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Generalizations of Pappus' centroid theorem via Stokes' theorem

Cole Adams & Stephen Lovett & Matthew McMillan

Coalitions and cliques in the school choice problem

Sinan Aksoy & Adam Azzam & Chaya Coppersmith & Julie Glass & Gizem Karaali & Xueying Zhao & Xinjing Zhu

Border rank of ternary trilinear forms and the j-invariant

Derek Allums & Joseph Montague Landsberg

On attractors and their basins

Alexander Arbieto & Davi Obata

Degree 14 2-adic fields

Chad Awtrey & Nicole Miles & Jonathan Milstead & Christopher Shill & Erin Strosnider

An exploration of ideal-divisor graphs

Michael Axtell & Joe Stickles & Lane Bloome & Rob Donovan & Paul Milner & Hailee Peck & Abigail Richard & Tristan Williams

Stick numbers in the simple hexagonal lattice

Ryan Bailey & Hans Chaumont & Melanie Dennis & Jennifer McLoud-Mann & Sara Melvin & Geoffrey Schuette & Elise McMahon

Path cover number, maximum nullity, and zero forcing number of oriented graphs and other simple digraphs

Adam Berliner & Cora Brown & Joshua Carlson & Nathanael Cox & Leslie Hogben & Jason Hu & Katrina Jacobs & Kathryn Manternach & Travis Peters & Nathan Warnberg & Michael Young

A permutation test for three-dimensional rotation data

Daniel Bero & Melissa Bingham

Knight's tours on boards with odd dimensions

Baoyue Bi & Steve Butler & Stephanie DeGraaf & Elizabeth Doebel

An extention of Young's segregation game

Michael Borchert & Mark Burek & Rick Gillman & Spencer Roach

A note on triangulations of sum sets

Károly Böröczky Jr. & Benjamin Hoffman

On the ε-ascent chromatic index of complete graphs

J. A. Breytenbach & Kieka Mynhardt

Non-real zero decreasing operators related to orthogonal polynomials

Andre Bunton & Nicole Jacobs & Samantha Jenkins & Charles McKenry Jr. & Andrzej Piotrowski & Louis Scott

Braid computations for the crossing number of Klein links

Michael Bush & Danielle Shepherd & Joseph Smith & Sarah Smith-Polderman & Jennifer Bowen & John Ramsay

Counting set classes with Burnside's lemma

Joshua Case & Lori Koban & Jordan LeGrand

The zipper foldings of the diamond

Erin W. Chambers & Di Fang & Kyle Sykes & Cynthia M. Traub & Philip Trettenero

Expected maximum vertex valence in pairs of polygonal triangulations

Timothy Chu & Sean Cleary

The number of convex topologies on a finite totally ordered set

Tyler Clark & Tom Richmond

Average reductions between random tree pairs

Sean Cleary & John Passaro & Yasser Toruno

Cylindrical liquid bridges

Lamont Colter & Ray Treinen

Colorability and determinants of T(m,n,r,s) twisted torus knots for n ≡ ± 1 (mod m)

Matthew DeLong & Matthew Russell & Jonathan Schrock

Two-parameter taxicab trig functions

Kelly Delp & Michael Filipski

Outer billiards and tilings of the hyperbolic plane

Filiz Dogru & Emily M. Fischer & Cristian Mihai Munteanu

Polynomial equations over matrices

Colleen Duffy & Kaitlyn Phillipson

An Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem for subset partitions

Adam Dyck & Karen Meagher

A contribution to the connections between Fibonacci numbers and matrix theory

Miriam Farber & Abraham Berman

Non-ultrametric triangles in diametral additive metric spaces

Timothy Faver & Katelynn Kochalski & Mathav Kishore Murugan & Heidi Verheggen & Elizabeth Wesson & Anthony Weston

Bisection envelopes

Noah Fechtor-Pradines

The failed zero forcing number of a graph

Katherine Fetcie & Bonnie Jacob & Daniel Saavedra

Some projective distance inequalities for simplices in complex projective space

Mark Fincher & Heather Olney & William Cherry

The delta squared conjecture holds for graphs of small order

Cole Franks

Growth functions of finitely generated algebras

Eric Fredette & Dan Kubala & Eric Nelson & Kelsey Wells & Harold W. Ellingsen Jr.

