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A solution to a problem of Frechette and Locus

Chenthuran Abeyakaran

Numerical existence and stability of steady state solutions to the distributed spruce budworm model

Hala Al-Khalil, Catherine Brennan, Robert Decker, Aslihan Demirkaya, Jamie Nagode

Coincidences among skew stable and dual stable Grothendieck polynomials

Ethan Alwaise, Shuli Chen, Alexander Clifton, Rebecca Patrias, Rohil Prasad, Madeline Shinners, Albert Zheng

A generalization of Eulerian numbers via rook placements

Esther Banaian, Steve Butler, Christopher Cox, Jeffrey Davis, Jacob Landgraf, Scarlitte Ponce

Equivalence classes of GL(p)\timesGL(q) orbits in the flag variety of gl(p+q, C)

Leticia Barchini, Nina Williams

The Hamiltonian problem and $t$-path traceable graphs

Kashif Bari, Michael E. O'Sullivan

Labeling crossed prisms with a condition at distance two

Matthew Beaudouin-Lafon, Serena Chen, Nathaniel Karst, Jessica Oehrlein, Denise Sakai Troxell

Global sensitivity analysis in a mathematical model of the renal insterstitium

Mariel Bedell, Claire Yilin Lin, Emmie Roman-Melendez, Ioannis Sgouralis

A probabilistic heuristic for counting components of functional graphs of polynomials over finite fields

Elisa Bellah, Derek Garton, Erin Tannenbaum, Noah Walton

Hexatonic systems and dual groups in mathematical music theory

Cameron Berry, Thomas M. Fiore

The isoperimetric problem in the plane with the sum of two Gaussian densities

John Berry, Matthew Dannenberg, Jason Liang, Yingyi Zeng

New approximations for the area of the Mandelbrot

Daniel Bittner, Long Cheong, Dante Gates, Hiêú D. Nguyễn

Optimal Transportation with Constant Constraint

Wyatt Boyer, Bryan Brown, Alyssa Loving, Sarah Tammen

Integer solutions to x^2 + y^2 = z^2 - k for a fixed integer value k

Wanda Boyer, Gary MacGillivray, Laura Morrison, Kieka Mynhardt, Shahla Nasserasr

Double bubbles in hyperbolic surfaces

Wyatt Boyer, Bryan Brown, Alyssa Loving, Sarah Tammen

On the tree cover number of a graph

Chassidy Bozeman, Minerva Catral, Brendan Cook, Oscar E. González, Carolyn Reinhart

Matrix Completions for Linear Matrix Equations

Geoffrey Buhl, Elijah Cronk, Rosa Moreno, Kirsten Morris, Dianne Pedroza, Jack Ryan

Enumerating spherical n-links

Madeleine Burkhart, Joel Foisy

Generalized exponential sums and the power of computers

Francis N. Castro, Oscar E. González, Luis A. Medina

Extending hypothesis testing with persistence homology to three or more groups

Christopher Cericola, Inga Johnson, Joshua Kiers, Mitchell Krock, Jordan Purdy, Johanna Torrence

Bases for the global Weyl modules of $\mathfrak{sl}_n$ of highest weight $m\omega_1$

Samuel Chamberlin, Amanda Croan

Domination with decay in triangular matchstick arrangement graphs

Jill Cochran, Terry Henderson, Aaron Ostrander, Ron Taylor

Sums of squares in quaternion rings

Anna Cooke, Spencer Hamblen, Sam Whitfield

Algorithms for finding knight's tours on aztec diamonds

Samantha Davies, Chenxiao Xue, Carl R. Yerger

The behavior of a population interaction-diffusion equation in its subcritical regime

Mitchell Davis, David Wollkind, Richard Cangelosi, Bonni Kealy-Dichone

On uniform large-scale volume growth for the Carnot-Carathéodory metric on unbounded model hypersurfaces in $\mathbb{C}^2$

Ethan Dlugie, Aaron Peterson

New algorithms for modular inversion and representation by the form x2 + 3xy + y2

Christina Doran, Shen Lu, Barry R. Smith

The H-Linked Degree-Sum Parameter For Special Graph Families

Lydia East Kenney, Jeffrey S. Powell

Merging peg solitaire on graphs

John Engbers, Ryan Weber

Weak and strong solutions to the inverse-square brachistochrone problem on circular and annular domains

Christopher Grimm, John A. Gemmer

The Truncated and Supplemented Pascal Matrix and Applications

Michael Hua, Steven Damelin, Jeffrey Sun, Ming Yu

Normal forms of endomorphism-valued power series

Christopher Keane, Szilárd Szabó

On Halving-Edges Graphs

Tanya Khovanova, Dai Yang

Knot mosaic tabulation

Hwa Jeong Lee, Lewis D. Ludwig, Joseph S. Paat, Amanda Peiffer

Continuous dependence and differentiating solutions of a second order boundary value problem with average value condition

Jeffrey W. Lyons, Samantha A. Major, Kaitlyn B. Seabrook

Spectrum of the Laplacian on radial graphs

Rodrigo Matos, José Fabio Montenegro

Explicit representations of 3-dimensional Sklyanin algebras associated to a point of order 2

Daniel J. Reich, Chelsea Walton

On the structure of symmetric spaces of semidihedral groups

Jennifer Schaefer, Kathryn Schlechtweg

Leverage centrality of knight's graphs and Cartesian products of regular graphs and path powers

Anika Sharma, Roger Vargas, Jr., Abigail Waldron, Rigoberto Flórez, Darren A. Narayan

Variations of the Greenberg unrelated question binary model

David P. Suarez, Sat N. Gupta

Optimal aggression in kleptoparasitic interactions

David G. Sykes, Jan Rychtář

On computable classes of equidistant sets: finite focal sets

Csaba Vincze, Adrienn Varga, Márk Oláh, László Fórián, Sándor Lőrinc

Relations between the conditions of admitting cycles in Boolean and ODE network systems

Yunjiao Wang, Busie Omidiran, Franklin Kigwe, Kiran Chilakamarri