Tsukerman

Klein links and related torus links

Enrique Alvarado, Steven Beres, Vesta Coufal, Kaia Hlavacek, Joel Pereira, Brandon Reeves

Stick numbers in the simple hexagonal lattice

Ryan Bailey, Hans Chaumont, Melanie Dennis, Jennifer McLoud-Mann, Sara Melvin, Geoffrey Schuette, Elise McMahon

The chromatic polynomials of signed Petersen graphs

Matthias Beck, Erika Meza, Brian Nevarez, Alana Shine, Michael Young

A permutation test for three-dimensional rotation data

Daniel Bero, Melissa Bingham

Factor posets of frames and dual frames in finite dimensions

Kileen Berry, Martin S. Copenhaver, Eric Evert, Yeon Hyang Kim, Troy Klingler, Sivaram K. Narayan, Son T. Nghiem

Mutual estimates for the dyadic Reverse H\"{o}lder and Muckenhoupt constants for the dyadically doubling weights.

Oleksandra Beznosova, Temitope Ode

Knight's tours on boards with odd dimensions

Baoyue Bi, Steve Butler, Stephanie DeGraaf, Elizabeth Doebel

Proving the pressing game conjecture on linear graphs

Eliot Bixby, Toby Flint, István Miklós

An extention of Young's segregation game

Michael Borchert, Mark Burek, Rick Gillman, Spencer Roach

On the distribution of the greatest common divisor of Gaussian integers

Tai-Danae Bradley, Yin Choi Cheng, Yan Fei Luo

The kernel of the matrix i\cdot j mod n when n is prime

Maria Isabel Bueno Cachadina, Susana Furtado, Jennifer Karkoska, Kyanne Mayfield, Robert Samalis, Adam Telatovich

Domino tilings of Aztec diamonds, Baxter permutations, and Snow Leopard permutations

Ben Caffrey, Eric S. Egge, Gregory Michel, Kailee Rubin, Jonathan Ver Steegh

Depths and Stanley depths of path ideals of spines

Daniel Campos, Ryan Gunderson, Susan Morey, Chelsey Paulsen, Thomas Polstra

The zipper foldings of the diamond

Erin W. Chambers, Di Fang, Kyle Sykes, Cynthia M. Traub, Philip Trettenero

On counting limited outdegree grid digraphs and greatest increase grid digraphs

Joshua Chester, Linnea Edlin, Jonah Galeota-Sprung, Bradley Isom, Alexander Moore, Virginia Perkins, A. Malcolm Campbell, Todd Eckdahl, Laurie Heyer, Jeffrey Poet

Expected maximum vertex valence in pairs of polygonal triangulations

Timothy Chu, Sean Cleary

A variation on the game SET

David Clark, George Fisk, Nurullah Goren

Cylindrical liquid bridges

Lamont Colter, Ray Treinen

On closed graphs II

David A. Cox, Andrew Erskine

The Isoperimetric constant and Kazhdan constant of a Paley graph

Kevin Cramer, Mike Krebs, Nicole Shabazi, Anthony Shaheen, Edward Voskanian

The Weibull distribution and Benford's law

Victoria Cuff, Allison Lewis, Steven J. Miller

On the Independence and Domination Numbers of Replacement Product Graphs

Jay Cummings, Christine A. Kelley

Colorability and determinants of T(m,n,r,s) twisted torus knots for n ≡ ± 1 (mod m)

Matthew DeLong, Matthew Russell, Jonathan Schrock

Two-parameter taxicab trig functions

Kelly Delp, Michael Filipski

Outer billiards and tilings of the hyperbolic plane

Filiz Dogru, Emily M. Fischer, Cristian Mihai Munteanu

Polynomial equations over matrices

Colleen Duffy, Kaitlyn Phillipson

A contribution to the connections between Fibonacci numbers and matrix theory

Miriam Farber, Abraham Berman

Some projective distance inequalities for simplices in complex projective space

Mark Fincher, Heather Olney, William Cherry

Investigating cholera using an SIR model with age-class structure and optimal control

