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The vibration spectrum of two Euler-Bernoulli beams coupled via a dissipative joint

Chris Abriola, Matthew P. Coleman, Aglika Darakchieva, Tyler Wales

Lifting representations of finite reductive groups: a character relation

Jeffrey D. Adler, Michael Cassel, Joshua Lansky, Emma Morgan, Yifei Zhao

Splitting techniques and Betti numbers of secant powers

Reza Akhtar, Brittany Burns, Hannah Hoganson, Haley Dohrmann, Ola Sobieska, Zerotti Woods

Connectivity of the zero-divisor graph for finite rings

Reza Akhtar, Lucas Lee

Spectrum of a composition operator with automorphic symbol

Robert F. Allen, Thong M. Le, Matthew A. Pons

Existence of positive solutions for an approximation of stationary mean-field games

Nojood Almayouf, Elena Bachini, Andreia Chapouto, Rita Ferreira, Diogo Gomes, Daniela Jordão, David Evangelista Junior, Avetik Karagulyan, Juan Monasterio, Levon Nurbekyan, Giorgia Pagliar, Marco Piccirilli, Sagar Pratapsi, Mariana Prazeres, João Reis, André Rodrigues, Orlando Romero, Maria Sargsyan, Tommaso Seneci, Chuliang Song, Kengo Terai, Ryota Tomisaki, Hector Velasco-Perez, Vardan Voskanyan, Xianjin Yang

Total variation based denoising methods for speckle noise images

Arundhati Bagchi Misra, Ethan Lockhart, Hyeona Lim

Graphs on 21 edges that are not 2-apex

Jamison Barsotti, Thomas W. Mattman

The multiplicity of solutions for a system of second order differential equations

Olivia Bennett, Daniel Brumley, Britney Hopkins, Kristi Karber, Thomas Milligan

k-dependence on a hexagonal board

Berkeley Bishop, Robert Doughty, Jessica Gonda, Adriana Morales, Josiah Reiswig, Katherine Slyman, Daniel Pritikin

Loxodromes on hypersurfaces of revolution

Jacob Blackwood, Adam Dukehart, Mohammad Javaheri

Presentations of Roger and Yang's Kauffman bracket arc algebras

Martin Bobb, Dylan Peifer, Stephen Kennedy, Helen Wong

Optimal Transportation with Constant Constraint

Wyatt Boyer, Bryan Brown, Alyssa Loving, Sarah Tammen

On the Chermak-Delgado lattices of split metacyclic p-groups

Erin Brush, Jill Dietz, Kendra Johnson-Tesch, Brianne Power

The lifting of graphs to 3-uniform hypergraphs and some applications to hypergraph Ramsey theory

Mark Budden, Josh Hiller, Joshua Lambert, Chris Sanford

Avoiding approximate repetitions with respect to the longest common subsequence distance

Serina Camungol, Narad Rampersad

Three approaches to a bracket polynomial for singular links

Carmen Caprau, Alex Chichester, Patrick Chu

Bases for the global Weyl modules of $\mathfrak{sl}_n$ of highest weight $m\omega_1$

Samuel Chamberlin, Amanda Croan

When is a subgroup of a ring an ideal?

Sunil Kumar Chebolu, Christina L. Henry

A necessary and sufficient condition for coincidence with the weak topology

Joseph Clanin, Kristopher Lee

Sums of squares in quaternion rings

Anna Cooke, Spencer Hamblen, Sam Whitfield

A new look at Apollonian circle packings

Isabel Corona, Carolynn Johnson, Lon Mitchell, Dylan O'Connell

Pattern avoidance in double lists

Charles Cratty, Samuel Erickson, Frehiwet Negassi, Lara Pudwell

On nonabelian representations of twist knots

James C. Dean, Anh T. Tran

Gonality of random graphs

Andrew Deveau, David Jensen, Jenna Kainic, Dan Mitropolsky

Peak Sets of Classical Coxeter Groups

Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Pamela E. Harris, Erik Insko, Darleen Perez-Lavin

Prime vertex labelings of several families of graphs

Nathan Diefenderfer, Dana C. Ernst, Michael G. Hastings, Levi Heath, Hannah Prawzinsky, Briahna Preston, Jeff Rushall, Emily White, Alyssa Whittemore

Oscillation of solutions to non-linear first-order delay differential equations

James P. Dix, Julio G. Dix

Some nonsimple modules for centralizer algebras of the symmetric group

Craig Dodge, Harald Ellers, Yukihide Nakada, Kelly Pohland

A generalization of Zeckendorf's theorem via circumscribed m-gons

Robert Dorward, Pari L. Ford, Eva Fourakis, Pamela E. Harris, Steven J. Miller, Eyvi Palsson, Hannah Paugh

