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Walker, Mark
On the vanishing of Hochster’s $\theta$ invariant
Wang, Hang
A fixed point theorem on noncompact manifolds
Orbital integrals and K-theory classes
Wang, Kun
Revisiting Farrell's nonfiniteness of Nil
Weibel, Charles
Statement of purpose
Willett, Rufus
Expanders, exact crossed products, and the Baum-Connes conjecture
Localization C*-algebras and K-theoretic duality
Winges, Christoph
On the Farrell-Jones conjecture for algebraic K-theory of spaces: the Farrell-Hsiang method
Wolfson, Jesse
The $A_\infty$-structure of the index map
Wright, Nick
Poincaré duality and Langlands duality for extended affine Weyl groups
Wu, Jianchao
Localization C*-algebras and K-theoretic duality