Katherine Fister, Holly Gaff, Elsa Schaefer, Glenna Buford, Bryce C. Norris

The delta squared conjecture holds for graphs of small order

Cole Franks

When the catenary degree meets the tame degree in embedding dimension three numerical semigroups

Pedro A. García-Sánchez, Caterina Viola

Sophie Germain primes and involutions of $\mathbb{Z}_n^\times$

Karenna Genzlinger, Keir Lockridge

On the cardinality of infinite symmetric groups

Matt Getzen

Co-circular relative equilibria of four vortices

Jonathan Gomez, Alexander Gutierrez, John B. Little, Roberto Pelayo, Jesse Robert

Local well-posedness of a nonlocal burgers equation

Sam Goodchild, Hang Yang

On the Levi graph of point-line configurations

Jessica Hauschild, Jazmin Ortiz, Oscar Vega

Linear symplectomorphisms as R-Lagrangian subspaces

Chris Hellmann, Brennan Langenbach, Michael VanValkenburgh

Differentiation with respect to parameters of solutions of nonlocal boundary value problems for difference equations

Johnny Henderson, Xuewei Jiang

Using ciliate operations to construct chromosome phylogenies

Jacob L. Herlin, Anna Nelson, Marion Scheepers

Maximization of the size of monic orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle corresponding to the measures in the Steklov class

John Hoffman, McKinley Meyer, Mariya Sardarli, Alex Sherman

Differentiation properties of the perimeter to area ratio for finitely many overlapped unit squares

Paul D. Humke, Cameron Marcott, Bjorn Mellem, Cole Stiegler

A numerical investigation of level sets of extremal Sobolev functions

Stefan Juhnke, Jesse Ratzkin

On distance labelings of amalgamations and injective labelings of general graphs

Nathan Karst, Jessica Oehrlein, Denise Troxell, Junjie Zhu

Global regularity of chemotaxis equations with advection

Saad Khan, Jay Johnson, Elliot Cartee, Yao Yao

On symplectic capacities of toric domains

Michael Landry, Matthew McMillan, Emmanuel Tsukerman

On the number of pairwise touching simplices

Bas Lemmens, Christopher Parsons

Parameter identification and sensitivity analysis to a thermal diffusivity inverse problem

Brian Leventhal, Xiaojing Fu, Kathleen Fowler, Owen Eslinger

Radio number for fourth power paths

Min-Lin Lo, Linda Alegria

Completions of reduced local rings with prescribed minimal prime ideals

Susan Loepp, Byron Perpetua

A new partial ordering of knots

Arazelle Mendoza, Tara Sargent, John Travis Shrontz, Paul Drube

Embedding groups into distributive subsets of the monoid of binary operations

Gregory Mezera

Combinatorics of linked systems of quartet trees

Emili Moan, Joseph Rusinko

On the ribbon graphs of links in real projective space

Iain Moffatt, Johanna Strömberg

Harnack's Inequality for Second Order Linear Ordinary Differential Inequalities

Ahmed Mohammed, Hannah Turner

On weak lattice point visibility

Neil R. Nicholson, Rebecca Rachan

Persistence: a digit problem.

Stephanie Perez, Robert Alan Styer

3F2-Hypergeometric functions and supersingular elliptic curves

Sarah Pitman

Power values of the product of the Euler function and sum of Divisors function

Luis Elesban Santos Cruz, Florian Luca

A simplification of grid equivalence

Nancy Scherich

An optional unrelated question RRT model

Jeong S. Sihm, Anu Chhabra, Sat N. Gupta

A mathematical model for the emergence of HIV drug resistance during periodic bang-bang type antiretroviral treatment

Nicoleta Tarfulea, Paul Read

Polygonal Dissections and Reversions of Series

Gwyneth Whieldon, Alison Schuetz

A type of multiple integral with loggamma function

Duokui Yan, Rongchang Liu, Geng-zhe Chang

Adjacency matrices of zero-divisor graphs of integers modulo n

Matthew Young