Volume 11 (2007)

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Courses given during the school
(9–14 August 2004)

John Hubbuck

Invariant theory and the Steenrod algebra

Haynes Miller

The theory of p–compact groups

Stewart Priddy

Stable splittings of classifying spaces of finite groups

Talks given during the conference
(16–20 August 2004)

Tilman Bauer

Adjoint spaces and flag varieties of p–compact groups

Carles Broto

Cohomology of exotic finite Chevalley p–local finite groups

Jesper Grodal

Root systems for p–compact groups

Lê Minh Hà

Robinson bicomplex revisited

Hans-Werner Henn

The cohomology of the second Morava stabilizer group at p=2 revisited

Kenshi Ishiguro

Classifying spaces of compact Lie groups that are p–compact for a set of prime numbers

Masaki Kameko

Mui's invariants and Milnor's operations

Nick Kuhn

The cohomology of G as an Out(G)–module, from the unstable point of view

John Martino

Homotopy equivalence of posets of subgroups of compact Lie groups

Mamoru Mimura

Stiefel–Whitney classes and representations of the exceptional Lie group E8

Phạm Anh Minh

Any nilpotency degree occurs in mod–p cohomology of p–groups

Trần Ngọc Nam

The cohomology of some classifying spaces

Mara Neusel

Inseparable extensions over the Steenrod algebra

Dietrich Notbohm

Simplicial complexes, Stanley Reisner algebras and topological interpretations

John Palmieri

The complete lambda algebra

Geoffrey Powell

Endomorphisms of the cohomology of Eilenberg–MacLane spaces

Peter Symonds

Permutation complexes for profinite groups

Michishige Tezuka

On the mod–ℓ cohomology of finite Chevalley groups

Antonio Viruel

All p–local finite groups of rank two for odd prime p

Frank Williams

Presentations of algebras and modules over the Steenrod algebra

Nobuaki Yagita

Stable splitting and cohomology of p–local finite groups associated to the extraspecial p–group order p3 and exponent p

Huỳnh Mùi
Group photograph