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Innovations in Incidence Geometry: Algebraic, Topological and Combinatorial publishes carefully selected and peer-reviewed original research papers of the highest quality about all aspects of incidence geometry. These include

  • computational geometry,
  • finite algebraic geometry,
  • finite and combinatorial geometry,
  • Galois geometry,
  • generalized polygons and other rank-2 geometries,
  • geometry of groups,
  • incidence geometric aspects of algebraic combinatorics,
  • projective and affine planes,
  • Tits-buildings and diagram geometries,
  • topological geometry.

IIG was first published at Ghent University in 2005. MSP started publishing it in 2018.

A Short History of IIG

The first volume of the journal Innovations in Incidence Geometry appeared in 2005, now almost 13 years ago, and developed from a journal only known to insiders to a highly regarded journal which is often cited inside and outside the community of people working in incidence geometry. During all those years, it was run on a mostly voluntary basis, and the practical work of copy-editing and monitoring submissions was taken care of by ourselves. As the number of submissions increased, this resulted in a heavier working load, which unfortunately also resulted in some substantial delays in publishing some of the latest volumes of the journal.

For these reasons, we decided to find a suitable respectable publishing house that could take over the administrative work from us and at the same time use its experience to bring our journal to a higher level, including making it better known and making it more attractive for authors.

We are truly delighted that MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers) has agreed to take up the gauntlet. We can be assured that this will help bringing the journal to a next stage. To emphasize the fact that this is more than just a continuation of the journal by a new publisher, we have, at the same time, extended the journal's name, which now reads “Innovations in Incidence Geometry: algebraic, combinatorial and topological”, and therefore aims to attract a wider audience. We have also correspondingly modified the board of editors and editors-in-chief.

We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with MSP over the many years to come!

The Managing Editors,
Tom De Medts
Linus Kramer
Klaus Metsch
Bernhard Mühlherr
Joseph A. Thas
Koen Thas
Hendrik Van Maldeghem


IIG is published by MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers), alongside other top journals. MSP is a nonprofit who believes that fair-priced scholar-led subscription journals remain the best stewards of quality and fairness, and strives to offer the highest quality at the lowest sustainable prices. MSP also developed EditFlow, the popular peer-review web application.

Impartiality Statement

The purpose of Innovations in Incidence Geometry is the advancement of mathematics. Editors evaluate submitted papers strictly on the basis of scientific merit with the help of peer review reports, without regard to authors’ nationality, country of residence, institutional affiliation, gender, ethnic origin, religion, or political views.