Fox coloring and the minimum number of colors

Mohamed Elhamdadi, Jeremy Kerr

Quantum Schubert polynomials for the G_2 flag manifold

Rachel E. Elliott, Mark E. Lewers, Leonardo C. Mihalcea

Factorization of Temperley–Lieb diagrams

Dana C. Ernst, Michael G. Hastings, Sarah K. Salmon

Intrinsically triple-linked graphs in RP3

Jared Federman, Joel Foisy, Kristin McNamara, Emily Stark

Jacobian varieties of Hurwitz curves with automorphism group PSL(2,q)

Allison Fischer, Mouchen Liu, Jennifer Paulhus

Strong depth and quasi-geodesics in finitely generated groups

Brian Gapinski, Matthew Horak, Tyler Weber

Co-circular relative equilibria of four vortices

Jonathan Gomez, Alexander Gutierrez, John B. Little, Roberto Pelayo, Jesse Robert

Explicit bounds for the pseudospectra of various classes of matrices and operators

Feixue Gong, Olivia Meyerson, Jeremy Meza, Mihai Stoiciu, Abigail Ward

Note on superpatterns

Daniel Gray, Hua Wang

Convergence of sequences of polygons

Eric Hintikka, Xingping Sun

Rank disequilibrium in multiple-criteria evaluation schemes

Jonathan K. Hodge, Faye Sprague-Williams, Jamie Woelk

Envelope curves and equidistant sets

Mark Huibregtse, Adam Winchell

A family of elliptic curves of rank $ >=4$

Farzali Izadi, Kamran Nabardi

New examples of Brunnian theta graphs

Byoungwook Jang, Anna Kronaeur, Pratap Luitel, Daniel Medici, Scott A. Taylor, Alexander Zupan

The irreducibility of polynomials related to a question of Schur

Lenny Jones, Alicia Lamarche

Characterizations of the round two-dimensional sphere in terms of closed geodesics

Lee Kennard, Jordan Rainone

Dynamics of vertical real rhombic Weierstrass elliptic functions

Lorelei Koss, Katie Roy

Loewner deformations driven by the Weierstrass function

Joan Lind, Jessica Robins

Stability analysis for numerical methods applied to an inner ear model.

Kimberley Lindenberg, Kees Vuik, Pieter van Hengel

Generalized factorization in Z/mZ

Austin Mahlum, Christopher Park Mooney

A generalization of the matrix transpose map and its relationship to the twist of the polynomial ring by an automorphism

Andrew McGinnis, Michaela Vancliff

Mixing times for the Rook's walk via path coupling

Cam McLeman, Peter T. Otto, John Rahmani, Matthew Sutter

A modified wavelet method for identifying transient features in time signals with applications to bean beetle maturation

David McMorris, Paul Pearson, Brian Yurk

A Combinatorial Proof of Decomposition Property of Reduced Residue Systems

Yotsanan Meemark, Thanakorn Prinyasart

Combinatorial curve neighborhoods for the affine flag manifold of type $A_1^1$

Leonardo C. Mihalcea, Trevor Norton

On weak lattice point visibility

Neil R. Nicholson, Rebecca Rachan

Discrete dynamics of contractions on graphs

Olena Ostapyuk, Mark Ronnenberg

Rings of invariants for the three dimensional modular representations of elementary abelian $p$-groups of rank four

Théo Pierron, R. James Shank

Enumeration of m-endomorphisms

Louis Rubin, Brian Rushton

A variational approach to a generalized elastica problem

C. Alex Safsten, Logan C. Tatham, Denise M. Halverson

On the structure of symmetric spaces of semidihedral groups

Jennifer Schaefer, Kathryn Schlechtweg

Prime labelings of generalized Petersen graphs

Steven A. Schluchter, Justin Z. Schroeder, Kathryn Cokus, Ryan Ellingson, Hayley Harris, Ethan Rarity, Thomas Wilson

Leverage centrality of knight's graphs and Cartesian products of regular graphs and path powers

Anika Sharma, Roger Vargas, Jr., Abigail Waldron, Rigoberto Flórez, Darren A. Narayan

Affine hyperbolic toral automorphisms

Colin Thomson, Donna K. Molinek

Symplectic embeddings of 4-dimensional ellipsoids into polydiscs

Max Timmons, Priera Panescu, Madeleine Burkhart

An Iterative Strategy for Lights Out on Petersen Graphs

Bruce Torrence, Robert Torrence

The left-greedy Lie algebra basis and star graphs

Benjamin Walter, Aminreza Shiri

Bootstrap Techniques for Measures of Center for Three-Dimensional Rotation Data

L. Katie Will, Melissa Bingham

Mathematical modeling of a surface morphological instability of a thin monocrystal film in a strong electric field

Aaron Wingo, Selahittin Cinar, Kurt Woods, Mikhail Khenner