An elementary approach to characterizing the Sheffer A-type 0 orthogonal polynomial sequences

D. J. Galiffa & T. N. Riston

When the catenary degree meets the tame degree in embedding dimension three numerical semigroups

Pedro A. García-Sánchez & Caterina Viola

Sophie Germain primes and involutions of $\mathbb{Z}_n^\times$

Karenna Genzlinger & Keir Lockridge

On the cardinality of infinite symmetric groups

Matt Getzen

Local well-posedness of a nonlocal burgers equation

Sam Goodchild & Hang Yang

Linear symplectomorphisms as R-Lagrangian subspaces

Chris Hellmann & Brennan Langenbach & Michael VanValkenburgh

Differentiation with respect to parameters of solutions of nonlocal boundary value problems for difference equations

Johnny Henderson & Xuewei Jiang

Maximization of the size of monic orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle corresponding to the measures in the Steklov class

John Hoffman & Mckinley Meyer & Mariya Sardarli & Alex Sherman

Differentiation properties of the perimeter to area ratio for finitely many overlapped unit squares

Paul D. Humke & Cameron Marcott & Bjorn Mellem & Cole Stiegler

Enhancing multiple testing: two applications of the probability of correct selection statistic

Erin Irwin & Jason Wilson

Ordering graphs in a normalized singular value measure

Charles Johnson & Brian Lins & Victor Luo & Sean Meehan

A numerical investigation of level sets of extremal Sobolev functions

Stefan Juhnke & Jesse Ratzkin

Convergence of the maximum zeros of a class of Fibonacci-type polynomials

Kristi Karber & Rebecca Miller

On distance labelings of amalgamations and injective labelings of general graphs

Nathan Karst & Jessica Oehrlein & Denise Troxell & Junjie Zhu

On symplectic capacities of toric domains

Michael Landry & Matthew McMillan & Emmanuel Tsukerman

On the number of pairwise touching simplices

Bas Lemmens & Christopher Parsons

Crossings of complex line segments

Samuli Leppänen

Parameter identification and sensitivity analysis to a thermal diffusivity inverse problem

Brian Leventhal & Xiaojing Fu & Kathleen Fowler & Owen Eslinger

Efficient realization of nonzero spectra by polynomial matrices

Nathan McNew & Nicholas Ormes

A new partial ordering of knots

Arazelle Mendoza & Tara Sargent & John Travis Shrontz & Paul Drube

Embedding groups into distributive subsets of the monoid of binary operations

Gregory Mezera

On the least prime congruent to one modulo n

Jackson S. Morrow

Persistence: a digit problem.

Stephanie Perez & Robert Alan Styer

3F2-Hypergeometric functions and supersingular elliptic curves

Sarah Pitman

Iteration digraphs of a linear function

Hannah Roberts

More explicit formulas for Bernoulli and Euler numbers

Francesca Romano

Power values of the product of the Euler function and sum of Divisors function

Luis Elesban Santos Cruz & Florian Luca

Numerical integration of rational bubble functions with multiple singularities

Michael Schneier

An optional unrelated question RRT model

Jeong S. Sihm & Anu Chhabra & Sat N. Gupta

A mathematical model for the emergence of HIV drug resistance during periodic bang-bang type antiretroviral treatment

Nicoleta Tarfulea & Paul Read

A type of multiple integral with loggamma function

Duokui Yan & Rongchang Liu & Geng-zhe Chang

Adjacency matrices of zero-divisor graphs of integers modulo n

Matthew Young

Finite groups with some weakly $s$-permutably embedded and weakly $s$-supplemented subgroups

Guo Zhong & Xuanlong Ma & Shixun Lin & Jiayi Xia & Jianxing Jin